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xXSmack's Big Dreams x Showin' LoveXx

xXSenior Project: Smack's Big Dreams Xx

So here it is. The Grande Projecto that had me with little to no sleep. A project fueled by energy shots, movies, and loud filth flarm filth music. People, I present to you, "Smack's Big Dreams."

(click on the thumbnails for a larger view)

A little bit of insight on this project, I based this on the idea of daydreaming. A symptom which I have been plagued with for far too long. So I decided to document my struggles through humorous art. I wanted to challenge myself with this one by having each daydream that the character (Smack, of course) enters into to be in a different art style. So as you see him enter into the Scrubs-inspired daydream, you can see the style differs a bit from what I normally do. Then during that last page, you definitely see a total change as it goes into the Frank Miller-esque illustration for the next daydream. And yes, that "To Be Continued..." means that I will still be working on this becau…

xXSeperate The Weak From The ObsoleteXx

And it all started with me in Senior Studio steadily working on my final project fumbling around AOL radio...

For those who have utilized the AOL radio stations, go to the Hip-Hop/Rap section, click on the "All B.I.G." station and just listen and examine what's wrong with that picture. Don't worry, I'll wait...

...Figure it out yet? I'll wait some more...

...alright, I can't wait anymore. It's censored. Censored? CENSORED? El censoro? Nah, you can censor Biggie. Listening to a blanked out B.I.G. song is like putting your ear to pavement during traffic, just can't do it.

So with that moment, I decided to partake this week as The One Week Biggie Experiment. Similar to fellow artist and cool I.V. kid Randall's earlier Diplomats-based journey, I will be listening to solely music featuring the brass lyrics of Christopher Wallace to see how it effects my personality, my moves, and my art. The stipulations are as stated:
Only music featuring B.I.G. can be…

xX7 Smack Facts (I Hate You, Wes) x Big Dreams Sneak PeekXx

Apparently I was hit with a tag thanks to Wesley so I have hit y'all with seven random facts and also tag other unfortunate souls. Sigh, what you want me to do? I'm sorry! (c) Jay-Z.
Rachael OlekAlonzo EdwardsWilliam Ketchum IIIChelsea KirchoffMel MillerScott DalySway Guzman
I used to listen to Marilyn Manson leading toward my Freshman year of high school. (SIDENOTE: I went to a Lutheran middle school lol)
I hate when shit isn't organized but get too lazy to organize it myself.
When I was little I was so afraid of water that when my mom accidentally hit me with the watering hose I stripped naked one day and ran around my backyard yelling "Ninja Turtles!"
I have no rhythm, despite the stereotype that all black people can dance.
When I was younger (around 10 maybe) I took karate from a guy that actually looked like Chuck Norris' younger brother, beard and all.
Since sophomore year in college I've listen to at least one song from a Detroit musician (Em…

xXHappy Turkey Forkstab DayXx

...or Thanksgiving for all you "normies"

And Rachael's Star Wars-a-thon she had at her place last weekend had no effect. Nah, not so ever. Nah...ahem....
As always I'm HanGhost...solo

Okay, maybe it had a LITTLE effect on me...

xXSystem OverloadXx

Another addition to the "Hear What Your Eyes Can See" series. This one also based on a Kanye West produced song, "Love Lockdown" off of his recently released album 808s & Heartbreak, which is surprisingly a decent album albeit it's incredible difference from his past albums. I advice everyone to take a listen to it even if you aren't a fan of Hip-Hop, R&B, or the such.

For this one, I did some experimenting mixing both traditional and digital (or as Don Kilpatrick calls it, "tradigital"). First I did the initial piece in watercolor on canvas paper and then I scanned it and did some tweaks and additions in Photoshop, and finally adding the letters in Illustrator. It was good experience and I just might try it out again when I get the chance.

Expect more for this series to come and no, they won't ALL be the Kanye songs. In fact here are some of the songs I'm THINKING of basing pieces off...
D'Angelo - "Devil Pie"
N.E.R.D. -…

xXRevolutionary Blogging 101 x Comfort ZoneXx

"The Revolutionary Times" Crew's foray into the world of blogging is up and running. Check it out to dig into the minds of Brandon and I as we post our views on today's world along with favorite songs, books, Youtube moments, etc. So click the picture above to head to the spot and stay tuned, true believers.

Yeah, that's right. I said, "true believers." I believe in Stan Lee, dammit.

xXOut of My Comfort ZoneXx

I recently had an assignment from my Advanced Illustration & Design class where I and a group of other illustrators had to team up with a student in the Advertising department where we would create images for their projects. I was lucky enough to team up with Katie Delong to help design a spread for her book on greenwashing. It was a good experience and I'm glad I got to apart of the project.

And as always I'm Ghost...face

xXRev. Times - Barack to the FutureXx

xXRevolutionary Times - No. 10 "Barack to the Future"
Didn't I tell you that Revolutionary Times would have our two cents in on the election? Granted it's a bit late but still. Oh, and trips to Canada have been cancelled indefinitely. Shoot, do you know how many beautiful women Canada has given birth to? Why SHOULDN'T I want to live there?
And speaking of Revolutionary Times, Brandon and I have finally set up a blog for it. Oh, yes Blogger is about to taken ever Revolutionary style! We don't have any post up yet but we're working on it for sure so stay tuned! Click the pic to head over there.

So as always, peoples. I'm Ghost...face

xXKing Obama x The Dark Knight Show RewindXx

xXYes We DidXx
Him and said, "yes we can" and so what did the man do? He did it. Alright, "KING" is a bit of an overstatement, I know, I know. But if someone said to you that Barack didn't have a feeling of royalty on Nov. 4th then they'd probably be a "lying liar that tells lies" (c) Rachael. I don't have many words for the event (and I know I'm a week late) but I just foresee with my pre-cog powers a good change for the country and not JUST because our president is black (sidenote: Give Jeezy's song a rest, people!) but because he might just be the answer to the Years of Bush. But before the country betters, some of us gotta better ourselves first. 

...and I don't think hitting up the club the day AFTER election day was apart of that betterment process. AND I think we can stop with the nicknames by now (Barack Odrama, etc). Just a thought. In words of Sean Carter, "It's not for everybody..." 
And don't wo…

xXR. Times - Hockey Mom SyndromeXx

xXThe Revolutionary Times - No. 09 : "The Hockey Mom Syndrome"Xx
Brandon and Sean's correspondents for the wild kingdom return just in time for the most important election of our lives. Do yourself a favor and go out and vote. I'm not going to go and TELL you who to vote for. I'm not Diddy. I'm not gonna have my bodyguards eat your entire family and commit you to serve me cheesecake and Cambodian breast milk for the end of time. Nah, never that. (although I think John is too much of a common for the next president, don't you think?). Either way you vote just make sure you go out there on this Tuesday and get it done.
And my first ever political rant in life ever has ended. Ghost...face

xXHeartbreaks x Heatstrokes x Doctor Cry x Updated PlaylistXx

So I keep forgetting to update this thing regularly. I've just been going through some things that have hindered that idea. Aside through pitfalls, heatstrokes in a hellish apartment, and epic fails I still have some type of hope. Don't worry though, I haven't forgotten about you, blog. You're my only friend...
xXHeartbreaks x HeartsXx
This is the first piece of a series that I'm thinking of starting that are based on certain songs that frequently pop up on my iPod. At the moment it's called "Hear With You Eyes" but it's a tentative title. The first piece is based on Kanye West's "Heartless."
Going from heartless to heartful, this is something I did for my homie John and his girl for Sweetest Day. Hey, if I can't have someone on trivial days such as that then I guess I can help out others, right? And this lil' diddy was a birthday gift for Rachael who LOVES her some Doctor Who. Lookin' back, I see that I'm always Danny …

xXCrash MignolaXx

Oh so that's what that was for. Just testing out my Mike Mignola-esque ways in preparation for the continuous work on "(Smack's) Big Dreams," the graphic novel I'm working for my senior thesis. More to come....

xXSmack’s Random x Sickly ThoughtsXx

So over the weekend I mysteriously become inflicted with an illness. Who can be blamed for this at of disease? The fact that we have to open up windows in our place because our air conditioner only loves heat? That surprise guest that was only here for about five minutes but later on, it was revealed that she was very MUCH “down with the sickness” © Disturbed? Whatever the reason may be, it happened and here I am, back to making friends with the Outbreak monkey. Oh, Outbreak Monkey. How I missed you. We can be just like Aladdin and Abu now. Or Mark Wahlberg and…uh…gorilla version of Michael Clarke Duncan. But as sickness slowly spreads, one gets to thinking about random things while in the midst of avoiding homework.
Damn you, BET. I would never be watching you at all if you didn’t have a “Smart Guy” marathon on at the moment.
Mmmmm, Dayquil. 
The CCS Nurse needs to start making house calls, for real. 
“Chicks needs to stop having these boyfriends just out of the blue, man. It’s not good…

xXThree The Hard Way x I.V. Drops BombsXx

xXThe Dark Knight ShowXx So in the midst of calculating my baby steps for my senior project (which you'll still get more details of) I've been steadily working on something The Dark Knight themed exhibit that will open on the 16th. So I thought I'd go the simple and plain route and do three character shots for the Bats, Harvey, and Joker, and just make it all one composition. Here are the shots separately... And here they are matted together in one neat Joker-scribed package.
Yeah, can't wait 'til the 16th to be see what other people put up for the show...
xXIdentical Variant - "Drop Bombs"Xx

And here is the final design for the upcoming new IV design for the girl tees, which I guess I'm now THE guy to do them. And if you seen the last posts about the Chibi NinjaGirl tank tops you OBVIOUSLY know that I don't mind one bit. Speaking of I.V., new shirt designs are on sale as we speak. Cop one for yourself. All you have to do is head over to the online s…

xXThe Craze Continues x "Drop Bombs" Sneak PeekXx

The Identical Variant "Chibi Ninja Girl" craze continues at CCS. Much props for Brandi and Jasmin for showing off their purchase...

And while I'm at it, here's a sneak peek of the next I.V. design that I'm working. Most likely another girls shirt, it will officially feature what could be a mascot for I.V.'s girl line...

Stay tuned for the final design and more...

As always I'm Ghost....face

xXOpen Letter II x JYoung x Big Dreams x NotoriousXx

First and foremost...

The road begins. I should actually thank Matt LeBarre and my Image Making II class for this idea. I never thought I'd actually use it as a logo but after I completed I'm DEFINITELY using this as my personal logo. It's just calling out to me, "Seeeeaan, uuuuse me to taaake over the woooorld." And I will, logo. I will. Now on with the show...

xXOpen Letter to the Art Gods IIXx
As I patiently wait for the first wish to come true (I haven't forgotten about you Ms. Jean), I thought I'd add some new recipients into the mix...

Dania Ramirez - I could talk about the obvious and point out her "performance" in She Hate Me along with Kerry Washington but, like I said, that's obvious (obviously hot that is). So I base her addition on the fact that she is on Heroes. She has superpowers, people. Deadly and consequential powers yes but dammit if it's still not sexy as hell. Ms. Ramirez, welcome to my dreams.

...AND she was in X-Men: Th…