xXThe End of a Dailies EraXx

And so the end is near. I feel like that one Boyz II Men song should be playing while you look at this but you're just gonn a have to deal with Kanye and T-Pain or whatever song on the playlist pops up. At the beginning of the week I got to watch a film called The Wackness. Good movie. Even better soundtrack. Any flick that has Biggie, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, and Wu-Tang help move your story along just gets a kudos in my book. Heh, Kudos. Anyways, that in so inspired the first three dailies to be based on classic (in my mind) songs...

xXDailies #15 - "Flava In Ya Ear"Xx

xXDailies #16 - "N.Y. State of Mind"Xx

xXDailies #17 - "Bonita Applebum"Xx

xXDailies #18 - A Fluffy PandaXx

As a last homie outing, went to see Tropic Thunder with the homie-for-life Selby. And I gotta say - hilarious flick. So with that hilarity I had to capture such hilarity with Thursday's Daily.

xXDailies#19 - Peace Out F**kers!"Xx

And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed the ride because I know I did. And now I continue the epic packing in order for me to head back to Detroit tomorrow.

So as always until then, I'm Ghost...face


xXDailies #14Xx

xXDailies #14 - Eight Legged FreaksXx

I got all the love in the world for her but unless one of those spiders will endow me with the ability to stick on walls and fight crime, I can't rock with it!

Tomorrow expect some sketches for a project I'm working on for my homie Jahshua.

Until then, I'm Ghost...face


xXDailies GaloreXx

Sorry that I haven't been daily with the Dailies. On Wednesday I took a mini-vacation to East Lansing and wrecked havoc and goblin-ness upon the MSU campus for their Welcome Week. It was a pretty...interesting three days. Was able to chill with the homies, met and spoke to some very beautiful ladies, and drunk on the way. And it was all sponspered by Red Bull. Thank you, Red Bull. You have made me hyper and drunk at the same time. Awesome....

So anyways, DAILIES!

xXNo. 10 - I DunnoXx

xXNo. 11 - Smells Like SuccessXx

xXNo. 12 - Like VonageXx

xXNo. 13 - AishaXx

This was done for my homegirl Aisha. She wanted a nice little piece to hang up in the bathroom and being a sucker for a lovely ladyfriend I obliged.

And now to prepare for the week of getting clothes packed up, supplies checked in, and all this drinking out of my system. Until then AS ALWAYS

I'm Ghost...face


xXDailies #09 x Detroit Return Survival KitXx

xXDailies #09 - I FUCKING LOVE DRAWING!!!!Xx

So yeah, this is of course inspired that by the more (in)famous version. Slightly started off as just messing around but then turned into a slight promo for the blog...

xXBack to the D(etroit) Survival KitXx
The days are growing near as I'm setting up to make that semi-permanent return to Detroit for the semester on the 30th. Aside from the personal supplies of technology, art supplies, and other things I HAVE to make sure I come back with some fresh intact. Behold...

  • Navy Blue New Era Detroit fitted
  • LOT29 "This is My Town Now!" The Dark Knight tee. (Color me surprise when I saw this hanging on the rack. C.O.S. = Cop on sight!)

  • Same fitted...
  • Red "Crank Dat Ninja" I.V. tee
And the kit continues to be stocked for the 30th. All I really know is that I'm STILL gunning for that Kid Robot fitted @ Burn Rubber. Hopefully it'll still be there but knowing how popular that is one can only hope.

Also, here's some things to look out for this week:
  • More creative and elaborate daillies. Well as elaborate as I can create within in a day...
  • Design for my homie Jahshua aka JYoung The General
  • Design for my girl Aisha
  • Character profiles for Revolutionary Times
And as always, until then live long and prosper. And of course, Ghost...face

EDIT: Also added some new tracks to the already rotund Playlist. I'm getting an idea to make a second mixtape with this plays (sans the songs that were on the first one) and making it the "McLovin Edition" with Superbad clips as the interludes. Or SmcLovin. Whatever. I'll work that out later...
  • Fonzworth Bentley "Everybody" f. Kanye West x Andre 3000 x Sa-Ra
  • DJ Khaled "Go Hard" f. Kanye West x T-Pain (I don't know why I'm feeling this one so much right now...)
  • Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek "The Blast" (one of the all time favorites songs)


xXDailies #08Xx

xXDailies #08 - TalithaXx

Why is there a Smack doing his best Rocketeer impression? Who knows? Just felt like it was needed...




Buy shirt. Live fresh. Put that I.V. in your life...


xXDailies #06 x #07Xx

xXDailies #06 - PreparedXx

Done yesterday before I headed off to the pool party/release party for two of I.V.'s new shirts, "Crank Dat Ninja" and "Sorry, I'm Me Already." Both of these shirts are now available for purchase over @ the online store.

xXDailies #07 - The Life & Times of B.N.Xx

Speaking of last night, I heard a tale that inspired today's Daily. See, in my circle of homies, the term "bitch nigga" is used to describe those who are just worthless cats who do dirty deeds that in turn hinder the lifes of the decent people everywhere. Last night I learned that the term transcends race and humanity as a whole...
  • You find out your girl is cheating on you and you try to get brolic (tough) on the cat who is just messing with her who doesn't know she's involved in the first place...
  • You call said girl a "bitch" so many times that she ultimately ends of kicking YOUR ass WHILE the cat she's messing with is still on the phone...
  • The next day you drive said girl to that cat's place! Not only that, you APOLOGIZE for trying to act hard (||) to the dude in the first place.
You see, it's time like this that I wish there were outreach programs for these type of cats. I...I don't want to believe something like this ever happen. It's an urban myth to me. It will forever be that...



xXDailies #05Xx

xXDailies #05 - Are You There Yet?Xx

Had this done earlier but forget to scan it in and get it on here because I was hangin' with the homies (no Doug E. Doug).

As I get closer to heading back to CCS, I start to get a bit...eager to see people I haven't seen in a while. I'm always like this. I don't know why. Because I miss their company. Most likely it. I just can't wait to head back is all.

...and maybe I should actually give her a call. I've been meaning to lol. I'll do that...when I wake up.

Oh, and my old school chum (yeah I just typed those words) Kaji sent me this picture that's basically just pure greatness with a blue Yankee fitted on top of it...
Greatness. 100%. Pure. Unadulterated. Greatness.



xXDailies #4Xx

xXDailies #04 - Ninja Stole My SketchbookXx

Either this is the actual reason why there wasn't any dailies yesterday and the reason why if you happened to call me yesterday I didn't answer my phone or called you like I said I would. It COULD be that reason...or the other possibly truthful reason was that...I slept.

...I'm going to stick with the Ninja story for now. Yeah, that's plausible. Expect another one sometime later today...



xXDailies #3Xx

xXDailies #03 - Pimp DownXx

First done in ink and Prisma Marker, then finished in Photoshop.

This one is a little late because I kinda fell asleep throughout the day. Lazy, I know. You see, originally today was going to be a "Hmm, I want to draw a ninja" Day. But thanks to some early morning chats with Brittany that ended in a blue screen of death because of some Katt Williams videos that whole idea was saved for another day...



xXDailies #2 x Why I Love What I DoXx

One man's junkyard is another man's kingdom...

The "Illustration A Day" sage continues! Two days down so far. 16 more to go...


EDIT: Oh, and how did those I.V. Chibi Ninja Girl tank tops that I designed work out? I'll put it like this...





Sold out, baby. That's how we roll in the I.V. department! And now I have a strange wanting to be a photographer. I don't know why lol...


xXDailies #1 x Feds Takin' Pics x Speech Is My HammerXx

xXSmack's Dailies #1 - Burn Rubber's 11Xx

Maybe Ro (co-owner of Burn Rubber; Octane of Octane & Illite) would believe that I'm the new inexperienced technician...

And so the Dailies begin. For three weeks until the 30th (when I head back to College for Creative Studies) I will be doing a sketch a day in the veins of the same thing my boy Chris Houghton did earlier this year. So why not start it off with a bang? And don't worry, any BR representatives. I plan on purchasing the Kid Robot with cold hard cash, son!

xXRevolutionary Times - "Feds Takin' Pictures"Xx

The FBI suspects that the R. Times duo are apart of illegal activity and that this newspaper of theirs is nothing more than terrorist propaganda urging the youths to do terrorist fist jabs all around to destroy this country! So surveillance of the two were started immediately. Unfortunately their sneaking capabilities aren't that...great, apparently...

More promo work for "Revolutionary Times." That's what being done so far. We're gonna let the comics simmer into y'all brain for a while so we can work on some more major work. We're thinking about Powerpoint and video presentations, big connections, etc. I told you before we are, we are GOING for that major status. Cheah!

xXSpeech Is That Guy's Hammer But He Ain't Thor Though...Xx

The homie Ketchum has been plugging my work on his blog for a while now. So when he was making his move from Blogger to Wordpress, he needed a temporary banner until his "lil' sis," the oh so beautiful Brittany blessed him up proper for some greatness. And dude is really taking this move seriously. The man wrote a song to "Dear Summer" saying his goodbyes to Blogger. Come on now.

So yeah, this week should be interesting to say the least. Let's get these Dailies poppin' off, still working on Trendsettaz and I.V. work (the word "Kick Ass," keep that in mind...), waiting to hear word from Joshua Thompson and DJ Mo Beatz so we can get those projects off the ground, AND trying to get a sixpack for the I.V. Pool Party this Friday! Okay, maybe not a sixpack but at least some pool attire. Either way, I'm looking forward to all of it.

With that, I bid you farewell. Ghost...face

EDIT: Finally updated the Music Player (yeah, like anyone actually listens to it) to include more tracks that get me through this art thing INCLUDING the newly released "Jockin' Jay-Z". I had to. Here's a complete list of the songs in the player...
  • Jay-Z - "Jockin' Jay-Z" (prod. by Kanye West)
  • N.E.R.D. - "Anti-Matter"
  • Elzhi - "Fire (Remix)" f. Black Milk x Fat Ray x Guilty Simpson x Fatt Father x Danny Brown
  • Young Jeezy - "Put On" f. Kanye West
  • Buff1 - "Big Thangs"
  • J. Dilla - "Won't Do"
  • Gang Starr - "Rite Where U Stand" f. Jadakiss
  • Wale - "Nike Boots" (a staple here at PepsixMadness)
  • Drake - "Still Fly Freestyle"
  • Jay-Z - "Feelin' It"
  • Nas - "Breathe"
  • Craig Mack - "Flava In Your Ear (Remix)" f. Notorious B.I.G. x LL Cool J x Rampage x Busta Rhymes
  • UGK - "The Game Belongs To Me"
  • N.E.R.D. - "Everybody Nose (Remix)" f. Kanye West x Lupe Fiasco x Pusha T
  • Outkast - "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik"
  • Elzhi - "Motown 25" f. Royce Da' 5'9
  • Lil' Wayne - "Dr. Carter"
Hmmm, maybe I'll make a second mixtape now...


xXR.I.P x Adventures @ Burn Rubber & Bling Pig x DailiesXx

Wow, first and foremost, I'm in shock for two days straight that the world has lost TWO great entertainers. I woke up yesterday morning to learn that Bernie Mac passed away from pneumonia. Pneumonia? This is 2008 and we have yet to cure pneumonia? What the hell? Then I awaken from last night's craziness to find out that Issac Hayes passed as well. Is 2008 just a bad year? Grandma? Heath Ledger? Stan Winston? Michael Turner? George Carlin? Now Bernie and Issac? This is getting ridiculous. I'm going to go play the theme song to Shaft (||) while stating that "I
ain't scared of you motherfuckers."
Rest in peace to two great and entertaining cats...
...also I'm going to go bust someone's head "til' the white meat show." Jang-A-lang. Pause. Dollar Bill! Ah, better...

xXBurn Rubber & The Blind PigXx
Anyways, made the trip up to the D yesterday to the infamous Burn Rubber for the Elzhi listening party. All this time I've never been there before and I've been to that area MANY times. a shame. Being in there WHILE being broke? Nah, not good. Hopefully by the 30th I will have a bread and SOON as I get my housing settled, guess who's making a trip back? This guy is, that's who! I already have my targets scoped out...

Hey, it's a Kid Robot hat! Don't know what is it. Don't care. Want it! It will be $50 WELL spent!

See those? Want those. AND THERE'S MORE...I just didn't feel right taking pictures of them. It made me look like I was casing the place and planning on doing a Danny Ocean. Either way, the place is awesomeness personified. Met Elzhi, helped Ketchums INTERVIEW Elzhi (I held a camera. Woot!), heard the new album The Preface (which is being released on Tuesday), chatted it up with some chill people, and called out some douchebags in a purple blazer. Fun times, fun times. I wanted to stop by CCS and see some familiar faces but I couldn't. :(.

Then it was off to Ann Arbor's The Blind Pig to witness the wildness that Buff1's album release party (which is also releasing. There's Only One. Go get it. Fresh!). I'll shorten it like this...
Japanese Food? Seafood Soup? Sheesh. Sushi? Expensive. Ow. Hot Tea. My shoes! ACTUAL burning rubber. Lame. Chopsticks? IN YOUR EYE! Hey, it's Buff1. Yo. Mos? Yo. MIHipHop shirts? Girl feeling on them? I want those shirts now. Loudness. Girls. More loudness. Breakdancing. Hey, it's Fred Jones. Yo. Many people. Gift Bag? Burn Rubber coupon? CDs? Woot! Guy pissing in parking lot? HA! Fight? Whoa. Drunk Guy? "I got *burp* your back, bro!" Uh-huh. Exit Stage Saginaw. GPS broke? Fuck! Lost? Sheesh. Tired? Yes. Finally home. Bed? Zoolander? NOW Sleep.

xXDailies - The Smack VersionXx
I'll be heading back to CCS in a couple weeks. Between those weeks I have projects I need to finish up. DJ Mo Beatz logo. New I.V. shirt. Trendsettaz. Grade A Sk8er Boy. So to further busy myself and keep me non-rusty, I've decided to take the Chris Houghton route. I really was feeling what he was accomplishing with that idea so starting tomorrow, I'm going to start doing a sketch a day, everyday. So prepare to see whatever comes to my mind that day. Ninja on a giraffe? Monkeys? Monkeys and ninjas? Yep! Might not be as awesome as Chris's was but I'm gonna try at least. Starting tomorrow. Not tonight. Tonight's Scrubs Night. And "Working On Revolutionary Times Promo" Night...



xXOpen Letter to the Art GodsXx

Dear Art Gods(1),
I know you've gotten me to the places where I can meet and do projects for people who are on their grinds and doing big things (Big Sean, Sebastian Jackson, Dante Marshall, Mo Beatz, etc). I know you've let me used my talents to team up with people I see as family (Brandon, Brittany, I.V., etc). But I come to you today, humbled and still awake for some strange reason. And no, I'm not asking you to off Peter Parker(2). I come to you this day to ask that you guide my talents to bigger plateaus, bigger horizons! I ask that you let my artistic talent lead me to this woman....

Whatever it may be: I end up doing something for Lupe Fiasco and through him end up meeting her; I drunkenly walk around a city with a sketchbook and accidently scuff her Pumas, hilarity would ensue, and we'd end up chilling on some random rooftop with Marvin Gaye playing in the background; She sees this blog and falls deeply in love with me because of my powerful mixture of Jedi mind trickery and PURE AWESOMENESS (c) Kung Fu Panda. Whatever it may be. Let's...make...that...happen!

And if not her, I'll take these two...

Lauren London: It's the dimples, man. Plus I want that same feeling Turtle got...
Rosario Dawson: I mean, she IS a geek. She has to be if she's in a (great) Kevin Smith film. AND she was at Comic-Con! If that's not geek/nerd material then I just don't know what is. Come on now!

Either way you go, Art Gods, I will most definitely be happy...

But anwyays, the plan for today is heading down to the D with the homie Ketchum to the Elzhi listening party that's being held at the infamous Burn Rubber. Putting a broke Smack in the view of such fresh sneakers is torture equivilent to the Saw movies. And THEN off to Ann Arbor for the Buff1 listening party. Can all of this happen on half a tank of gas? Is someone going to have to be robbed in order for us to return home?


Is he kidding? Is he? Ah, who knows...


(1) And when I say "Art Gods" I mean the one and true one that, you know, gave me life. Well...HELPED my parents give me life...
(2) Wow, that scene really WAS the only good thing out of Spider-Man 3...


xXBullets Over Flint x Hustle x DJ MoBeatzXx

What happens you mix eggs, juice, cars, and angry people who make things worse? Gunshots. You know what's not good? Being a bit buzzed with your hear some gunshots. Know what's even worse? Gunshots ruining the party in which you were trying to talk to that thick beautiful ass girl sitting on the couch. Damn you, gunshots...

Anyways, still working on "Revoluntionary Times" promo work. My partner-in-revolution Brandon just sent out the "We Love Bush" promo pic to Kanye West's blog in which he has a section where fans can send pictures of themselves wearing the very familiar 'Ye sunglasses. So technically if this surfaces on his page this would be TWICE that I have had something done related to Kanye West. The first being my design on the back cover to Big Sean's Finally Famous mixtape. Speaking of which, dude is having an event tomorrow premiering his video for "Getcha Some," directed by the man Hype Williams so major shout outs to him. I want to hit it up but apparently I have to be on a mission for Buff1 and Elzhi album release parties with the homie Ketchums, hip-hop journalist extraordinaire. Well to be honest, he's the only reason I can get into those parties so...that's what's up lol.

Along with that I'm doing some stuff for Joanna Dam and her TrendSettaz line so hopefully that will come through with some good amount of bread. And can't forget IV, starting a new design for another girls shirt that will be very...colorful. And still doing work for Joshua Thompson and his Grade A clothing line. Doing some revisions and redesigns for him at the moment so hopefully we can get this up and running...

Ah, and one more thing...

DJ Mo Beatz? Smack? DJ Mo Beatz AND Smack? Logo? What? Until next post, True Believer...

OH! And...
"That bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar/Someone should've told him I'm a fuckin' rockstar..." - Jay-Z "Dope Boy Fresh" (prod. by Kanye West)