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Smack's Jones For Lovely Art (And Women)

So I dropped the artwork for this a while ago but the event itself happened over the weekend (June 26th) and of course the lovely Jaja Morgan wanted me to be there and I couldn't say "no" (she wouldn't let me).
Located at the newly refurbished 4731 Gallery, Love, Detroit is just as the words portray - A love for all things Detroit especially when it comes its artistic virtues...
And the event itself showcased some great talent plastered all over the walls.

Photography by Kendre Daniels. I ain't even know she had this talent. Sneaky as hell...
...and of course, some of my own pieces (no gloating). Along with the art, the poetry was amazing. The award winning Detroit Slam Team (including Cold Men Young spitta Mic Write) showed the crowd exactly why they're great at what they do. Prior to it starting I had took a stroll to another gallery with producer/photographer Charlie Graham as he chopped it up with other artists and basically took to the scenery all for a docu…

RT "50 Ways" Preview X Purple Boredom, Puuurple Boredom

So chalk up another night of less sleep? Why the "no sleep, Smack?" one might ask (no one is actually asking, I know). THIS is the reason I've gotten less sleep. THIS is the reason I can't get on my extensive P90X Death Workout Plan. Because of THIS, people.

Me and Brandon have been heavily prepping the "50 Ways Of Being Revolutionary" book out finally around sometime next month. That includes the exclusive 4-page comic that sets up the whole book. But we're almost there. One more page to finish and a couple of technical flaws to take care of and boom, the book launch should be set. Stay tuned, true believers...
Oh, and I was went insane temporarily at some point last night so the bored side of a Smack brain tends to attach itself to something random to complete to lessen the friedom of brain matter. This...THIS is that "something random." Thank you, Black Entertainment Television. Thank you for the tools for possible hilarity...

And with that…

xXA Moment With YouXx

Here is the cover artwork I recently did for Canadian emcee Erik Flowchild's single "A Moment With You" featuring Lokz (who also collaborated with him on his previous single "Simple Girl").
The way this came together is thanks to the wonders of the internet. I was interested in the artist who did his last single cover, Nabz Mirza, and actually got a chance to chop it up with dude for a little bit (if Facebook chat counts). So fast forward a couple months later, Erik hit me up wondering if I could do some covers for him, one for "A Moment With You" and the other for a song he's working on featuring Joe Budden. Being a growing fan of his music I said "for sure" and got to work on it. He came to me with the concept idea and basically I put his words into visual creation. So hopefully this is just the first of many collaborations I'll have with him because the music is dope and I'm all for supporting good music.
You can download the…

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 60Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 60 "The Good Help Conundrum"
On a good note, Mr. Kent did accidentally leave behind a bottle of Ciroc and some "inte-breasting" pictures of some chick named Lois...
And for some strange reason, is having some difficulty (once again). I swear when the official site is up and ready we won't have to deal with these problems. Soon though. Soon.

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 59"

The Revolutionary Times - No. 59 "The Lost Boys"

It was the non-explaining of the polar bear mystery that caused the anger.

xXSmack|Cuts - The Name Is TagXx

So the story behind this - Because of my work with Cold Men Young, I was approached by another Detroit mic ripper Nametag to do the artwork for his debut album The Name Is Tag. The music was dope so of course I obliged. Unfortunately in the end of it, the style wasn't what he wanted for a first album, which I understand. It's your debut album and you want people to witness something recognizable to establish a brand. So maybe next album you might see a Smack! x Nametag collabo. Keep the fingers cross.

Also here's his first single featuring Ro Spit! "Celebrate"

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 58Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 58 "Where The F--k Is Captain Planet"

In these times of oil spills, it’s surprising for catchy slogans on a t-shirt can get you these days. Take THAT, Diddy!