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The Revolutionary Times - Hoodies For Trayvon (STR)

"There’s been much heated arguments and anger circulating for the last month. We all have our opinions. We all have our judgments. But the fact of the matter is that a young life was taken too soon. Let’s celebrate that life and pray that justice will properly be given.

Rest in peace, young brother Trayvon."

Brett Bino x Kidd Domination - "This Calls For Champagne"

A while back I was contacted by the brother Kidd Domination in doing the cover for his mixtape for emcee Brett Bino called "This Calls For Champagne." Today marks the release of the tape on OnSmash.

DOWNLOAD: Brett Bino x Kidd Domination - This Calls For Champagne


Nah, I'm not actually going to SXSW but I know quite a few talented individuals that will be headed to the festival in Texas pretty soon. Those same individuals hired me to make some event flyers for the shows they're heading/performing in. So if you're going to be in Austin and you want to check out some good music and good vibes I recommend these (and not just because I designed the flyers).