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RED: Warmth Vol. One (eBook)

Today’s the day! Introducing the first volume of the digital companion mini books to the RED series - Warmth Vol. One. The “Warmth” books take the main of the RED series in celebrating the beauty of women with an added twist: celebrating the idea of staying warm during the cold times. 30 pages full of illustrations of amazing women in all things warm - hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, and whatnot.

This is the first of two volumes with Volume Two coming out later this summer. Both lead up to the release of the sequel to the first book RED Chapter Two: Love + Lust, coming out next year. Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting the RED series thus far including the awesome women who’ve helped with it. Stay tuned because there’s much more in the works to come. BUY NOW!
RED: Warmth Vol. One - Digital ($8.99)
In the meantime, you should download KuroiOto’s beat tape Black Brown & White - the book’s spiritual companion soundtrack.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 163

After making themselves reacquainted with home, the guys finally reveal what they've been up to during "The Missing Year."

Comics Week: Sean + Shea #09/Jimi #06

Hipsters aren't hip to Outkast... 
...and the Miami Heat prepare for the Playoffs.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 162/New Site

After about a year of hiatus, Brandon and I are finally bringing the gang back together. And in a big way. This week is the start of new Revolutionary Times comics.

But that's not all. We're not coming back empty handed. Nope, we bring to your our first official website! It's been a while in the making but we finally found a platform that helped us something nice and clean to the present to the world.  
Along with that, we're finally returning to our first book "50 Ways Of Being A Revolutionary" and offering it you all as an eBook!

So yep, the revolution is finally back and we aim to make it leave a mark this time. New comics drop every week!

"Sean + Shea" 08 - DJ Mustard

In this week's rap comic over at Complex, we take a look at DJ Mustard (producer for rapper YG) and his first piano recital.

We Made It...

...not really but apparently I was in the Entertainment section of today's edition of The Saginaw News. It's all taken from a recent article that was originally for Thanks again to Jessica Shepherd for even considering to interview me.

Also I'm a featured person of the month over at New Age Rebellion

I'm not famous though so... get that out of your system.

"Sean + Shea" #07/"I Can Hear Jimi" #04

This week's latest batch of comics from Shea and I over at Complex and ESPN Truehoop!