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xXSmack's Big Dreams x Showin' LoveXx

xXSenior Project: Smack's Big Dreams Xx

So here it is. The Grande Projecto that had me with little to no sleep. A project fueled by energy shots, movies, and loud filth flarm filth music. People, I present to you, "Smack's Big Dreams."

(click on the thumbnails for a larger view)

A little bit of insight on this project, I based this on the idea of daydreaming. A symptom which I have been plagued with for far too long. So I decided to document my struggles through humorous art. I wanted to challenge myself with this one by having each daydream that the character (Smack, of course) enters into to be in a different art style. So as you see him enter into the Scrubs-inspired daydream, you can see the style differs a bit from what I normally do. Then during that last page, you definitely see a total change as it goes into the Frank Miller-esque illustration for the next daydream. And yes, that "To Be Continued..." means that I will still be working on this becau…

xXSeperate The Weak From The ObsoleteXx

And it all started with me in Senior Studio steadily working on my final project fumbling around AOL radio...

For those who have utilized the AOL radio stations, go to the Hip-Hop/Rap section, click on the "All B.I.G." station and just listen and examine what's wrong with that picture. Don't worry, I'll wait...

...Figure it out yet? I'll wait some more...

...alright, I can't wait anymore. It's censored. Censored? CENSORED? El censoro? Nah, you can censor Biggie. Listening to a blanked out B.I.G. song is like putting your ear to pavement during traffic, just can't do it.

So with that moment, I decided to partake this week as The One Week Biggie Experiment. Similar to fellow artist and cool I.V. kid Randall's earlier Diplomats-based journey, I will be listening to solely music featuring the brass lyrics of Christopher Wallace to see how it effects my personality, my moves, and my art. The stipulations are as stated:
Only music featuring B.I.G. can be…

xX7 Smack Facts (I Hate You, Wes) x Big Dreams Sneak PeekXx

Apparently I was hit with a tag thanks to Wesley so I have hit y'all with seven random facts and also tag other unfortunate souls. Sigh, what you want me to do? I'm sorry! (c) Jay-Z.
Rachael OlekAlonzo EdwardsWilliam Ketchum IIIChelsea KirchoffMel MillerScott DalySway Guzman
I used to listen to Marilyn Manson leading toward my Freshman year of high school. (SIDENOTE: I went to a Lutheran middle school lol)
I hate when shit isn't organized but get too lazy to organize it myself.
When I was little I was so afraid of water that when my mom accidentally hit me with the watering hose I stripped naked one day and ran around my backyard yelling "Ninja Turtles!"
I have no rhythm, despite the stereotype that all black people can dance.
When I was younger (around 10 maybe) I took karate from a guy that actually looked like Chuck Norris' younger brother, beard and all.
Since sophomore year in college I've listen to at least one song from a Detroit musician (Em…