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Merry DieHar--uh, Christmas

Christmas, a time of giving and love and family and all that jazz. A time where Sean locks himself in his room and watches all of the Die Hard films until the days end. A time where Brandon forces Sean out of his room so they can give the gifts they helped liberated with Santa to the neighborhood kids. This is time we should all cherish!

So from The Revolutionary Times family to your own, we wish you all a Merry DieHar--uh, a Merry Christmas!

The Revolutionary times - NO. 136

The guys go try to spread some holiday cheer to their new neighbors (well they're not new. They've been there for a while) and found out the true meaning of Christmas...

...don't have hater babies.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 135

We're still trying to find out a way to get Marvel to let us write a Black Panther side story. For some strange reason they keep blocking our calls...

The Revolutionary Times - No. 134

Even Jolly Saint Nicky believes in the 1% when it comes to the holidays. Plus the gift giving business is "colder than an elf on a sleigh."

BLAT! Pack Diddies - Amature EP x Chell

I'm kind of late with putting this up but here's the album artwork I did for BLAT! Pack's The Amature and recently released EP Your Friendly Neighborhood Amature. I haven't done the blending of illustration and photography in...well, forever so this was a good experiment for me. The photography was done by Victor Manuel as I handled the illustration and layout design for the cover.

<p><a href="">Your Friendly Neighborhood Amature EP by The Amature</a></p>


Speaking of all things BLAT!, I also designed the flyer for songstressChell and her upcoming show at Old Miami in Detroit that also features fellow BLAT! Packer Yellokake and Starr The Poet.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 133

The Revolutionaries find out the hard way how it's rather tough getting a job nowadays. Not even Lionel Richie can get you hired...

The Revolutionary Times - No. 132

Let's be thankful for the fact that turkeys can't watch New Jack City.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Smack Chronicles - "Lotus Flower Huh?"

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and done one of these. If you’re like me then you might’ve been naive to the true meaning of Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb.” Not anymore, people! The mystery is solved!

Also partly inspired by “Los Angeles Ink Stains” by Jim Mahfood

The Revolutionary Times - No. 131

Here and now, we here are the Revolutionary Headquarters like to check up on certain entertainers and athletes and check on their progress. Some of them, least Vick is doing better, right?

Inspired by the doll test from the Brown V. Brown Education case and also seen in the 2005 documentary A Girl Like Me.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 130

The Overweight Lover's legacy will always live on in ANY type of situation. Sean will make sure of that.

R.I.P. Heavy D, one of hte truest people in hip-hop that showed you could definitely be yourself and still be loved.

Yelawolf x CreativeAllies

"Loaded this pen with a hollow tip..." - Yelawolf, "Hard White Remix"

Here are two flyer designs I made up for the Yelawolf contest over at CreativeAllies promoting his upcoming debut Radioactive. The contest asked for artists to have their own creative twist to the "radioactive/biohazard" idea behind the album's title. So of course I worked up for a few sketches that mainly had a masked Yelawolf...

...but as I kept sketching ideas out it turned into a full on apocalyptic scene. The last two ideas were what interested me the most so I decided to do both of them and cover my basis. The first one was simple as I've drawn gas mask type art before. The second one was more of a challenge so I found reference photos of bombed out buildings/landscapes and of course Yelawolf to somewhat get his tattoos down. 
The contest is over on Dec. 9th so click on each picture to head over to the site and vote/favorite whichever one catches your eye more.

"I'm about to drive in the ocean..."

It's these rare times I actually act on an idea for a piece without any hesitation. I've been wanting to do a piece inspired by Frank Ocean's "Swim Good" ever since I first heard it but never had a concrete idea. But after a few days of stalking the artwork of Frank Stockton I got a bit inspired to actually do something this time. As always, it started it off with a vague rough sketch of the idea...

Once I had an idea of how I wanted to use the references I laid out the pencils for each piece, the girl and the underwater scene....
Once I had the pencils laid out, it was on to my trusty new inking solution - Illustrator to put everything together...

I wanted the idea of Frank (we'll call him "Frank" since he is wearing that panda hat) being trapped inside this girl's body, trying his best to swim out while she is slightly just looking down at him like a kind of Big Brother "We're Watching You" kind of deal.

So that's a look at th…

Swang Real Wide

Here's a car show flyer I designed earlier in Octobor. A flyer that was tricky because, well, I'm not so great at drawing cars. But I'm learning, people. I'm learning. I majored in Illustration, not Trans. Design so it might take a while for me to get it down. 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 129

Unleashing zombie warfare. Dwindling the hipster population. Flirting with mermaids. Ladies and gentleman...your Republican presidential candidate, Herman "Mack" Cain.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 128

The Revolutionaries take a break from society in hope to enjoy the Halloween weekend. Instead the find trouble that not even the son of Sweet Sweetback can save them from.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 127

Sean quickly founds out that if you're on the hunt for the world's most ancient recipe then the inventor of "Swaggu" probably wouldn't be the most helpful of people to ask.

Black Comix X Invisible Ink

Recently one of my old pieces, the "Maybach" one inspired by "Maybach Music II," was featuring along with a bunch of other great black artists in the exhibit Invisible Ink down at the University of Tennessee. The exhibit was set up by John Jennings and Damian Duffy. You remember those names right? You should. Because they're the reason I got featured in their book "Black Comix: African-American Independent Comics, Art & Culture."

Smack x How To Make It In America

Recently I was led to a t-shirt contest held by the HBO show How To Make It In America over at their Facebook fan page. Being a fledging fan of the series I just had to take a shot at something. Taking the basic ideas of the concept of the show and a quote from one of the character during a recent episode, I designed the shirts to invoke a feel of chasing dreams, the city of New York, and simplistic design.

Click on the photos to head to the shirts' pages. The voting starts on October 24th so make sure to vote for mine!

The Revolutionary Times - "Propaganda" Announcement

Usually this is where I'd slap a Rev. Times comic down and tell you to read it and laugh or the team will punch you (okay, maybe we haven't really added that last part but...come's implied). But unfortunately today, there will be no comic. Actually from here on out Brandon and I are going back to our past "one comic a week" schedule. I know, I know. The double dose of Rev. Times is no longer possible. We apologize in advance...

...BUT there's a light at the end of this tunnel. The reason we're going back to our old schedule is because we've officially started work on a new book/mini-comic aptly entitled "Propaganda."

...of course that's all we can tell you right now. There is no set release date as of now, but more news will be posted as we progress on the book. Stay tuned, true believers!

The Revolutionary Times - No. 126

If there's anything Kevin Smith has taught us is that those "people" with the signs can probably ruin God's Son's day of tanning.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 125

This week the world lost two great men, innovator Steve Jobs and Civil Rights activist Fred Shuttlesworth. We here at The Revolutionary Times want to take time to appreciate the impact that both men had on the world.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 124

The Revolutionaries' time with nature proves one thing and one thing only. Squirrels are still pure evil.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 123

You know, John Candy should've done more to prepare us about the outdoor life...

The Smack! Process - No. 122

A long time ago (a couple days ago. Insomnia affects time span) I was asked on Tumblr about the process I go about in making my art. So since I spent the whole night working on today’s Revolutionary Times comic I figured it would be a good place to start. (There was actually supposed to be a SpeedComic video about it but…sigh, that’ll be addressed in a later date)…

…so where do we start? Oh right, that’s where Brandon (the writer) comes in. He writes up a rough script for me to get the basic idea and flow of the scene/comic. And in turn, after an hour of Xbox procrastination, I send him a simple thumbnail sketch of the basic layout of the comic…

Once he sees that, we flesh out the story more as far as scene, backgrounds, and dialogue. And THEN…it’s completely in my hands. So of course I take a good nap for five hours…

…and after waking up on carpet, staring at my new friend Roachie, I realize that I have to get a comic down in two hours. So using the trusty internet (it’s more than …

The Revolutionary Times - No. 122

Hearts have been heavy. Tempers have been risen. And faiths have been broken. But, The God abides. I don't know about you but I take comfort in that. It's good knowin' he's out there. 

R.I.P. Troy Davis. 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 121

The thrilling conclusion to the "Red Dead Revolution" story. Sponsored by vegans.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 120

The gang decides it's time to take the fight to the undead. Besides, that's what Beans would do right?

Cold Men Young - "Time Bomb" (Artwork)

Cover artwork for Cold Men Young's upcoming single "Time Bomb" from their sophomore album #YSBAF, which is to drop hopefully later this year.  The concept behind the cover was inspired by the Michael Douglas starred Falling Down, about a man whose mental state slowly unravels on a hot day in Los Angeles (and was a pre-Batman & Robin Joel Schumacher film. Sigh...Batman & Robin...the Devil's contribution to comic book cinema...)

I'll update this once the song drops!

UPDATE: The song dropped at midnight last night!
Cold Men Young - Time Bomb (Prod. By Jay Norm)
<p><p><a href="">Time Bomb by Cold Men Young</a></p></p>

IV x YaBoyLV | Art Of Hip-Hop (September)

Once again it's on. This Saturday is the the September edition of the monthly hip-hop showcase The Art Of Hip-Hop, presented byIdentical Variant and It's once again being held at Coopers Bar & Grill so if you're going to be around the Flint area come rock with us.

And if you can't tell by the stylishly dressed mouse, fly and formal attire is definitely welcomed.

Smack x DJ Jewels x Music To My Math

Last fall as I was commissioned by the brother DJ Jewels to do the interior artwork for a project he was working on that fused music and math together to help out kids who might have problems with the subject...
...this was my time. My time to finally avenge the poor grades that I received in high school because of Pre-Algebra and all those other maths I no longer care about. Yeah, you heard right Mr. Tack! I'm HELPING kids learn math now. HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE APP--
...ahem, obviously it was a very passionate subject for me so I was up to the task. It was a fun and unique project and also something rare since I haven't done many commissions that were geared toward the younger folk.
...also my pain was avenged. No longer did I look at numbers in fear. Confusion still, but no longer were they feared. So thank you DJ Jewels. And thank you kids, for being the reason this project was born. I salute you. 
(EDITOR'S NOTE: I didn't do the cover to …