xXThree The Hard Way x I.V. Drops BombsXx

xXThe Dark Knight ShowXx
So in the midst of calculating my baby steps for my senior project (which you'll still get more details of) I've been steadily working on something The Dark Knight themed exhibit that will open on the 16th. So I thought I'd go the simple and plain route and do three character shots for the Bats, Harvey, and Joker, and just make it all one composition. Here are the shots separately...
And here they are matted together in one neat Joker-scribed package.
Yeah, can't wait 'til the 16th to be see what other people put up for the show...

xXIdentical Variant - "Drop Bombs"Xx

And here is the final design for the upcoming new IV design for the girl tees, which I guess I'm now THE guy to do them. And if you seen the last posts about the Chibi NinjaGirl tank tops you OBVIOUSLY know that I don't mind one bit. Speaking of I.V., new shirt designs are on sale as we speak. Cop one for yourself. All you have to do is head over to the online store and make that purchase happen! Just don't expect to get the one I got. Specially made colors, son. What you want me to do? I'm sorry! (c) Jay-Z.
...but I think Vanessa (er...Kiana) and Jasmin do a MUCH better job at modeling the shirt than I do...
There will be more to come so keep an eye out once in a while. I'm trying my best to update this thing regularly but...man...ish happens. And it happens a lot around here. So...yeah. Hold your horses.

As always, I'm Ghost...face


This is great work, Sean!

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