xXSmack's Big Dreams x Showin' LoveXx

xXSenior Project: Smack's Big Dreams Xx

So here it is. The Grande Projecto that had me with little to no sleep. A project fueled by energy shots, movies, and loud filth flarm filth music. People, I present to you, "Smack's Big Dreams."

(click on the thumbnails for a larger view)

A little bit of insight on this project, I based this on the idea of daydreaming. A symptom which I have been plagued with for far too long. So I decided to document my struggles through humorous art. I wanted to challenge myself with this one by having each daydream that the character (Smack, of course) enters into to be in a different art style. So as you see him enter into the Scrubs-inspired daydream, you can see the style differs a bit from what I normally do. Then during that last page, you definitely see a total change as it goes into the Frank Miller-esque illustration for the next daydream. And yes, that "To Be Continued..." means that I will still be working on this because I definitely want to finish this for my portfolio.

xXReal Recognize RealXx
You know when something great happens to friends I gotta share it right? Well, a couple of friends finally got some official websites up and running so of course I gotta show love and share their artful artyness with the rest of the world. Go 'head and check them out because they're all extremely talented and cause me to level up on my jealous meter everyday...
Rachael Olek
Domenique Chery
Mario Moore
Chelsea Kirchoff
Femi Fatusin
Maria Filar

And as always, I'm Ghost...face
...baby baby! (yeah, Biggie Week still continues!)


Anonymous said…
WOW freakin sweet lol...I was trying to figure what was goin on, but I read your discription and I got cool. I too am plagued with that wonderful disease call daydreaming it's a blessing and a curse...lol take it easy Smack


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