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Neako - LOUDpack: Tree

Earlier this week, you saw the cover I designed for Neako's "Flossin'" with Juicy J. Low and behold I designed everything for his new project LOUDpack: Tree that was released today. Featuring a mix of previous tracks and new, the third installment to his LOUDpack series continues to show the growing process of Neako and the style he showcases.

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New Sh!t Newsday - No. 97

Apparently there's a bum versus doggie world going on for Little Orphan Annie treatment, no Warbucks is safe...

The Revenge...

So early Easter morning as I stood in a hot Southern church listening to my little cousins give off their Easter speeches, my mind started to wander like it does during any church service. First it went to the aspect of "Black Jesus" and "White Jesus," which I never delve too deep in. Then it when toward the realm of "Jesus vs. The Easter Bunny" seeing as how the holiday is either one-sided, populated by the popularity of the rabbit or the celebration of resurrection. And then I thought, man. Religious subjects has tackled in so many comics (The one that ALWAYS stands out will forever be Preacher), but I would love to put my own spin to it. Insert "The Revenge Of Black Jesus."

I swear to you on that entire day I've created a complete concept for this tale of revenge and religious hitman-ery. The basis is that of a loner bum named "Black Jesus" who is mysteriously brought back to life by agents of Heaven to take out a gang of thugs …

Neako - Flossin' (f. Juicy J)

Cover artwork done for emcee Neako’s newest single “Flossin’” featuring Juicy J (of Three Six Mafia) that is off his upcoming project LOUDPack: Tree, which I’m also finishing the art for as we speak.
Flossin' f/ Juicy J by neakotv

And here is the “body art” from the “Flossin’” cover, featuring Juicy J and all things flossy.

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 96

The black directors battle lines have been drawn and there's only one way to settle this... 

JYoung The General - Black History Year: Installment Two

After a long wait, fellow BLAT! Packer JYoung The General finally releases his newest tape Black History Year: Installment Two, the sequel to 2010's Black History Year...
Michigan emcee JYoung The General has joined forces with and dN|Be Apparel to present the second installment of his Black History Year series. Just like the first installment which was released a year ago, Black History Year Installment Two is executively produced by Nick Speed (who has produced for G-Unit, Danny Brown and Elzhi).
Black History Year: Installment Two is part of an EP series that JYoung The General created to raise awareness of black issues, leaders and events. JYoung is joined by Michigan staples such as OneBeLo, Mae Day and Buff1 to edutain listeners on the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, the Pan-African flag, gentrification and more. Today’s release date, April 19, pays homage to the the date that Stokely Carmichael, a founding member of the Black Panther Party, coined …

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 95

After losing his job, Glenn Beck makes plans for an Alaskan vacation. Well that was until he got a call from a certain director...

Smack|Cuts #4

The above pieces were done as tryout art for a company that dealt with employee scenarios for various different companies. This scenario dealt with your typical airline ticket procedures. The first was the very FIRST art I did based on their descriptions and the second one was tweaked for a more realistic feel. At the end of the day though, the company didn't really vibe with my style of art and the project never jumped off. And that ends another adventure into Smack|Cuts land.

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 94

Sean takes another chance with the "heroic" African prince in another round of questions from you, the listeners.

JP X Smack! - Booty & A Biscuit X First Leak

I'm really excited to finally be able to reveal to this you guys. For months, nah, YEARS since our college roommates day Randall (of Identical Variant) and I have been wanting to do a mixtape together. We had it all scouted out, he would be the producer/sometimes emcee and I would be the emcee/sometimes crooner. Like a Dame Dash to my (very mediocre) Jay. Like the DJ Clue to my Fabolous (just actually productive). But of course life stopped us from ever really doing it.


At the beginning of the year when big things were starting to change life we figured "What the hell." If Lil' B can be big off of this than let's try our hands at swag as well. So Randall played around in Reason/Fruity Loops and I studied as much Pusha T/Phonte/Chuck D as much as possible to get my lyrics right. And something that was a joke at first actually manifested itself into a real project. Yeah folks. No April's Fools joke. In the words of Cold Men Young, it's officially Apr…