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"KOBK" - On Sale Now!

After almost a year of work "KOBK", the graphic novel project written by C.J. Johnson and illustrated by yours truly, is finally on sale. You can purchase the eBook via PayPalKOBK is a graphic novel, narrated by DASHAWN, a young man who balances his luxurious lifestyle with his friends, relationships and family. The story follows him as he gives life lessons to his nephew, while hanging with his crew and making time for the women in his life. The themes of what’s ethical in business and relationships, what defines luxury, romance, community and self preservation in New York City are all prevalent as the story is told. Below is a preview page of Dashawn driving with his nephew Cedric, along with some character sketches and a new Smack! SpeedComic chronicling some of the behind the scene process:

Album Design: Cold Men Young - YSBAF (You Should Be A Fan)

So one of my first freelance gigs when I started getting deep into was the debut album of Detroit based group Cold Men Young. To this day it’s still one of my favorite commissions and very very dope album as well. Now two years later, the brothers Kopelli, Blaksmith, Mic Write, and Mic Phelps have formed back together like Voltron to drop their anticipated second LP YSBAF and they enlisted me once again to handle the art duties for it. Inspired by an old FANIA All-Stars albums cover, the cover comprises many of the topics that the guys tackle on the album with a landscape blessed from Doc Illingsworth, Jay Norm, NAMELESS, Apollo Brown and The Olympicks with assistance from Pierre Anthony and Rufio Jones. The whole project came together quite nicely and you can cop it for yourself now!

You Should Be A Fan by Cold Men Young

Single Artwork: Jahshua Smith - "Censored"

For the past few months I've been working deep within the BLAT! Cave working on artwork for several projects out of the camp. Earlier this fall P.H.I.L.T.H.Y's A Little Light For You dropped and later this year The Kick from Red Pill and Hir-O will make its debut. Also on the list is anticipated second LP from the homie Jahshua Smith. The Final Season is being prepped for release and I've been working on the art and design for the project. That includes the single covers as well, which brings us to the reason for this post.

The first official single for the album finally drops today. "Censored," the social scope helmed track with features from Cold Men Young's Mic Write and Rafael and laced by StewRat, starts off the first sounds of the album.

-CENSORED- feat. Mic Write (of Cold Men Young) and Rafael (prod. by StewRAT) by Jahshua Smith, Mic Write, Rafael