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xXA Rosa Acosta x Desmond New Years EveXx

Oh baby, I ain't forgotten about you. Not at all. And to celebrate the closing of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, why not bring in the new year with Joe Foo's Desmond and the oh so spicy Rosa Acosta? If only...if only...

And yes, this was made to be a wallpaper. Go ahead and Smack up your desktop! (yeah, that was lame. I know...I know)

Happy New Years (Eve) people!

As a New Years bonus here's the awesome Desmond wallpaper Joe did for the holidays featuring Smack and Chris Houghton's Reed Gunther!

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 36 x Day 002 + 003Xx

Let's take a gander, my artistic followers. This is probably the last post of 2009. Let's think how I evolved as a person and an artist this entire year....
You don't wanna do that either? Whew, good. I thought I had to force it. Anyways, hey look it's a comic!

The Revolutionary Times - No. 36 "Sweet Brother Numsie"

"Ah-ah-ah-I waaant the kniiiife....pleeeease"
'Nuff said.

And also new sketches for the "50 ways To Being A Revolutionary" series...

xXDetroit CYDI - The Rhyming ThesaurusXx

Now I'm a bit late but those boys from Detroit CYDI blessed the world with great music on Christmas Day in the anniversary of their first offering The Rhyming Dictionary. The Rhyming Thesaurus is a remix project of TRD with collaborations from different producers to bring about a whole new batch of great music.
01 Ju-C Juice Intro (Bredd Lurseoaf) 00:37
02 It's Nothin' (Bob Stoopz Remix) 03:32
03 Show 'N' Improve (Jaye Burough Remix) 05:06
04 Too Cool (DJ Tay Remix) 03:30
05 Based On A True Story (Black Millhouse Remix) 03:34
06 NASCAR (DJ Elite Remix) 03:29
07 Front Back (L05 Remix) 03:32
08 We Go (Ritchcraft Remix) 04:31
09 Roll (Marc Byrd Remix) 05:32
10 The Rhyming Dictionary Outro (Bredd Loaf Remix) 02:11So head over to their BandCamp and purchase yourself a copy RIGHT NOW. It's only $5. Do you really need that value meal from Wendy's? I thought not.

And yes, I made the cover. ZING!

xXRT Presents 50 Ways Of Being A Revolutionary - Day 001Xx

So a while ago, during a class I talked with fellow artist Chris Houghton while he was making mini zines to promote his Reed Gunther series. He told me how he did and then said (in the wholesome Chris Houghton way) "Hey man, you should do these for your comic." I nodded and proceeded to say "Why yes Chris Houghton, I SHOULD!"

So Brandon and I started cooking up a sort of "guide" to be a revolutionary for a simple four page mini zine. But during that brainstorming, I was also following comic artist Skottie Young as he was starting his daily sketches series "The Adventures of Benard The World Destroyer" and it hie me - why can't we do that for this project? Besides we started coming up with so many that it couldn't fit one pamphlet. So that's what brings us here. Here's the rundown for those people who love to read rundowns...

50 days, 50 ways and tips on being a revolutionary or just all in all being a good person in this world. 50 …

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 35Xx

What's good, people? I know it's been a while. There was that whole graduating thing going on so...yeah...that's coming along. But anyways, I'm trying to get back on track with the posts and more work on here.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 35 "More Air Support, Please"

Even the Government has seen a few cutbacks with in the Recession...but that also brings some great endorsement deals!

Also starting Monday, over at the R. Times blog, we're going to start a daily sketch series called "50 Ways of Being A Revolutionary" some of which I will post over here as well so stay tuned for that!

xXAlmost There x Warning Xx

"I'm just drilling holes. Last two weeks, @#!% it!"

...and always a new addition to the "Art of Noise" series based on Biggie's "Warning"

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 34Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 34 "Smack 'Em With A Stack Or Something"

The foolishness of Facebook becomes the Revolutionary Duo’s government issued downfall…

xXShowin' Love - All I Need Is Kicks, Kicks...Xx

xXShowin Love - Leaky Faucet of Hip-HopXx

I Can't Hear Myself ThinkWalking AwayN.O.D.Pokerface [Cover] - f. Comedian Josh AdamsSuperstar [Cover] - f. Young MacsStr8 Outta The Kitchen - f. Sheefy McFlySo the chill quartet of Cold Men Young (Mic Write, Blaksmith, Kopelli, Phenom) decided to "leak" the songs that have been on heavy rotation into one nice neat package for the CMY followers and new recruits alike. And because they're apart of the iV family, when they asked me to whip up something for the cover I of course obliged. So here's the complete package available for download. Click on the cover to head to download page.

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - 33Xx

Even with the demise of the laptop, I won't let it keep a good "Revolutionary Times" down!
The Revolutionary Times - No. 33 "Silly Rabbit"

Fidel's been keeping wizards in his arsenal just in case of a World War III.

xXI Think They Call This Venting x Golden DreamsXx

With three weeks left before I take that epic step of graduation, a plethora of thoughts fell on my noggin - unwanted, depressing, stress inducing thoughts. So in order to calm the nerves down (and to have a piece ready for my senior studio critique), I decided to cook this up after listening to Drake's "Fear"  (which is where the "I think they call this venting" came from). 

This was an assignment from my Book Cover Illustration course that dealt with the aspect of dreams. In MY dreams, there's always that one girl that you can't get a hold of no matter of how long you traveled (in this case a bridge o' pillows). It's basically my "dreamsical" ("dream" and "whimsical")  take on the the cat and mouse game that is played when relationships are pursued.  Shout out to my girl Yessica for being a reference (nah, nudity wasn't actually involved in the process though). 
And for those wondering why there hasn't been …

xXiV x The Lost Art MuralXx

So last night was the iV show featuring talented peoples such as Cold Men Young, Jon Connor, Swinn, JYoung The General, and Sheefy Mcfly. Actually those were all that performed but they all equally shut it down (even killed some of the mics). But as the show was called "Hip-Hop: The Lost Art" I decided to draw up a mural in celebration of the "art" side. This was something very different from what I normally do. I'm all for digital but setting up something from scratch especially in the way I had envision was a tough one. Also it was first foray into making a stencil so a lot of work was put into it. The now "infamous" mouse stencil as it was being created... Mi tools along with the "Dave Chow All Nighter" Starter Kit complete with a double dosage of Mnt. Dew.
And this is how it looked after the first three acts did their thing on stage...
So after all the back breaking canvas drawing, I took it all in Photoshop (scanning something that large w…

xXiV - We Should Be Famous (Official Mixtape)

Finally, after months of picking through submitted songs, preparation and DJ mixing, the Identical Variant mixtape is officially ready to be heard by the world. Featuring artists from around Michigan (Flint, Detroit, Saginaw, etc), the mixtape showcases the talent that proves to play the same musical game as others but still different with their own unique talents (HA! Identical Variant. Get it?). AND it also includes a shout out from Wale along with "Chillin'! Anyways, for your listening pleasure here is the mixtape including the front and back covers that I designed. Click on the covers to download it!

xXiV CCS Takeover x Hip-HopXx

(Why yes, I DID design the flyer)

This Friday, Identical Variant has a big show lined up in preparation for the upcoming 2010 line up and also the mixtape that is still in the works. Set up at the Jazzman's Cafe on the College for Creative Studies (CCS) campus, the show showcases the music from iV sponsored artists from around Michigan to the iV supporters.

Performances included:
Sheefy McFly (Detroit, MI)
Swinn (Flint, MI)
JYoung The General (East Lansing, MI)
Cold Men Young (Detroit, MI)
Jon Connor (Flint, MI)

Also along with the sets, shirts will be available for purchase on the spot AND I'll be doing freestyle drawing during the entire event. Yes, drawing WHILE the music is being performed. I'll definitely be TwitPic'ing my process so if you ain't following me on Twitter go ahead and do that to keep tuned in on Friday night.

OR...or...if you're in the area you could just come through and enjoy some good music and watch me slave over a canvas. And you can do alllll t…

xXThe Ice Cream ManXx

Ice Cream man always drove extra blocks away. And I know he's seen us and s**t, but I think he just be in the car with his friends and say, "Watch how fast I make these motherf**kers run." - Eddie Murphy, Delirious

Originally posted at the Numen Square blog.

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - 32Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 32 "The Mystery of Faceboxing

Sebastian actually was taught the ancient art of shadowboxing at the kiddie dujo of the YMCA, taught by Chow Yun Fat...'s older second cousin Steven.

xXSmack Peek - CMYXx

Leave out the K. More coming soon.

xXShowin' Love: JYoung - Black Nationalist (f. PHILTHY)

As shown on here a few times before, finally here is my homie JYoung The General's street single "Black Nationalists" featuring fellow BLAT! Pack member P.H.I.L.T.H.Y from his upcoming project Jahshua 1:6


xXNew Sh!t Newsday - 31Xx

The Revolutionary Times - #31 "Attack of the Hair Snatchers"

"Okay, we will admit that there might be some...issues whenever we send out Agent Diggs on a covert op, but he is still one of our best agents...
...besides, if we ever need a million black women to sign up for any "special" infantries, he will be like our own personal pied piper!"
- From the office of the Director of Federal Bureau of Investigations.

And I'm Ghost...face

xXTake Me To the MoonXx

As seen in the "Smack Peek" from the last post, here are more characters work done for my homie Joseph Altman's upcoming comic series.

xXSmack Peek - Commission-O-RamaXx


...that was my Mini-Me-esque squeal-beg for sleep. Sweet wonderful sleep.

I'm Ghost...zzzzzzzzz

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - 30Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 30 "Movin' On Up"

The Revolutionary Times' animal kingdom correspondents find their way into the White House for a game of poker thanks to an "inside" source.

...and apparently not ALL of the Obamas can take a joke.

xXSnow CatsXx

Every year the Detroit Lions offer CCS students to design Christmas cards for them through Chuck Giles' Book Cover Illustration course. And naturally the first thing I thought of when I heard Christmas was Santa.

...yeah, can't use Santa. (Definitely not because it kind of spells out Satan).

Oh, okay. Um...mistletoe. Nice innocent mistletoe.

....nah, the rumors of infidelity within football is rampant these days. Geez, haven't you seen The Game (what up Lauryn!)?

So with my first two ideas left on the drawing board, there was only one other thing that came to mind when Christmas is discussed.

Jesus, right? It'd better have been Jesus.

Okay, there was ANOTHER thing that came to mind about Christmas - Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin & Hobbes being one of my favorite strips, I always loved how Calvin created snowmen doing some of the craziest stuff. Heck, the first Calvin & Hobbes book I ever got was called Attack of the Snowmen. So I took that idea and tried to fuse it …

xXShowin' Love - Numen SquareXx

In the same vein as Wolfpack Ink, my homie Wes E. (bro, you know I can spell your last name) is starting up a new blog for fellow artist to come through and post up artwork inspired by a weekly topic. This week's first topic was illustrating your favorite TV show...

Entourage by Wes

Dexter by Matt Byle

HOPEFULLY I can get in on this sometime later this week. HOPEFULLY!

xXCan You Dig It?Xx

Since Doc Illingsworth, 1/3 of the group Detroit Cydi (who happen to be iV sponsored as well), let the rhyming cat out of the bag, I guess it's all good for me unveil the cover I designed for their upcoming tape The Rhyming Thesaurus on here as well.

A remix album of their previous tape, The Rhyming Dictionary, I took the idea of the whole project being a remix and in turn remixed the original cover with my own style.

TRT will available for listening on December 25th, RIGHT on Christmas Day. So you can get your Power Rangers fully flexible action figure with accompanying Megazoid AND some great music too. YAY!*

*aka I wish I still had mine around. For...creative purposes of course.

xXDropout BearXx

That's right. The story of the Goldilocks and three bears is actually a biographical piece on Kanye West and Taylor Swift, brought to us by time traveling writers.

Done in Photoshop CS3.

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - 29Xx

No. 29 "Reality Bites"

This actually let to all three of them being cast as guest stars on the soap opera "Fidel Y Me." The wonders of MTV!

I'm Ghost...face

xXSmack!down Day: SC - No. 42Xx

So...I made a new Smack Chronicles strip.

I KNOW! It's been a while right?

Well anyways, HOPEFULLY here's the start of at least ONE Smack Chronicles trip a month.

No. 42 - "Booty Cake Remix"

And this is why Cold Stone Creamery is so top notch. Their ingenious dedication to meet every customer's unique wishes.

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 28Xx

Well, last week got so hectic that Brandon and I thought it would do some good to a week break. I unfortunately could NOT get a break but at least I'm rejuvenated enough to make some strips! So in other words, we're back!

No. 28 - "How The FBI Got Its Groove Back"

And other possible agents the FBI could've used: Agent Epps, Agent Lathan, or Agent Walker. Jimmie Walker.

xXProject Mayhem V.2 UnleashedXx

What's good to all my morning people (or to all those who haven't actually made contact with sleep yet). Just for you early birds that read the blog (and if you haven't seen it already *coughcoughBrandicoughcough*) here's what the last post was hinting at: My newly revamped site recreated and renewed straight from the ground up.

"Why the change up? The last one was dope as it is."

Yeah, that might be true but the last one was kinda also for an assignment. This revamp gave me a reason further evolve the direction I had for Version 1 and push it with Version 2. So without further adeu, I present to you - SMACKILLUSTRATIONS - PROJECT MAYHEM V.2