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So over the weekend I mysteriously become inflicted with an illness. Who can be blamed for this at of disease? The fact that we have to open up windows in our place because our air conditioner only loves heat? That surprise guest that was only here for about five minutes but later on, it was revealed that she was very MUCH “down with the sickness” © Disturbed? Whatever the reason may be, it happened and here I am, back to making friends with the Outbreak monkey. Oh, Outbreak Monkey. How I missed you. We can be just like Aladdin and Abu now. Or Mark Wahlberg and…uh…gorilla version of Michael Clarke Duncan. But as sickness slowly spreads, one gets to thinking about random things while in the midst of avoiding homework.
  • Damn you, BET. I would never be watching you at all if you didn’t have a “Smart Guy” marathon on at the moment.
  • Mmmmm, Dayquil. 
  • The CCS Nurse needs to start making house calls, for real. 
  • “Chicks needs to stop having these boyfriends just out of the blue, man. It’s not good for the economy or my drive for sex.” Top 5 phrase of my lifetime apparently. 
  • Now that I think about it, what were the OTHER four phrases? I think #1 was “Hight” (Baby Smack’s attempt at saying “light”). 
  • The Mack Within” should be considered as approved reading for both of my history classes because that’s the only book I feel like reading. (Waits for a female to bash the book…)
  • And CCS should slap themselves for even having a math class. That’s just…stupid. 
  • [Name Deleted for Mysterious Purposes], you are like a puzzle to me, a mystery if you will. And I’m like Scooby-Doo, wanting to solve that mystery AND receive a box of Scooby-Snacks in the process. That’s what I call, “success.” Word to Gym Class Heroes and The Dream
  • For someone who’s supposed to be on a diet, my food sure does keep disappearing quickly. I blame bunnies. 
  • For someone who’s supposed to be losing weight, I sure do despise the gym. I also blame bunnies for that. 
  • And I just remembered how bunnies were ruined by that ONE someone. Those first two statements seem very very wrong now...
  • I need a computer with sound immediately. Random beeps are not allowed in my life’s soundtrack. I sure could go for something to fill that void *coughcoughBlackMilkcoughcough* and *coughcoughpausecoughcough* (fill that void?! sheesh)
  • Half of CCS will be saying “pause” soon enough. Trust me. Especially during Image Making II with Matt “let me stroke this object for you” LeBarre. (Ah, Adobe Illustrator)
  • For a singer who’s work I’m not too fond of T-Pain, dude has two of the freshest music videos that are out right now -
  • Oh, gotta love the lightheaded feeling. It feels like…my head is light. That’s my cue to end this…
And with that, I leave with this. Don't know what it is. Don't feel like explaining. It's just there...meh. 

And I'm ghost...face.


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