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Showing posts from May, 2016

WeDraw: That Girl Is Poison

"Medusa" done for this week's tag on WeDraw.

Soul Sisters

Commissioned I illustrated as a gift for someone's fiancee and her family. I was given pictures of everyone, from her friends, family, to locations to reference from to put together into one big piece. Here are a few progress sketches below as well.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 218

Darth Statham

Done for this week's tag on WeDraw

Detroit Cousin - Change

Illustration I did for an upcoming shirt from the clothing brand Detroit Cousin that’s dropping in June.

The People's Champ

To say The Rock was just my favorite wrestler would be an understatement lol. There was a point in young Sean’s life where this guy was damn near a role model. So happy birthday to the People’s Champ, my inspiration to being fit enough so that I too can have cheat meals with twenty stacks of pancakes.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 217