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"Mr. Lonely"

The Revolutionary Times - No. 206

Britt & Michael

Continuing with the wedding season, one of my closest friends got married out in Hawaii a week ago, and this is my wedding gift to her and the new husband.

Batman Day

It's Batman Day. And also laundry day.

That Guy: The Final Season

The current season of BlackAndSexyTV's web series That Guy is set to be its last and I decided to contribute to such a momentous event. Major shout out to the show's creator Jeanine Daniels for her genius level and for the love she's shown to me ever since we worked together for the show's movie version. You can watch the last season of That Guy on BlackAndSexy's subscription site BlackAndSexyNOW!

Thundercats (We Draw)

Squad goals. Thundercats done for We Draw on Vine.

On a completely unrelated note, here. Watch "Them Changes" by Thundercat.

A Day At M.E.C.C.A. Con!

Yesterday the epic M.E.C.C.A Con and my first ever con experience where I was actually a vendor. I had been to conventions before like Wizard World (as a kid) and of course EBACC but never as someone with their own booth. Let me tell you the stress this whole month has been trying to get things together for it. I'm happy I already shave my head because if not I would've been bald by now. But it all worked out because it was great experience. It even greater finally meeting with other art cats I have come to respect such as Anthony Piper, Brian Johnson, and others. And even may have gotten new fans of Revolutionary Times with the newly updated "Propaganda" mini-comics I passed out. It's all thanks to the awesome Maia "Crown" Williams for putting everything together and allowing me to be a part of something very dope.

Also all the leftover convention prints and stickers are officially for sale over at my Gumroad shop so there's still plenty of chance…

Grantland - Illustrated Guide To NFL Gestures

Shea and I teamed up for an article over at Grantland that acts an illustrated playbook/guide to the NFL's most iconic gestures done in-game. Shea did the words and the art directions and I did the art-ing. Go check it out!


They say the best art comes from when you're in pain, right?

[UPDATE: 09/11/15] 

Yesterday was Suicide Prevention Day. I’m never open about my depression, only a few really know I deal with it, but let it be a sign there are people out there who need a shoulder to lean on even if they mask it with creativity and jokes. The real title of this was “Blue Depression” and it was made on a night that went south on me mentally. But instead of going deeper into the dark place I chose to let it out with my art. Something I wish I could’ve done the other times my mind went to those dark places.

If you know anyone who’s dealing with depression, stick by them. This shit isn’t something that just goes away with pills or anything like that. Sure they help suppress it but it’s still something that sticks to you. Don’t give up on them. Let them know they have a place on this earth even if it doesn’t seem that way to them. Stand by them because the last thing someone wants to feel is alone, espec…

The Ketchum Wedding

This past weekend, one of my brothers from the hometown got hitched to the love of his life and I had the opportunity to do the art for their photo booth backdrop. It's a depiction of him and his now wife surrounded by the things that represented their journey together, such as living in California and their college Central Michigan University. From what I heard all throughout the wedding it was well recieved from not only the bride and the groom but everyone at the reception. I'm just glad I could help be a part of a special day for those two. They deserve all of it.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 205