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The Revolutionary Times - No. 132

Let's be thankful for the fact that turkeys can't watch New Jack City.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Smack Chronicles - "Lotus Flower Huh?"

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and done one of these. If you’re like me then you might’ve been naive to the true meaning of Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb.” Not anymore, people! The mystery is solved!

Also partly inspired by “Los Angeles Ink Stains” by Jim Mahfood

The Revolutionary Times - No. 131

Here and now, we here are the Revolutionary Headquarters like to check up on certain entertainers and athletes and check on their progress. Some of them, least Vick is doing better, right?

Inspired by the doll test from the Brown V. Brown Education case and also seen in the 2005 documentary A Girl Like Me.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 130

The Overweight Lover's legacy will always live on in ANY type of situation. Sean will make sure of that.

R.I.P. Heavy D, one of hte truest people in hip-hop that showed you could definitely be yourself and still be loved.

Yelawolf x CreativeAllies

"Loaded this pen with a hollow tip..." - Yelawolf, "Hard White Remix"

Here are two flyer designs I made up for the Yelawolf contest over at CreativeAllies promoting his upcoming debut Radioactive. The contest asked for artists to have their own creative twist to the "radioactive/biohazard" idea behind the album's title. So of course I worked up for a few sketches that mainly had a masked Yelawolf...

...but as I kept sketching ideas out it turned into a full on apocalyptic scene. The last two ideas were what interested me the most so I decided to do both of them and cover my basis. The first one was simple as I've drawn gas mask type art before. The second one was more of a challenge so I found reference photos of bombed out buildings/landscapes and of course Yelawolf to somewhat get his tattoos down. 
The contest is over on Dec. 9th so click on each picture to head over to the site and vote/favorite whichever one catches your eye more.

"I'm about to drive in the ocean..."

It's these rare times I actually act on an idea for a piece without any hesitation. I've been wanting to do a piece inspired by Frank Ocean's "Swim Good" ever since I first heard it but never had a concrete idea. But after a few days of stalking the artwork of Frank Stockton I got a bit inspired to actually do something this time. As always, it started it off with a vague rough sketch of the idea...

Once I had an idea of how I wanted to use the references I laid out the pencils for each piece, the girl and the underwater scene....
Once I had the pencils laid out, it was on to my trusty new inking solution - Illustrator to put everything together...

I wanted the idea of Frank (we'll call him "Frank" since he is wearing that panda hat) being trapped inside this girl's body, trying his best to swim out while she is slightly just looking down at him like a kind of Big Brother "We're Watching You" kind of deal.

So that's a look at th…

Swang Real Wide

Here's a car show flyer I designed earlier in Octobor. A flyer that was tricky because, well, I'm not so great at drawing cars. But I'm learning, people. I'm learning. I majored in Illustration, not Trans. Design so it might take a while for me to get it down. 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 129

Unleashing zombie warfare. Dwindling the hipster population. Flirting with mermaids. Ladies and gentleman...your Republican presidential candidate, Herman "Mack" Cain.