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The Revolutionary Times - No. 161


The Red Book Now On Amazon/Part Duex In The Works


The Battle Of Art & Sol


Smack! x Olivia Brown's Dope Show

The Revolutionary Times x "A Dream Continued"

The Revolutionary Times x Breaking Bad - "Blue Magic"

Joke's On You, Buddy

"The RED Book" is OUT Today!

The RED Book (Promo)

The Red Book (Pre-Order)

Buckham Gallery x "Graphic Integrity"

ALBUM ARTWORK: Stryfe x Marc Byrd's The Last Resorts

A RED July

Clas6ix - Life On The Grid 2 (Album Artwork)

The Revolutionary Times - Scruffy Nerdherders

"I'll Swallow Your Soul!"

"KOBK" Nominated For Four Glyph Comic Awards!

Black Jesus REDUX

Red Book (Preview) x SpeedComics Vol 30

SMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 29 (RED #1)

The Revolutionary Times - No. 159

Album Design: Yellokake - The Batter EP

Album Design: Jahshua Smith - The Final Season

The Dirty Show 13.5 x "Downtown"

The Red Series (#18-#20)

The Red Series (#16-#17)

The Red Series (#13-#15) (NSFW)

Album Design: Red Pill x Hir-O - The Kick