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The Revolutionary Times - No. 161

Sean is done with the African American Slave movie genre. I guess Hollywood thought it’s been too long since we’ve had a movie portray the unethical, sadistic and unrecognized treatment of black people. Since reparations have been swept under the rug let's at least give our black men and women more leading roles in Hollywood…
...Haha, yeah right. Enjoy the comic.  After a long hiatus, Brandon and I are getting back on the comic reigns. Enjoy this post-holiday comic gift to celebrate the Brad Pitt induced post-racial harmony apparently brought to us by the movie 12 Years A Slave.  


It's Christina Santini Appreciation Month here at Smack! Illustrations...  No, it's not an actual holiday. And yes, I need a life.  

The Red Book Now On Amazon/Part Duex In The Works

First and foremost, I want to say thanks to everyone who's shown support to The Red Book since it released back in July. The love I've gotten for it has been above and beyond anything I really expected. And it all couldn't have been possible without the great and creative women who helped with the project. I'm a bit late on putting this news up but the first book is now officially available on Amazon for purchase while you can still get the digital .PDF version of the book at the Tumblr page.

I say "first' book because I'm in the midst of putting in work for the next chapter tentatively titled "Love + Lust." Submissions are open for the next book for any ladies who are interested. Again, all body types, shapes, and sizes are welcomed to participate. Just shoot me an email for the details. Also, something new for this one, couples are allowed to participate in it as well (as long as the focus is still on the woman). So yeah, I'm trying to mak…


"I'mma pop the trunk of y'all b**chasses!" - Walter White.  And he did. That he did. Goodbye Heisenberg.
You can buy the print @ Society6!

The Battle Of Art & Sol

Last Saturday I had to chance to take part in my first ever art battle. The competition, called The Battle Of Art & Sol, was held in downtown Saginaw and featured 12 other awesome artists all competing for the prize of $500. Thanks to my friend Jared, who ran the event, I was able to do it digitally. That also meant hauling a big ass flat screen to the outside and praying my computer didn't break down on me. 
I mean, it did (Thanks Apple). A lot. But I managed. 
Unfortunately not enough to get the top prize but congrats to Becca Brown for winning the first prize and Jose Garcia for winning People's Choice. Will I do another art battle? Maybe. If I do I think I'd might want to try painting, or the Dave Chow method of using the power of the Sharpie on a canvas. But overall it was a great experience and I'm glad I had a chance to be a part of it. 


"For my theme song   My leather black jeans on   My by-any-means on   Pardon, I’m getting my scream on…”

Smack! x Olivia Brown's Dope Show

I recently had the opportunity to talk to the lovely Olivia Brown for her site Olivia Brown's Dope Show where I talked about my art styles, music, KOBK, and the creation of The Red Book. That very interview is officially up for you all to read and enjoy so go check it out.

The Revolutionary Times x "A Dream Continued"

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King .Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech spoken on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the infamous March On Washington.

So the Revolutionaries wanted to take time out of their hiatus to celebrate the inspirational words of Dr. King and the power they still hold today.

The Revolutionary Times x Breaking Bad - "Blue Magic"

Yep, it takes the return of Breaking Bad to get Brandon and I back on the table for some more Revolutionary Times art. So here's our Walter Walt inspired piece of fan art to celebrate the last final episodes of the show. 
Now we go back into our cave to continue our plan for the revolution. 

Joke's On You, Buddy

Tonight is the opening of another gallery showing I had the opportunity to be a part of. Thanks to fellow CCS alumni Heather Hansma, I had the chance to be a part of the "Joke's On You, Buddy" showcase at Starkweather Arts Center in Romeo, MI. The exhibit mixes the idea of comedy and art together in something very unique. For my pieces, I decided to go with inspiration from some of my favorites bits from both Eddie Murphy and Mitch Hedberg. The showing is tonight from 7-9PM and shows through August 24th. If you're in the area you should come through and check out some great art. 

"The RED Book" is OUT Today!

It's been about a year in the making, but I can finally say that my art book The RED Book is finally on sale today. Something that started off a change of pace from my usual art (comics, etc) became something bigger than I originally intended. Something that started with an iPad sketchbook app and a great model turned into 110 page book full of beautiful women of all types and sizes. Thank you to everyone for the support and more importantly thank you to the women who helped inspire everything. Without you this couldn't have even been a possibility.

So go cop yourself a copy of the book, either the physical version of the digital .PDF version that you read on your laptop, phone, or tablet device! Thank you for everything!

Physical ($25 + shipping)* | Digital ($10) (*International buyers email me @ before purchasing for shipping rates)

The Red Book (Pre-Order)

The chance to pre-order The RED Book is now available. Cop yours now. The book is scheduled to officially drop on July 24th. 
Physical ($25.00 + shipping): Digital ($10.00):

Buckham Gallery x "Graphic Integrity"

So thanks to the honorable sir James Thigpen Jr, I got the chance to be a part of the "Graphic Integrity" showcase at the Buckham Gallery in Downtown Flint last night. It was a great experience seeing how people responded to my artwork. The only other show I had been in was The Dirty Show so this was a change of pace (ya know, since apparently kids could come to the gallery). It was real humbling to just be around a lot of great art so I was just honored to be in the show. In the end, people really liked what they saw and I ended up selling two pieces (the "Dilla" and "RED" joint).

The exhibit will be up until August 3rd, so if you're around Flint you can always stop by and check it out for yourself.

ALBUM ARTWORK: Stryfe x Marc Byrd's The Last Resorts

Back last year I was approached by Detroit emcee Stryfe and producer to create the artwork for their joint project The Last Resorts. After a year of finalizing and tweaking the album, they finally dropped it today on iTunes and Bandcamp. The idea for the art was to create a type of Yin-Yang idea amongst a feeling of chaos. You can listen to the album below and check out the inserts as well.

Stryfe & Marc Byrd Present: The Last Resorts by Stryfe Dafantam

A RED July

Yep. The book is set to drop next month. I set up a Tumblr page for it as a one-stop destination for the book and any of the illustrations. Keep an eye out for the exact day to be announced along with the first look at the book's cover soon.

Clas6ix - Life On The Grid 2 (Album Artwork)

The Revolutionary Times - Scruffy Nerdherders

Today marks the special day in geekdom. Not only is it Free Comic Book Day but it's also the day we of the lightsaber brigade are accepted into society. Yep, it's Star Wars Appreciation Day folks. And even though the Mouse has taken things away from us, we still stay strong in the Force. We will not falter. Prevail, we shall (in our Yoda speak). So go out and celebrate, fellow Jedi!

"I'll Swallow Your Soul!"

The urge to do some Evil Dead related art has been bugging me for years now. With the remake recently released I figured it was due time to finally bust out the pencils and create my own rendition of the best character to ever wield a chainsaw/shotgun combination since...ever actually. 

"KOBK" Nominated For Four Glyph Comic Awards!

C.J. broke the news late Sunday night, but the nominees for the 2013 Glyph Comic Awards were just announced and our graphic novel "KOBK" received FOUR nominations, including Story Of The Year and Best Writer. The Glyph Comic Awards are all a part of the East Coast Black Age Of Comics Convention (ECBACC) that's held yearly in Philly and it lands on May 18th this year. Having been nominated with Brandon in 2011 for The Revolutionary Times, it's an honor to get a chance to be put up among some of the best creatives in the black comics industry.

I mean we're up against Ultimate Spider-Man for Pete's sake. That's crazy.

So yeah, we'll know all about the winners come May 18th. I would love to be in Philly for the awards and convention so we'll see. Either way, it's good times. Thanks to everyone who supported KOBK and gave us feedback. And if you haven't copped the book yet there's still a chance. Go and read it now. 

Black Jesus REDUX

So two Easters ago, an idea popped up in my head based on the idea of Jesus versus the Easter Bunny. That idea evolved into an actual story. That story evolved into a fake movie poster. Now two years later, that same idea still cooks in my head a bit changed but still the same. One day this story will be told. One day.

Red Book (Preview) x SpeedComics Vol 30

The Red Book is coming along slowly but surely. The women who've helped out with the modeling have been amazing and all thanks and appreciation goes to them. Without them it would be just a book full of black blank pages. So stay tuned for more updates on the book. And here is the latest SpeedComic for it as well.

SMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 29 (RED #1)

So with the latest batch of SpeedComics I'll be chronicling some of the behind the scenes work with some select future pieces I'm doing for my upcoming Red Book, instead of just flatly putting the pieces themselves up. Expect more Red Edition SpeedComics as I get closer and closer to finishing the book, which should hopefully be done before the end of year if not around summertime.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 159

In the first RT comic of the new year, Sean learns the truth about his hero while undercover and 'Bas goes for war.

Album Design: Yellokake - The Batter EP

BLAT! Pack songstress Yellokake finally drops her three track debut EP with arrangements from producer Hir-O. The artwork was designed by myself.   
DOWNLOAD: Yellokake - The Batter EP 

Album Design: Jahshua Smith - The Final Season

Last year, BLAT! Pack emcee Jahshua Smith put an end to his moniker JYoung The General to pave a new direction for his music. All those roads led to the release of his new album The Final Season. For the artwork, Jahsh wanted a look that related to television and broadcasting as the album's concept is that of a TV show gearing for its last season. This was the first of the artwork done to reflect that concept.

As the music started being produced and the direction kept becoming refined, the concept of the cover became more ilk to that of The Truman Show to become the final result that was produced. The album itself, entirely produced by BLAT! producer StewRat, shows Jahsh's growth as an artist and features assistance from Ro Spit, Mic Write, Joe Hertler Rafael, and BLAT! Family Red Pill, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, Jae Musick, Chell and Yellokake. It's definitely an album that doesn't disappoint so please support the brother!

DOWNLOAD/BUY: Jahshua Smith - The Final Season (Album)

The Dirty Show 13.5 x "Downtown"

So after the very pixelated preview,  I've decided to present to you the Dirty Show submitted illustration in all its raunchy NSFW glory. Inspired by Wale's track "The Trip (Downtown)" off of his More About Nothing mixtape, I wanted to explore (again) the joys of the, uh, tongue targeted act from the woman's perspective. I figured it was a challenge that I severely lacked recently and when word of the Dirty Show coming up entered my inbox I saw it as the one chance to supercharge a recent art funk. The female responses that I've gotten have all been in favor, and really that was the target. Having someone look at the piece and immediately be caught in their own thoughts of previous experience or hopes for future ones. In the words of Barney Stinson, "Challenge Accepted"

Click the picture below for the full uncensored version of the piece. Please be warned that it is completely NSFW and contains sexual themes, nudity, and sexy forks.

The Dirty Show is…

The Red Series (#18-#20)

"Lips red as blood, hair black as night,"

The Red Series (#16-#17)

"Slow down. That was a red light."

And here's an alternative version playing with a more "line-less" style.

The Red Series (#13-#15) (NSFW)

"Bet it all on red."

Album Design: Red Pill x Hir-O - The Kick

The BLAT! Pack rapper/producer duo finally releases their highly anticipated and well crafted album The Kick. Featuring Red Pill's coined "blue collar raps" over Hir-O's "he put his foot in this" production, this already brought in 2013 great. I was tasked into creating the artwork for the album to give off that Inception-inspired feel. It's gonna be a great year for BLAT! and a great year for my artwork with the team. Stream the entire album below and buy your own physical copy of the album here.


The Kick by Red Pill & Hir-O
BUY: Red Pill & Hir-O - The Kick