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*Insert Catchy "End Of Year" Title Here*

2010? Fin. 2011? Stairway to Heaven.

Wait...what? I don't really know where that came from. I apologize.

Anyways, 2010. What a year. So much personal grown and stress all in the matter of twelve months. I finally graduated (twice) and officially started my venture into freelance illustration. And I gotta stay, tis been a journey. It truly has. A couple of ups, a lot of downs, and some in-betweens. But I took it with stride and have kept going on.

Happy Christmakwanzakah

5 A.M. Flow

Because my brain couldn't function correctly so I just started drawing random things.

New Sh!t Newday - No. 82

The Revolutionary Times - No. 82 "To Be Continued..."

Yawn of Cthulhu

You know your sleep schedule is ass when you see tiny Cthulhus rummaging through your breakfast and coffee.

…and I still haven’t slept yet.

Buffay Will Knock It Out Of This World

And now I present to you the greatest moment in my artistic history, thanks to this commission from the homie Buffay for his upcoming single “EEE TEE.” You know it’s intriguing. Don’t lie.

(Click the pic for the uncensored NSFW "yay for boobies" version)

JYoung x OneBeLo x J.A.E. x Mae Day...

The first single off of JYoung The General's sequel project Black History Year, Vol. 2. Dropping this Thursday. Stay tuned.

Smack Peeks 12.13.10

New Sh!t Newday - No. 81

The Revolutionary Times - No. 81 "Revenge Of The Nerd" The Revolutionaries' animal task force witnesses a four eyed miracle on their undercover mission.

Coffee & Cigarettes

A couple pages from my moleskine for The Sketchbook Project.

New Sh!t Newday - No. 80

The Revolutionary Times - No. 80 "Little Oz & Foul Turkeys" Sebastian regales of his adventure in Lil Tike Boot Camp while leaving a special present back home no one is thankful for.

BLAT! Friday...

...or BLAT! Saturday. Look, if 'Ye can have his Friday joints on Saturday so...shut up.
Despite a plethora of live performances, charity work (around the globe), a nationally-acclaimed battle victory and a collaborative project with an in-house G-Unit producer, the BLAT! Pack bond remains strong. After a week-long family reunion, the group of artists, producers, and music professionals drops BLAT! Friday, a project named after the biggest shopping day of the year. The EP is a teaser for the group's full-length project, tentatively scheduled to drop around Christmas 2010.BLAT! Friday, the collective's first release as a group, showcases the members at their solo and collaborative best. FowL, the winner of this year's Eminem-judged Red Bull EmSee battle, appears on three tracks. J.A.E., known for his Detroit radio hit “I Go Hard” with Stretch Money, contributes a pair of 16s. And while JYoung The General keeps his early contributions to only one verse, stays busy prepping…

Rise Of The Jive Turkeys

The only way I can celebrate holidays. Obscure (and hopefully hilarious) illustrations.

New Sh!t Newday - No. 79

The Revolutionary Times - No. 79 "Paws Wide Open"
The Revolutionary Animal Squad goes deep deep undercover after getting some tips from their NFL "Huggy Bear."

New Sh!t Newday - No. 78

The Revolutionary Times - No. 78 "Midnight Maneuvers" The next mission includes trying to get 'big brother' back together. Little Brother Reunion Tour? We can dig it.

Street Justice x The High Life x Pikachu's Love For Strippers...

I was commissioned to do a comic for emcees Street Justice based off of their single "High Life," fresh off of their upcoming album Go. H.A.A.M that's already getting acclaim. The idea of the comic was to have an adventure with a trippy feel to relate to the song. And yes, Pikachu tipping strippers is as trippy as you can get. Obvious influences one could spot in the comic are Jay and Silent Bob, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, and Half Baked, all of which played in the background of making the comic.

For more SJ music, make sure head over to their site and make sure to download their most recent mixtape Follow The Drip.

UPDATE: Bringing this back up as the release of GO H.A.A.M was this Tuesday. Do yourself a favor a grab your copy today! #GOODmusic

New Sh!t Newday - No. 77

The Revolutionary Times - No. 77 "Electric Primetime" The Revolutionary Times' animal police correspondents get airtime with a well respected news broadcaster to further continue their journey for justice. 

A Very Killer Revolutionary Halloween

A SMACK! Halloween - Beverly Hills Cop x Die Hard

"Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window!" A SMACK! Halloween - Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
"Happy trails, Hans." A SMACK! Halloween - Die Hard (1988)
BONUS: And just because it popped up when I looking for Youtube videos (and because it's still awesome)...

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 76

The Revolutionary Times - No. 76 "Baby Intervention"  Sebastian's Hollywood lifestyle proves to be too hardcore to Brandon and Sean and they're forced to call for some North Carolinian help.

A Smack! Halloween - Evil Dead II

"...Groovy" A SMACK! Halloween - Evil Dead II (1987)

A Smack! Halloween - Tron

"Greetings, programs!" A SMACK! Halloween - Tron (1982)

A SMACK! Halloween Series - BTTF x Ghostbusters

If you've been keeping score, you'd notice there wasn't any posts up for "SMACK! Sundays." Yeeeah, Sunday was a weird day for me as was the day after. An artistically life funk if you will. Well late at night I decided to do something about it. I drove to the nearest gas station, copped TWO Starbucks Doubleshots and was convinced that I'd make something artistic by Tuesday morning.

And then, I remember this Sunday was Halloween. And I remembered I don't have the funds or the resources to actually have a costume. And then...the art button on my brain clicked.

So all this week til Halloween, I will be doing a piece a day depicting myself dressed as various selections from movies. And what better way to start off by with two of my favorite movies: Back To The Future and Ghostbusters.
"Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?" “Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “YES”!”

I decided …

New Sh!t Newsdays - No. 75

The Revolutionary Times - No. 75 "The Tea Bust" The Revolutionary animal police force gets a tip on what could be the biggest political bust of their hairy career...

#SMACKSundays - SC 44

It's been too long since I made a Smack Chronicles strip. TOO LONG! But to keep up with the "Grumpy Young Smack" mantra and since yesterday was Sweetest Day out here in the midwest, I decided #SMACKSundays was the right time for Smack to ride on again. So I present the first Smack Chronicles since February 14th...

The Smack Chronicles - No. 44 "The Love King"  Smack decides to finally celebrate Sweetest Day in his own Smack way...

Like A BLAT!stone Cowboy...

Last time you saw a post title with the words "BLAT!" in it, you got a very "I Just Do The African Face" teaser.  But now I'm giving you a twofer (wow, that's actually a word) in the BLAT! Pack department:
 The announcement of the tape first released on last night at 10:15 (October 15th being the 44th Anniversary of the founding of the Black Panthers), JYoung The General let the world know that the sequel to his tape Black History Year (cover also made by me) would be released on Dec. 5th (which is also in celebration of the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott). The tracklisting has yet to be released but I know for a FACT of one track that has some powerhouse features on it. And that I might be responsible for that cover art as well. In all due time, true believers. In all due time...
 Also in the BLAT! art gallery, here's the artwork for newest BLAT! Pack inductee Yung Classix's beat tape TEKnologic 3: Introduction 2 @BLATPack! due to be out soo…

New Sh!t Newsdays - No. 74

No. 74 "Honey I Blew Up The Baby's Ego" Brandon and Sean try to reason with TV's newest reality bachelor but find out that the little dude already went "Hollywood"

Michigan Hip-Hop Love Boobs

On October 22nd, the hip-hop breathern and sisterns of Michigan will gather together for the second Michigan Hip-Hop Appreciation Nite for the great cause of Breast Cancer, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The headrunner of the show, Jaja, appointed me the task of making the flyer. And with some amazing help this is what came up.

Also here's the design in its less info ridden version...

New Sh!t Newsdays - No. 73

The Revolutionary Times - No. 73 "Long Drink Of The Law"
No monster trucks were harmed in the filming of this Animal Police Task Force episode.

The Office Space of Ginger B. Read

My submission for Draw Sucka Draw's upcoming anthology "Twisted Fairy Tales" brought to you by alcohol, Office Space, and an lust for gingerbread cookies one fateful night...

SMACK! Peek - BHY2

It's finna be a BLAT! Fall....

Young Miz - Video Vixxxen

So a while back, thanks to the word of mouth from homie Derrick Turner, I was commissioned to do some work for Cleveland born emcee Young Miz's single "Video Vixxxen" off his upcoming debut project The Layover. The project included the artwork for the single's cover and designs for the shirts that would be worn by the very models that the characters were based off of. Also I made Vol. 15 of the SpeedComics to cover some of the process. Check it out!

Young Miz's debut album The Layover is set for departure on October 19th.