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RED: Warmth Vol. One (Cover)

...Speaking of RED, since there's now a soundbed for it now is the perfect time to drop the cover for digital mini-book companion to the upcoming RED Book sequel. 
RED: Warmth Vol. One is scheduled to drop digitally on April 23rd. Yep, VOLUME ONE. Because of the surprising turn out of submissions Warmth is getting split into two volumes with the second half being released during the summer. That should give people enough RED to go around while I work on Chapter Two for the remainder of the year. 

MUSIC: KuroiOto - Black, Brown, & White

Recently fellow BLAT! member KuroiOto asked me to embark with him on a journey to bring visual life to his upcoming instrumental tape Black, Brown & White - a celebration of the beauty of black women. And with that idea we both came up with several images based on each song, which were inspired by the likes of Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, and Erykah Badu. There's even a beat on there inspired by the upcoming RED: Warmth book. The tape dropped at midnight last night on Producers I Know so please do yourself a favor and cop it for yourself. You can also stream/download it below as well.

The Revolution Is BACK!

After about a year of trying to figure out life (and web design), the hiatus is finally over. Starting next month, Brandon and I are bringing back The Revolutionary Times in full force with new comics and (finally) a brand new website! Stay tuned.

"I Can Hear Jimi" #03 - Solve The Puzzle

This week's latest "I Can Hear Jimi" dropped and apparently the  Sixers aren't too familiar with W's lately.

"Sean + Shea" #05 - "The Aubrey Graham Response Center"

This week's latest "Sean + Shea" has dropped and it founds its way on the main Twitter AND on the Complex Instagram. I guess it's safe to say that, ahem, we made it?

Hellboy's 20th Anniversary

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Mike Mignola's Hellboy. Mignola is one of my favorite artists and highly influential in my style of art ever since I was inadvertently introduced to him via his work on Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

SMACK FUN FACT: The cross bracelet I wear on my drawing arm is partly inspired by the same way Hellboy wears his.

The Night The Mouse Trap Took Over AOHH

Friday night was the return of AOHH (Art Of Hip-Hop), iV's staple hip-hop showcase in Flint, MI. So Big O suggested I brush up on my mural making skills and do a little something on the walls of Flint Local 432. It was my first time messing around with acrylic markers so I think it turned out nice for something simple.

"Sean + Shea" #04 - Gangsta Gibbs Ski Masks

The latest "Sean + Shea" joint celebrates the release of Freddie Gibbs' joint album with producer Madlib called Pinata.

"I Can Hear Jimi" #02 - The Many Faces Of LeBron

The latest issue of "I Can Hear Jimi" from Shea Serrano and I is up over on the ESPN Truehoop blog right now! This time we chronicle the many faces of LeBron James. Honestly, LeBron Swanson is the best thing in the world. I don't care how you feel about it.


Here's a Boosie comic for ya that didn't make the cut. Happy S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y.

"I Can Hear Jimi" #01 - Melo's Motivation

I’ve been holding this news in for the longest. Whew.

So along with the Complex joints, I’m also doing a weekly NBA comic series with Shea Serrano called “I Can Hear Jimi” over at ESPN Truehoop. The first one with Carmelo Anthony just went live.

And now I have to start watching basketball. For reasons.

"Sean + Shea" - 03: "Drake's Therapist"

The latest offering from Shea Serrano and I just dropped over at Complex. And if there's anything rap comics needs it's Aubrey Graham in his feelings.