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Winter finally snuck up on us very viper like...

Old Vs. New

Recently I've seen a few artists redo art they've done from years back to see just how much they've really progressed as an artist. I've done this before recently as well but I wanted to take a look back in my old DeviantArt account and pick some new ones to update again. 
 "Good vs. Evil" (2004)  "Good vs. Evil" (2015)
 "Many Men Wish Death" (2003) "Many Men Wish Death" (2015)

A Bah Humbug RT Christmas

The Revolutionary Times - No. 210

"She's The Captain Now" (Dirty Show 17) (NSFW)

I just got news that my piece for next year’s Dirty Show didn't got accepted after all but I figured I’d go ahead and show off the end result. It's the end of the trilogy of previous pieces I've done for the Dirty Show event. You can see the uncensored illustration along with some of the process below. Beware it is very NSFW.

Mornin' Warm Up: Finn And Rey

"There has been an awakening..."

The Revolutionary Times - Is Star Wars Out? (Day 1)

The Revolutionary Times - No. 209

We The Best Holiday

When you're suddenly hit with the holiday spirit and a slew of inspirational snapchat stories from DJ Khaled. Done for the return of We Draw on Vine.


"You draw? Better be Picasso. You know, THE BEST..."

Back To Procreate

I recently decided to get back into messing around with Procreate. I even got a new stylus - the Wacom Creative - to work with it. Here's a few illustrations I've done with it so far.

Painterly Experiment: Jess

More experimenting with a more painterly style with Kyle Webster's gouache brushes. Oh so hi to one of my best friends.

Colors of H2O

Trying to mess around and get the hang of using Kyle Webster's watercolor PS brushes in a natural away instead of the "flats and cel" way I'm normally used to. Here are a few tests, including one due to a night of binging on Marvel's new Netflix show Jessica Jones. 

Blankman 2.0

Online petition to be the illustrator for a Blankman reboot comic.

Meteor Man 2.0

Consider this my online petition to being the illustrator behind a Meteor Man comic reboot.

Blue (NSFW)

Twitch Bannerpalooza

Apparently people who livestream on Twitch really need eye-catching banners for their profile pages. And I have become the guy to help them with that. Here are the ones I've done so far.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 208

Inktober Part II: The Inkening

More art from Operation: Inktober. I missed some days due to mental breakdown and sadness (the last one being an indicator of that unfortunate moment in time). 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 207

Inktober - Day 6

"Follow the buzzards..."
Today's Inktober masterpiece is brought to by Bray Wyatt and one 28 year old's refusal to give up the act of watching pro wrestling.

Inktober | Days 1-5 (Scanned)

INTRODUCING: Sketch Card Commissions!

SKETCH CARD COMMISSIONS! | $20 In the spirit of Inktober (and the fact I got a bunch of card leftover from M.E.C.C.A. Con) I’m doing inked (post) card commissions! I draw whatever you want! A cartoon version of you? A character you're fond of? Now's your chance to ask away and receive a inked sketch in the process. If you wanted to see 50 Cent giving Deadpool piggy back ride in space then that's what I'll draw. And yes, if you even want to draw something ala RED I’ll do that as well (just the ladies on that one though. Keep the pants on, guys).

Here’s how you can get one: Head over to the Gumroad page and cop one (for $20! No shipping fee). Then after your purchase send me an email ( with your name and what you want me to draw. If you're asking to draw yourself, someone you know, or a character so obscure that Google doesn't even know who it is, make sure to attach reference pictures in the email as well.

Pen and ink illustrations on 8…

Inktober! Day 1 x Day 2

October marks the beginning of the great Inktober challenge. So instead of staring at a sketchbook while trying to right click + save on the paper like I've done for past years I decided to finally learn the art of using a brush pen (shout outs to Pentel) and get my inking on. I promise I'm gonna stick with it this time.

I hope. I really hope.