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The Revolutionary Times - No. 200

No. 200 - For The Watch
200 comics is a helluva milestone for Brandon and I. 200 times have we sat down and come up with some interesting idea to put down in tiny panels. 200 times have we tried, fell, and got back up again all in the name of a project we still believe in to this day. Or 200 times have I tried to slip in a Master P reference in a comic to  no avail.

Here's hoping for 200 more and even bigger platforms for the future.

Train Freeman - Boarding Pass III: Train 2 Freedom

After a years worth of work, Train Freeman’s Boarding Pass III is finally out! Presenting what Train calls his “audio album,” I helped with the artwork for the album and it even features my BLAT! bro James Gardin as well!

Download the album on Bandcamp now!

RED: Chapter Two + Warmth Drops On August 20th!

After a year or two of work, I’m finally releasing the second book in the RED series Chapter Two (Love + Lust) on August 20th. Not only that but I will also be releasing the physical version of the companion book Warmth as well.

On the 20th, the books will officially be released for sale on Amazon but you can pre-order personal shipping from me that will include the book and a personal “Thank You” sketch in every package. Prints from the book will also be put on sale at a later date as well. Thank you to everyone for the support on the RED series this past few years and hopefully we can do it again in the future.

Special shout out to awesome Falon for being her beautifulness to commercial and to my bro JP for helping shoot the commercial (on an iPad of all things). That’s his wolf mural in the background by the way. And of course to fellow Saginaw homie OJ The King for letting me use his song “Night Cap” for the commercial. You can cop it on iTunes here.

PRE-ORDER: Chapter Two (Love +…

LOST FILES - Magnate Criminal EP

Here's some artwork I was commissioned to design for a guy by the name of MC The Rapper back in 2012. The cover was inspired by Pam Grier and old 90's vibes. I'm not sure if he ever put the album out but since it's 2015 now I figured it's safe to finally put up on here.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 199

No. 199 - "The Torrez(s) Incident" 

Finally! A new RT comic just in time for the road to our 200th joint.

And nothing obviously would ever happen to the guys right? Right?

Warm-Up Art: Who Is Mr. Robot?

Morning warm-up solely because I have a new show to apparently be addicted to.