xXMore Animated Than, Say A, Busta RhymesXx

Well, the artistic dry spell is almost over (thank you "VenomSmack") but I'm seeking new a opportunity, mainly those dealing with a more..."animated' approach to things. Yes, after constantly watching more animation (The Iron Giant is still THAT deal) nowadays I've become intrigued to convert my works into animation. This and constant pleas to do so by one of the heads who run the Illustration department at CCS have put the thought of doing so in my brain.

But how can I do this? I can select Animation as my minor until I head back to CCS and that's not until August, and my impatient self wants to get it cracking right now. So my first step is looking into doing a little something on Flash for now. But that's another thing: I only did a few things in flash like the (deceased) website (damn, I miss that masterpiece) and...yeah that's about it. So as you can see I'm feeling like a n00b playing his first ever round of Halo (and I should know that...since I've never played Halo). So you can see my current dilemma. I think I shall focus more of this current goal since getting a job is basically not happening (f**k you Saginaw jobs. F**k you up your stupid tails).

Right now, I'm just trying to find any good books on Flash animation and in animation in general. If I was back at CCS I know there would be a truckload waiting for me in the library but since I'm not I need to improvise. If anybody out there knows of any books that I might want to look into feel free to put your two cents in. But until then, I will continue to look at The Iron Giant, Venture Bros., and Bebe's Kids in awe. Adios.

EDIT: These have further gave my hunger for doing this more fuel. These are video clips of the making of and an actual scene from the animated version of the webcomic PvP (



xXSpeed DemonXx

What's really good, people? You wanna know what's really good? Finally receiving your license is what's really good in life. Si, amigo - after a couple of misses and losses I finally acquired this magical acceptance into the driving world. Now I just have to worry about finding a car that actually runs.

Anyways, recently the site that my friend Brittany and I were working on finally became functional. You can see for yourself here: I for one think it turned out very fresh. I'm really feeling this tag teaming of my artistic skills and Brittany's amazing web-tistic craftiness. I can't wait to do more with her in the future (no sucking up).

And as always, I can't leave you without some new art. I was feeling very Spider-Man influenced so that would explain these two pieces. The first was originally as a birthday gift for a friend and the second was me being very bored while trying to get out of a art funk.



"Oh, My Spider-Sense Is Tingling..."

"...If you know what I mean."
- Eddie Brock Jr/Venom - Spider-Man 3
Before I go on to post up some of the work that I've done since being freed from my Sophomore year at CCS (College for Creative Studies), allow me to let you in on my insight of what I thought would be the greatest movie ever. Yes folks, I'm talking about Spider-Man 3. A movie that seemed to have the perfect formula for the "Greatest Movie Ever" catalog. Let's go down the list...
  • Spider-Man (of course) - Check
  • Harry Osborn claiming his Green Goblin throne - Check
  • The Sandman as one of the main villains - Check
  • The introduction to the alien symbiote - Check
  • The even more incredible introduction of Venom - Double Check
So why did this movie not live up to its standards? That's just it. The many things that it had going for it was its downfall. For me, as a Spidey fan, it seemed like director Sam Raimi packed too much into one movie. If it were up to me, Part 3 would've been all of Sandman and the alien suit with Venom being introduced in the end as a cliffhanger. THEN Spider-Man 4 would be Peter dealing with Venom and possibly an appearance by Carnage. But I guess that's too little too late. But being as Raimi is the same man who brought us the Evil Dead series, it's hard to hate the guy. Ah well, maybe I'll get my rightful trilogy goodness from Rush Hour 3 (hopefully).

Anyways, let's get down to business. Here's some work that I've done for clients for the past few weeks.

Here are two logos that I did for a client working with me and my friend Brittany Harris (a possible future business venture that I'll let unto on a later date) for their website. The site is not up yet but when it is I'll post the link.

This was a promotional advertisement done for my dude Dante Marshall for one of his club parties. Shouts out to Got To Love It Modeling for giving me the opportunity (

This was a mural type piece for one my final projects this semester. The idea was that this type of mural would be seen in a store that would probably sell more "urban" type apparel (Rocawear, Ecko, etc.)

Finally, this was an pen sketch finished in Prisma Marker that I did to try to get out an art slump I had a while back. Might have to do another one of those soon.

Anyways, as always I'm still working on art. Just typed up a few ideas for new comic strips (yes, a few are Spidey influenced) so keep an eye out for those. Until then, peace, love, and shazam! 'Nuff said.