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The Revolutionary Times - No. 123

You know, John Candy should've done more to prepare us about the outdoor life...

The Smack! Process - No. 122

A long time ago (a couple days ago. Insomnia affects time span) I was asked on Tumblr about the process I go about in making my art. So since I spent the whole night working on today’s Revolutionary Times comic I figured it would be a good place to start. (There was actually supposed to be a SpeedComic video about it but…sigh, that’ll be addressed in a later date)…

…so where do we start? Oh right, that’s where Brandon (the writer) comes in. He writes up a rough script for me to get the basic idea and flow of the scene/comic. And in turn, after an hour of Xbox procrastination, I send him a simple thumbnail sketch of the basic layout of the comic…

Once he sees that, we flesh out the story more as far as scene, backgrounds, and dialogue. And THEN…it’s completely in my hands. So of course I take a good nap for five hours…

…and after waking up on carpet, staring at my new friend Roachie, I realize that I have to get a comic down in two hours. So using the trusty internet (it’s more than …

The Revolutionary Times - No. 122

Hearts have been heavy. Tempers have been risen. And faiths have been broken. But, The God abides. I don't know about you but I take comfort in that. It's good knowin' he's out there. 

R.I.P. Troy Davis. 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 121

The thrilling conclusion to the "Red Dead Revolution" story. Sponsored by vegans.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 120

The gang decides it's time to take the fight to the undead. Besides, that's what Beans would do right?

Cold Men Young - "Time Bomb" (Artwork)

Cover artwork for Cold Men Young's upcoming single "Time Bomb" from their sophomore album #YSBAF, which is to drop hopefully later this year.  The concept behind the cover was inspired by the Michael Douglas starred Falling Down, about a man whose mental state slowly unravels on a hot day in Los Angeles (and was a pre-Batman & Robin Joel Schumacher film. Sigh...Batman & Robin...the Devil's contribution to comic book cinema...)

I'll update this once the song drops!

UPDATE: The song dropped at midnight last night!
Cold Men Young - Time Bomb (Prod. By Jay Norm)
<p><p><a href="">Time Bomb by Cold Men Young</a></p></p>

IV x YaBoyLV | Art Of Hip-Hop (September)

Once again it's on. This Saturday is the the September edition of the monthly hip-hop showcase The Art Of Hip-Hop, presented byIdentical Variant and It's once again being held at Coopers Bar & Grill so if you're going to be around the Flint area come rock with us.

And if you can't tell by the stylishly dressed mouse, fly and formal attire is definitely welcomed.

Smack x DJ Jewels x Music To My Math

Last fall as I was commissioned by the brother DJ Jewels to do the interior artwork for a project he was working on that fused music and math together to help out kids who might have problems with the subject...
...this was my time. My time to finally avenge the poor grades that I received in high school because of Pre-Algebra and all those other maths I no longer care about. Yeah, you heard right Mr. Tack! I'm HELPING kids learn math now. HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE APP--
...ahem, obviously it was a very passionate subject for me so I was up to the task. It was a fun and unique project and also something rare since I haven't done many commissions that were geared toward the younger folk.
...also my pain was avenged. No longer did I look at numbers in fear. Confusion still, but no longer were they feared. So thank you DJ Jewels. And thank you kids, for being the reason this project was born. I salute you. 
(EDITOR'S NOTE: I didn't do the cover to …

Smack|Cuts - The Taylor Gang

A while back while I was working with Neako on his LOUDPack: Tree tape, he was on tour with Wiz Khalifa who asked who designed the artwork. Then I get a call to draw up some rough character sketches of Wiz, Chevy, Will, and a faux DJ E.Z. Wider billboard to send over for a possible Taylor Gang animated short. These were the results. Nothing ever materialized from it but it was a pretty cool moment.
But who knows. The idea and my name might pop up again.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 119

There's only one thing you need to know about the undead...

...They're usually on that bullship.

YungClassix - Life On The Grid

Fellow BLAT! Pack homie YC aka YungClassix releases his instrumental album Life On The Grid today. Inspired by the sights and sounds of the world of Tron, he samples artist from Britney Spears to Kascade in what he describes as "Tech-Hop."

With designing the artwork for him, the feel of everything had that Tron type of attitude so I matched it with the design.

<p><a href="">Life On The Grid by Yungclassix</a></p>


Crimson Gears

Developed as an entry for the Gears Of War 3 contest over at the DeviantArt watering hole.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 118

Other forms of quarantine included: Repeated kicking in the groin region, splashing water on, and/or leaving the infected in Canada with only a cup of maple syrup.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 117

Never send a Glenn Beck to do a man's job. On another note, This zombie apocalypse is sponsored by Bad Boy Records. Take that, take that.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 116

Palin and the Bro-Ops (another name change) plan to unleash their zombie attack on the Obama administration. Little did they know, Beck can't deny sugary beverages passed out by infants.