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xXLet's Get DirrtyXx

If you pumpin this one in your truck (let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty (l-let's get dirty)
If you really don't give a WHAT? (l-let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty (l-let's get dirty)
Everybody get your hands up (l-let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty (l-let's get dirty)
If you ain't come to party SHUT UP! (l-let's get dirty)
Say let's get dirty..
- Redman, "Let's Get Dirty"

Every year there is this art show in Detroit called "The Dirty Show" (of course it would be called that) that showcases erotic works. In the past, people have tried to get me to do something for it but it just wasn't in my alley. But as I was already in the midst of "Revolutionary Times" comics and other work, I finally decided to challenge myself.

...and you better believe this was a challenge.

I knew if I was gonna do this, I wanted to showcase the joy of a woman reaching that peak of that "moment" in my own Smack! way. …

xXFresh To DefXx

Recently, the site DefCulture finally opened its doors to the public. Showcasing a great blend between the old and new side of urban culture, you MIGHT see some recognizable artwork on there.

Yeah. I did that.

Well now that the site is OFFICIALLY unwrapped, I figured now would be a good time to showcase those "sneak peeks" I posted up before and a few extras...

I'm Ghost...DEFface

xXBack 2 The Future x NSMsXx

xXSmack!'s Time WarpXx

So over in the world of DeviantArt, the artists there created these projects called "memes" where it's a certain topic/project where everyone can do their own versions of. I've participated in one of them before, but I always wanted to do this...

The original meme, developed by Thundercake, basically wanted the artist to depict themselves at both and young age and then their current age. So, thinking back in my high school days *shudder* I came up with 16 being the perfect age to depict. I was young, naive, and full on crushes, anime, webcomics, Kevin Smith movies, and Fight Club.

Oh and of course, it's Monday. And that means...

xXRT NEW SH!T MONDAYS - No. 19 - "Focus On A Perfect World"Xx

With that, I'm going to bed. Because I've been awake for almost two days. I'm Ghost...face

xXA Simple RequestXx

Being a douchebag has its consequences, Cupid. I hope he's watched Reservoir Dogs because that's EXACTLY what's about to go down.

I'm Mr. WhiteGhost...face (no Bamboozled)

xXRT - New Sh!t MondaysXx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 18 "Zombie Pig N' A Blanket"

I'm all for "getting shit done on Mondays" (word to Unkommon Kolor), so it's only natural that this is about to be a mantra that Brandon and I will be adapting for RT. So that's right - a new strip every Monday (hopefully) to be uploaded over at the DrunkDuck page and the blog. And maybe I'll occassionally post them on here. Not too much though. I wnat y'all to ACTUALLY go the page. Yeah, that would just...awesome.

I'm Ghost...face

xXA Moment With Art SpiegelmanXx

This past Wednesday, I had a chance to travel back to Detroit for a very special event that hit close to my comic book laced veins. Legendary artist Art Spiegelman, creator of the critically acclaimed comic Maus and among other thought provoking pieces, was speaking at the MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) as a part of his tour "Comix 101." There was no way that I would miss this so I found my way to back to the D just in time for this.

The lecture was just as I thought it was be, informative and full of wit. He broke down how his work has been seen sometimes have controversial yet so inspiring at the same time. Just hearing of the history of his life in art and how it reflected his personality was just incredible. After the lecture, there was special one-on-one session with Spiegelman and the group from CCS which I was in. This session was much more intimate (||) than the actual lecture with nearly 100 people all in one room (with no fan on).

Now, no one really knows…

xXRT - Papers On Which Your Wall Makes Love ToXx

And in celebration of the coming change @ "The Revolutionary Times" we've got some fresh new wallpapers for y'all to get your hands on...



So keep an eye out on both the DrunkDuck page and the Revolutionary Times blog for the extended version of the awesomesness that you get a glimpse of over here. My blog can only contain so much dopeness so please go and check out the RT blog. And don't be afraid to go over to the blog and hit that "Follow" button. We always appreciate those who show us some love.

With that, I head out back to the D to attend a lecture by legendary Pulitzer Prize winning comic book artist Art Spiegelman, creator of the critically acclaimed graphic novel Maus. Hopefully someone will be taking pictures so I can get one and give y'all an update.

And as always, I'm Ghost...face

xXComplete OverhaulXx

Let's get it work...

...and like that was fuel that lit the fire under the Resevoir Dogs, me and Brandon have been hit with the same flame. But THIS time we mean business (no EPMD). Over the couple of months, I've noticed the influx of followers on this blog (followers that I urge to go ahead and follow the RT blog as well) and both Brandon and I came up with the same idea...

...Redesign this mug. From zero to AWESOME!

So after hours of complicating HTML tutorials, the RT blog has been spruced and purty like. Complete with new banner, new background, and featuring the new comics ALWAYS at the top now.

We also noticed how we need the blog is great and all but in order to become an established comic, we would need a site that hosts them up. Something a blog can't really do. There's where came into the picture and BOOM...

"The Revolutionary Times" officially has a webcomic home. Aside from the HTML hassle, it's going to be a good look.

We've also…

xXI Sinatra Shot YouXx

"We Rat Pack n***as, let Sam tap dance on you/
Then, I Sinatra shot ya God damn you//"
- Jay-Z, "Threat"

Here's a poster design that ended up the chopping block, that I did for an event that's being held in LA this Sunday. It's a type of elegant affair so it called for a very Rat Pack inspired poster. Although it didn't work out, I still got the experience of working out in Illustrator with it. Plus, I did this join the span of a day that it was SUPPOSED to be due on some short notice ish. I'm definitely not throwing it away.

Also as a further treat...
HEY KIDS! It's another SPEEDCOMIC video!
...I mean the poster isn't technically a comic but still, it's just....just watch the damn thing.
xXSMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 4ourXx from silentsmack on Vimeo.
And yes I was watching NCIS while working it. Can you blame me? It's a great show!

And with that, I'm Ghost...face

xXSC - Optimus FailXx

Wow, two comics in two days? Where they do that at?

The Smack Chronicles - No. 41 - "Optimus Fail"

Never keep a cute girl away from a possible Autobot love.
And of course, you can't keep a good PRODUCTPLACEMENT down!

So go and put some IV in your life!

And I'm Ghost...faceIV

xXRT - Never Can Say Goodbye x Tribute WallpaperXx

xXThe Revolutionary Times - No. 18 - "Never Can Say Goodbye"Xx

Ever since Michael passed I knew I had to have some type of tribute to celebrate the man's legend through my craft. I already did so with "The Smack Chronicles" and now the partner in the crime B. How and I come through with our version of a tribute to the man.

Also, here's my first try at putting together a wallpaper for you, the people.


Now I'm gonna stick around the TV and try and watch the memorial service and work on the new Smack Chronicles strip as well.

I'm Ghost...face

xXSketchPreview: RT - MJ Tribute x SC - Lameatron PrimeXx

A little rough preview of the two upcoming strips for both "Revolutionary Times" and "Smack Chronicles." Stay tuned!

xXSmack Was In A Music Video Once...Xx

...I was told to stand around and look like I was cool. I then proceeded to do the dance of the rhythmless retarded chipmunk. End scene. Oh 2008, you were so young back then.

Shout outs to Sheef and the rest of the 808. Check them out @ the Myspace page and the blog.

I was trying to get into this music video but I guess they forgot to put the invite in the mail.

...Invite must've fell out and accidently slip in Fabolous' mailbox instead (||). It's cool. Next time though.

I'm Ghost...face

xXShowin' Love: Mama Got Rhythm...x Mario MooreXx

I've been meaning to put this up here but caught up with acouplethings. The homie Mario Moore just recently put out the children's book that he illustrated on June 28th. My words don't capture the feel of how it was to work on such an accomplished book so I'ma let Mario's do the justice...
This was a laborious process for the children's book. So please come out and support me.

The children's book is about an African American family in Harlem New York. The daughter of the parents ,Mama Rhythm and Daddy Rhyme, likes R&B but does not understand why here parents like jazz and blues. The parents take there daughter on a trip to the Jazz museum at Lincoln Center and the daughter falls in love with the music as she meets Dizzy, Duke and many other Jazz greats.

Head over to Mario's blog to get more info on where you can get your own copy!

With that, I'm Ghost...face
P.S. You owe me some "gwap" for this, Mario. Or at least those girls you keep hidi…