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Morning Warm-Up (01/25/16)

Sailor Ain't Dead

Punk versions of the popular anime Sailor Moon done for WeDraw on Vine. 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 213

No. 213 "The Dirty Costner" 
And to find out how you can help out the city of Flint, whether it's through volunteering or donating water, head over to for all the info.

The Revolutionary Times - MLK Day

Or as it's better known on the internet as "Let Me Go On Twitter And Say Dr. King Would Say This Because I'm Apparently A Time Traveler" Day

The Revolutionary Times - No. 212


APB: Artists Against Police Brutality

I was finally able to get my copy of the “Artists Against Police Brutality” anthology book that I had the great opportunity of being a part of. I can’t thank John Jennings enough for giving me the chance to be a part of something important. You can still buy the book yourself on the Amazon right now.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 211

Love And Happiness

Illustration I did for my parents as a Christmas present. The photo above them is from their wedding that I had to become Indiana Jones to finally find. 

Logo Design - Green Bench TV

After working with them on their Black Angus web series, John Holland of the comedy group Green Bench TV commissioned me to design a new logo for them. The process went through a couple different directions, including incorporating elements from their past logos, but in the end they went with something a bit more direct and font based.