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The Red Series (#16-#17)

"Slow down. That was a red light."

And here's an alternative version playing with a more "line-less" style.

The Red Series (#13-#15) (NSFW)

"Bet it all on red."

Album Design: Red Pill x Hir-O - The Kick

The BLAT! Pack rapper/producer duo finally releases their highly anticipated and well crafted album The Kick. Featuring Red Pill's coined "blue collar raps" over Hir-O's "he put his foot in this" production, this already brought in 2013 great. I was tasked into creating the artwork for the album to give off that Inception-inspired feel. It's gonna be a great year for BLAT! and a great year for my artwork with the team. Stream the entire album below and buy your own physical copy of the album here.


The Kick by Red Pill & Hir-O
BUY: Red Pill & Hir-O - The Kick

The "Red" Series (#8-#12) (NSFW)

"I've got red in my ledger."
More illustrations from my female passion fueled series...

The Red Series (#1-#7) (NSFW)

"You've got red on you."

For the first endeavor of the new year, one of the things I wanted to do artistically was get back to doing more figure drawing. I hadn't done much of it since my college days so I thought it would help me in the long run. By a New Years miracle I was introduced to a "muse" of sorts that's been helping me with this project, and it has turned into quite the enriching series. The first six were done as a way to break in my iPad with the Sketchbook Pro app, but the next set will be done as finished digital pieces with the same vibe just more cleaned up. So stay tuned.

Let's Do Better In 2013

Happy 2013, everybody! If you woke up in a dumpster full of fresh Twinkies last night then you're officially the luckiest person in all of the land.

I know there's been a lack of Revolutionary Times on here for a while. That's because we're restructuring things a bit. Gone is the DrunkDuck site in order for us to finally get the actual website up and running. The comics will be still be posted on the blog and our Facebook until then. Also we're starting up the "Propaganda" idea in new format so expect some news on that as well.

So let's not do the cliche of saying "2013 will be our year," alright? We're not rappers. Sheesh.

...but yo, 2013 is about to be our YEAR, son!