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First and foremost...

The road begins. I should actually thank Matt LeBarre and my Image Making II class for this idea. I never thought I'd actually use it as a logo but after I completed I'm DEFINITELY using this as my personal logo. It's just calling out to me, "Seeeeaan, uuuuse me to taaake over the woooorld." And I will, logo. I will. Now on with the show...

xXOpen Letter to the Art Gods IIXx
As I patiently wait for the first wish to come true (I haven't forgotten about you Ms. Jean), I thought I'd add some new recipients into the mix...

Dania Ramirez - I could talk about the obvious and point out her "performance" in She Hate Me along with Kerry Washington but, like I said, that's obvious (obviously hot that is). So I base her addition on the fact that she is on Heroes. She has superpowers, people. Deadly and consequential powers yes but dammit if it's still not sexy as hell. Ms. Ramirez, welcome to my dreams.

...AND she was in X-Men: The Last Stand, which means my nerdom appreciates her even more.

Jessica Lucas - She was an unknown wonder to me for a while. That was until she was running away from J.J. Abrams' C.O.M.D. (Creature of Mass Destruction) in Cloverfield. Hey, even int he midst of dodging parasites and climbing up destroyed apartment buildings she still found a way to be incredibly sexy. And that is why, Ms. Lucas, I ask the Art Gods for a chance meeting with you.

Art Gods, this is your mission if you choose to accept it or not. Make...it...HAPPEN! (c) Kevin Liles.

xXJYoung the GeneralXx

A while ago I was asked by my boy Jahshua (aka JYoung the General) asked me to do something for his Myspace background. So with weeks of trying my BEST to learn how to somehow draw a damn Cadillac Eldorado I was FINALLY able to make the composition. And this is the end result. What have I learned? I need to learn how to draw vehicles and immediately. So shout outs to JYoung and Ketchum for their radio show Cultural Vibe that are on Saturdays from 8PM-11PM. Check it out.

xXBig DreamsXx

And lastly, here's a sneak preview of my Senior Project, Big Dreams (or Smack's Big Dreams. I'm still working it out). My complete foray into the world of graphic novels to exercise my artistic skill level. Of course this page is still a work in progess but I promise you'll get many sneak peaks as the project goes on.

Keep your eyes open on the blog for some more future updates. I'll soon put up some more Revolutionary Times strips on here plus these pieces that I'm doing for the CCS Dark Knight Show that should be happening sometime around next month. Oh and before I head out, I leave you with this...

...wow, they actually made it. A movie about Biggie. This could either be Get Rich or Die Tryin' horrible or Tupac Resurrection great.

And as always. I'm ghost...face


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