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"Sean + Shea" - 02: "Nobody"

The latest edition of "Sean + Shea" just dropped over at Complex Music. This one inspired by Rick Ross "remixing" Notorious B.I.G.'s classic "You're Nobody Til Somebody Kills You" for his latest album Mastermind.

New "Sean + Shea" comes drop every week on Complex.

"I looked at the trap, Ray"

Before I snuck into a room to secretly watch Die Hard and Coming To America, there was one movie that caught my admiration early on. I can easily say that Ghostbusters is indeed one of my favorite films of all time. Yesterday, the world lost one of the men responsible for bringing that classic tale of man vs. ghost to life. Not only that but he was responsible for Groundhog Day, Stripes, and even directing National Lampoon's Vacation. It's only right that I cooked something up to celebrate the life of man who helped make my childhood great.

"Sean + Shea" Drops On Complex Music

I've been keeping this one under wraps for a bit (along with another joint to be announced next week), but I'm going to be starting a weekly comic with Shea Serrano over at Complex Music aptly called "Sean + Shea" where we look at the world of hip-hop satricially. This is the first edition of the  series. A new comic drops every Wednesday over at Complex Music.

And yes, there might be many J. Cole jokes. J. Cole (and possible Rick Ross), we're sorry in advanced.

Bomb A** Love

It's Valentine's Day.

Or for me, "Watch 24 Hours of Jack Bauer Day." It may have...side effects on my psyche.

Illustrations: "What Happened To The College Dropout Bear?"

So recently (like last week recently), I was approached by Shea Serrano (he did the Rap Coloring Book with Bun-B) to do some illustrations for comical article he was writing for Myspace. The focus of this article? The mascot of one of my favorite albums of all time. Yes, the bear from Kanye West's College Dropout. Recently it celebrated its 10th anniversary so this faux-autobiographical article from the point of view of the Bear came right on time. I'll admit it gets pretty Wolf Of Wall Street at the end so be warned.

Read the article for yourself.

Hourly Comic Day

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