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RED: Chapter Two - Vanessa Veasley

Much love and props to the beautiful and "blerd"-tastic Vanessa Veasley for helping out with some of the art for the upcoming second book in the RED series "Love + Lust."

Yes, I'm still working on finishing everything and setting up a Kickstarter to help out with some of the cost of the publishing everything. I have a lot of things I want to do this time so be patient with me on this one. We'll get through this one together, I promise haha. In the meantime keep on the look out for more previews of the book to pop up here and there in the coming months, and don't forget to get the previous books in the series as well.

Dormtainment: Black Hairlines

I got the chance to do some work with the hilarious guys over at Dormtainment for the latest of their Black National Geographic series, this time detailing the importance of "black hairlines." Shout out to Tay for bringing me on board and being able to help out. Technically my art is being shown on Comedy Central's Youtube so that's also just as big to me! Check out the art work I did for the short below. 

We Draw

There's an awesome art community on the Vine app called "We Draw" that has artists posting art every week based on a picked topic. I usually try to participate when I can (or when I'm not overworked) but there are some really great artists I've been introduced to like Heather Mahler, Mark Pingriff, and a slew of others. If you have time just go through their timeline. It's a great experience. Here are some of the sketches I've done for We Draw over the months.

Dirty Show x "Yin Yang"

This year I entered into The Dirty Show for a third time with a piece that inspired by both the kama sutra and the "yin and yang" symbol. I've been in the show three times now but this year marked the first time someone actually bought a piece. Yep, someone bought it and is apparently going to hang it on their wall. Crazy. It's only right since this might be my swan song with the show seeing as I might be moving away from the midwest hopefully. But as always it's been one very interesting experience.

And of course the piece is extremely adult/NSFW so if you're 18+ click on the picture to see the full version.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 189

Playin' Hooky

Complex: Infographs x Flowcharts

Here are some of the flowcharts/inforgraph I did with Shea last year during our run over at Complex. I just realized I never posted them up online.

Lil' Wayne Is DEFINITELY A Martian (And Here's Why)
The Ultimate Guide To Making The Most Of The Rest Of Your Summer 
Which Summer Festival Should I Attend?

Warm-Ups #01

The Revolutionary Times - No. 187 x Podcast!

A bit delayed but here's the RT comic from last week. New one pops up on Saturday! And also don't forget to check out Brandon and I being on the Comics & Conversation podcast hosted by Jordan Calhoun over at Black Nerd Problems as well!

Dilla Day '15

Done as both a delayed celebration of Dilla Day and as an art challenge between me and my artistic brother Roo Hattori in a combination of my love for drawing all things Dilla and his love for drawing his patented Wolf Women. Gave me a reason to mess around in the 'Shop some the 3D effect.

Chell - "Waitin'"

BLAT! Pack's songstress Chell recently dropped her first single to hype up her album UnCHELLtered and I was tasked to design the cover for it. Listen to the song below!

Hourly Comic Day

I didn't think I would be able to be a part this year but thanks to Michigan weather, here we are.