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The Husel - The Pre-Up EP

So recently I've linked up with Musiq Soulchild to provide the artwork for a few of his new side ventures and one of them involves his foray into hip-hop as The Husel. Recently he released his first EP as The Husel and I provided the art duties for it. It's a precursor to his album Husel Music, which I also did the art for as well. You can purchase the EP on iTunes right now!

The Husel

I've been holding this secret down, but since he released the first image of it last night I can spill the beans. I've been working with R&B artist Musiq Soulchild on his "The Husel" side project. It's a couple of things in the works so stay tuned.

Matt Murdock, Avocado At Law

It's safe to say that A) I'm loving the show and B) Matt Murdock is the latest inductee to the Durag Dynasty Hall Of Fame.

A "Revenge Of Black Jesus" Easter

Happy Easter. Or as I call it, Happy “the day that I convince myself that I’m gonna make that Black Jesus vs. Easter Bunny graphic novel idea one of these days” Day