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New Sh!t Newsday - No. 64

The Revolutionary Times - No. 64 "Honey I Shrunk Bin Laden" Realizing that oil spills, Braveheart, and iPhone antennas have led the country's focus away from once most searched for man on the planet, the Revolutionary crew decided to help stir the manhunt once again...

Smacklabos - Flaco Shalom X Broken Silence

After from previously working with fellow artist Flaco Shalomon his comic "Undeathable," he recently hit me up to collab with him once again. This time the project was for an upcoming mixtape from Detroit emcee Nate entitled Broken Silence. As per usual Flaco hit me up with his pencils and I laid the rest out in Photoshop, with InDesign for the lettering.
Also here is the first single of Broken Silence, "Lights, Camera, Action"

Wedding Bells x Naked Midgets

Done for my friend/fellow artkid Kerstin in celebration of her recent walk down the aisle. Apparently this summer was the Summer O' Wedding Love (or "wuv" depending on your vocabulary usage). Maybe this was a bad time to learn the ways of Tariq Nasheed.


A little game of commission catch-up...

"50 Ways" - The Reveal

Look at what was waiting for me at my doorstep today... And oh yes, it is VERY sexy. Like...Zoe Saldana NOT dressed as an alien sexy.
Due to be on sale at the end of the month. I'll keep you posted on when that's happening. All I KNOW is is...that it will be a sexy purchase. Yeah.

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 63

The Revolutionary Times - No. 63 "The Edge of Immunity"
In a throwback to the past "New Sh!t Mondays" the Rev. Times crew takes time out of the day to witness the comeback of a Mad Max.

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 62

The Revolutionary Times - No. 62 "Heart At A Funeral"
Brandon may be taking the last week's tragedy a little bit TOO hard...

"50 Ways" Cover Redesign X Specs

After some technical difficulties (and some external hard drive woes), the "50 Ways" book is finally under way into being released hopefully this month. And with that said, here's the redesign of the cover and back cover as well...

Specs: Soft cover108 pages, full color 9x7So hopefully once we get these out around as promo to these publishers, the book will be available to be bought by the public. Soon, people. Soon...

New Sh!t Sunday - No. 61

The Revolutionary Times - No. 61 "...Oh, There He Is!"
In a special Sunday full-color strip, the Revolutionaries find the legendary "Green Man" as a last resort effort in putting together their Rebellion Squad...