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The Revolutionary Times - No. 110

On behalf of the group, Sean tries his best to delve into the mind of a simian bigot.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 109

Sean finally runs into the house's new guest. Toilet time has been delayed for all further notices. 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 108

Sebastian brings home the British Archie Bunker of simian imports to the Revolutionary Batcave.

Audra The Rapper - No Such Thing Does Exist/Logo

Cover I designed for Maybach Music Group emcee Audra The Rapper's upcoming free EP No Such Thing Does Exist, which has been released today via The Source. Click on the covers to head over to the site.

Also I designed her brand logo as well.

Hey...Dude (AKA That Was Horrible Blog Title)

It's been a while since I actually put something up here that wasn't a commission or for The Revolutionary Times (EDITOR'S NOTE: He's lying. It was just a while ago). But here's something I did for my friend Jess, who happens to be a fan of penguins and The Beatles. So why not mix the two into a fusion of fondness...and penguins.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 107

The guys’ 4th Of July hit a turn for the underground. No satin panties were harmed in the making of this comic.

Smack x FlyWidIt

I recently got interviewed by the homie @FlyWidItCustoms for his site to talk about the secrets behind my art, my beliefs on certain topics that "The Revolutionary Times" has tackled, and my views on what the future holds. And I gotta say, it was one of the most researched and in-depth interviews I had. I felt like I was actually important for a second.

This must be how Eddie Griffin feels like everyday.

But anyways, click on the picture above to read Part One of the interview and make sure to check the homie's portfolio while you're at it. He's got some dope works in there.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 106

The guys find out the true mission of racism - refreshing chilled coffee drinks full of prejudice.