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"The RED Book" is OUT Today!

It's been about a year in the making, but I can finally say that my art book The RED Book is finally on sale today. Something that started off a change of pace from my usual art (comics, etc) became something bigger than I originally intended. Something that started with an iPad sketchbook app and a great model turned into 110 page book full of beautiful women of all types and sizes. Thank you to everyone for the support and more importantly thank you to the women who helped inspire everything. Without you this couldn't have even been a possibility.

So go cop yourself a copy of the book, either the physical version of the digital .PDF version that you read on your laptop, phone, or tablet device! Thank you for everything!

Physical ($25 + shipping)* | Digital ($10) (*International buyers email me @ before purchasing for shipping rates)

The Red Book (Pre-Order)

The chance to pre-order The RED Book is now available. Cop yours now. The book is scheduled to officially drop on July 24th. 
Physical ($25.00 + shipping): Digital ($10.00):

Buckham Gallery x "Graphic Integrity"

So thanks to the honorable sir James Thigpen Jr, I got the chance to be a part of the "Graphic Integrity" showcase at the Buckham Gallery in Downtown Flint last night. It was a great experience seeing how people responded to my artwork. The only other show I had been in was The Dirty Show so this was a change of pace (ya know, since apparently kids could come to the gallery). It was real humbling to just be around a lot of great art so I was just honored to be in the show. In the end, people really liked what they saw and I ended up selling two pieces (the "Dilla" and "RED" joint).

The exhibit will be up until August 3rd, so if you're around Flint you can always stop by and check it out for yourself.