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Showing posts from March, 2013

Black Jesus REDUX

So two Easters ago, an idea popped up in my head based on the idea of Jesus versus the Easter Bunny. That idea evolved into an actual story. That story evolved into a fake movie poster. Now two years later, that same idea still cooks in my head a bit changed but still the same. One day this story will be told. One day.

Red Book (Preview) x SpeedComics Vol 30

The Red Book is coming along slowly but surely. The women who've helped out with the modeling have been amazing and all thanks and appreciation goes to them. Without them it would be just a book full of black blank pages. So stay tuned for more updates on the book. And here is the latest SpeedComic for it as well.

SMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 29 (RED #1)

So with the latest batch of SpeedComics I'll be chronicling some of the behind the scenes work with some select future pieces I'm doing for my upcoming Red Book, instead of just flatly putting the pieces themselves up. Expect more Red Edition SpeedComics as I get closer and closer to finishing the book, which should hopefully be done before the end of year if not around summertime.