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Showing posts from August, 2016

Champions Series - "KO-Mania"

I couldn’t resist doing another illustration of WWE Superstar Kevin Owens after Monday night’s plot twist of a RAW. Done first in Procreate and finished up in Photoshop.

The Revolutionary Times - End Of Summer Days

Things have been pretty quiet on the RT front but trust us, we're still very much alive. We're just trying to squeeze out as much summer that's left as we can since life kind of got in the way. But we'll be back soon. Promise. 
In the mean time, you can purchase this art as a print over at our Society6 shop! 

Saginaw NAACP - Freedom Fund Gala

Flyer I recently designed for the annual Freedom Fund Gala that's run by the Saginaw, MI branch of the NAACP that will be happening later next month.