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xXShowin' Love (Birthday Se...Er...Cake Edition)Xx

...sorry, I have yet to get that song out of my system from hearing it every single week (thanks to certain people). Anyways, today marks a few birthdays and I wanted to do something special for 'em...

If the name Robin A. Collins doesn't ring a bell to you then A) you need to learn and B) you need to check out her site. A very dope photographer based in Detroit, she's shown love for my art so I had to cook up something for her birthday. I'm still waiting for her to admit that she has a (art) crush on me though....

We can thank Lauryn for this one. Got your pen and paper out? Good, because here's another name you should probably know already and if you don't, slip on soap (not really though, we here at Pepsi Madness condone safe soap usage). Ashley Sierra Reed, who is an entrepreneur with her own clothing line (the ASR Collection), also celebrates her birthday today. Another person who showed interest in my art, I thought I'd do something special for her and …

xXTidbits: Kirby V.2 x Bossy JXx

Here's version numbero dos for the banner I did for my girl Kirby's blog. She's starting to put some dope stuff on there so I suggest y'all check that out immediately.

And here's a birthday gift for Lauryn Scott's (Sidney Shaw) friend, Jenelle in which she KNOWS she owes me. She know this....she KNOWS this...

xXNew Sh!t Newday - No. 23Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 23 "Selfish"

This is exactly how Hype Williams started his career. True story. And of course, for the hip-hop heads out there, an ode to Slum Village. R.I.P. to Dilla and Baatin.

NOW UPDATED EVERY MONDAY OR TUESDAY! (because the artist needs that leeway to support his video game habit, word to Just Blaze)*

*There were these videos back in '07 of Just Blaze "acquiring" websites through the art of 'making it rain' and ending in lightsaber duels. Anyone who can find those videos and send them to me will be a champion for life!

xXKirb Of All TradesXx

Here's a banner I did for my girl Kirby's (aka Kirbalicious) blog. Why "Kirb of all trades" you ask? Well that's because she's an illustrator like myself AND she's the host of very own radio show "The 1 O' Clock Takeover," which you can check out every Tuesday at 1 PM over at WXOU.ORG. I happened to be guest on there along with Randall one day so trust me, it's a great show.

And that is why she's dope. 'Nuff said.

....I think I'ma start using "'nuff said" for now on.

I'm Ghost...'nuffsaidface
...meh, needs work.

xXOpen Letter To The Art Gods IV - Vashtie KolaXx

It's been a while since I did one of these so I think the list has grown quite a bit since then. But anyways *ahem* let's do this.

*bows head and closes his eyes*

Dear Art Gods, you have blessed me this summer to of course work on some great stuff. Flyers. Internet stuff. Comics EVERY SINGLE MONDAY. T-Shirts. And other things of that awesome nature. But now, I come to you with a favor on this, the day of your daughter's wedding. A favor that has been wandering in my head for a while now...

This, your Artfulness, is Vashtie Kola. She is awesome. Why is she awesome, you ask? Because she's a director, an artist, a designer, and all around go-getter. Hell even Pharrell saw the greatness in her, and that's why he dated her.* You may not recognize the face but you have to recognize the notable work she's done...
...from writing the treatment to one of my favorite Common music videos (featuring future Open Letter item Taraji P. Henson)...

...from something independent...


xXNew Sh!t

Better late than never.
No. 22 - "Sicko Part Two: Electric Sickaloo"

This experience is actually what inspired the upcoming sequel to Michael Moore's Sicko starring Justin Long and Ja Rule.

xXP.H.I.L.T.H.Y - Lovesongs for Losers & Ballads for BallersXx

I had dropped the first single for this a while ago but the homie (and now official iV sponspored emcee) P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. has officially dropped his full EP Lovesongs for Losers & Ballads for Ballers, a collaboration between him and California-based producer Jansport J with features from fellow BLAT! Pack member JYoung the General, Yellokake, Lyric'lee, and others. I don't even know how to describe it to even though I'm jamming to it as I write this. It's a great EP and it goes TOO smooth with the help of Jansport's production. I'll let P describe it best....
"What is love? Lansing emcee P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. looks to answer that question with Love Songs For Losers & Ballads For Ballers, his new EP with Los Angeles producer Jansport J. Whether it’s romance, family, friends or God, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. covers all the bases with this concept project. The EP's single, "Say It," has been praised by URB, 2DopeBoyz, Kevin Nottingham, and other music blogs …

xXThat Was Fast...Xx

Well since IV front runner Randall already leaked the cover on Facebook, I guess I can finally put up the full version of the "Smack Peek." With the mixtape in its final stages thanks to Sir Ketchum, the full tracklist will be up on here and then soon enough the whole mixtape itself.

And now, we play the Waiting Game....

Also, here's the next edition of "SMACK! SpeedComics" chronicling the difficult journey to make sure a masterpiece. Complete with SPELLING FAIL at the beginning...
xXSMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 5iveXx from silentsmack on Vimeo.

xXSmack Peek: The I.V. Mixtape x Polo(s)DaDonXx

As some of the dedicated I.V. following might know already, IV is about to release a mixtape! Nah, I'm not on it. Next edition though. Next one. Still pretty much in secrecy, I can tell you that it will feature I.V. sponsored artists such as Cold Men Young, Jon Connor, Detroit Cydi, JYoung the General, Swinn, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, and a slew of other equally dope Michigan based emcees. So with that, here's sneak "smack peek" at the cover that I designed featuring the new IV mascot. As the project comes into completion, I'll unleash up the full cover along with the tracklisting.

Also on the IV front, the NEW polos are in stock. That's right, I said, "polos." It's "Go Big Or Go Home" time, people....

Made in both Mens and Womens fashions, our first foray into polos features the new logo mascot in bright neon stitching. Yuh, neon. And because of that, this makes this an EXCLUSIVE with very limited in stock so I'd advise heading over to the onl…

xXBrand New HomeXx

Keeping with the tradition of "The Revolutionary Times" finding a new home to host its comics, I finally got around to doing the same the "The Smack Chronicles." Just don't expect this one to be updated as frequently as the RT strips. Let's shoot for a comic or two a month. Specking of which, I'm working on scripts for some new ones as we speaks.

Sigh, and people wonder why I don't see the outside much lately...

I'm Ghost...face

xXRT - New Sh!t Monday - No. 21Xx

No. 21 - "Revenge Monsoon Rap"

Actual forecast: Very stormy with a chance of REVENGE!

xXThe Thrown Panties SeriesXx

And here are the first two pieces of a series I like to call "The Thrown Panties" series.

Why "Thrown Panties," you ask?

Well when you're a celebrated R&B singer, the odds of women throwing lingerie and other sorts of undergarments at you are incredible. Marvin Gaye experienced. Boyz II Men did too. Hell, I'm pretty sure T-Pain had like some stripper drawls thrown at him as well.

So with that, here is my rendition of crooner Maxwell's latest album "BLACKsummer'snight,"(an incredible album if I do say so myself) and Dwele's "Subject."

xXP.H.I.L.T.H.Y - "Say It"Xx

I know this isn't art related but I was forced at gunpoint by this man to put this on the blog (CORRECTION: It wasn't at was at bomb-point). But hey, I don't mind because it's dope and I am of course a full supporter of all thingsBlat Pack. So without further adieu, here is the first single off of P.H.I.L.T.H.Y's EP "Lovesongs for Losers & Ballads for Ballers"

"SAY IT" (Prod. By Jansport) (download)

While I'm being nice, here's a look at fellow Blat Pack member JYoung The General and the making of his (very dope) song "She Like Me" along with a performance...

xXRT - New Sh!t Monday - No. 20Xx

No. 20 - "The Chuck Norris Consequence"

Don't ever go between your friend and Keri Hilson. Not even the most of New Jack City quotes will save you from a legendary pummeling.