The Revolutionary Times x Hollyweird

White-washing has been a problem in Hollywood. We can see it in films such as the upcoming Exodus where all the main characters are basically white actors playing Egyptians. So Brandon and I are starting a series of parody posters that "fixes" these kind of problems. The first edition is just in time for the release of latest Hunger Games movie.

You also buy this as a print on our Society6 page along with our comic "The Unarmed" as well.


Procreate x iPad

Yesterday I put up sketches from working in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad. Today someone suggested I check out the Procreate app. It's a bit pricier than Sketchbook Pro but man, it's worth it.


Sketchbook Pro x iPad

I recently got back into working in the Sketchbook Pro app on my iPad. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Also check out the new SpeedComic down below that shows off the process of one of the sketches.



Here's are some "pencils vs. finals" pages from "KOBK", the graphic novel I illustrated with C.J. Johnson last year. I'm still pretty proud of all this. I'm shocked I was able to really pull this off for C.J.


The Revolutionary Times - No. 175 x No. 176

We're finally getting around to introducing the cupcake specialists behind the Cakes & Cons food truck. But something more sinister is behind that frosting...


The Revolutionary Times - No. 147

I haven't been posting many of the RT comics on here because we've gotten so many hits on our Tumblr and the main page. It's been incredible finally being able to reach out to a new audience this past month or so and I'm glad people are getting a chance to enjoy the comics. This is a quasi-sequel to our comic that was inspired by the unfortunate Mike Brown shooting, which is regards to the news of another shooting that happened in St. Louis this week.



My contributions to Inktober so far. The first two were my first attempts at using actual ink for the longest (I think since college).


James Gardin - "Gold" (Prod. by KuroiOto)

The story behind "Gold" is a rich one. My brother in BLAT! Pack James Gardin has been steadily working towards his album The Living Daylights. One of the stand outs that came from those sessions is "Gold," an KuroiOto produced ode to the inspiration and beauty of women of all kinds. Today marks the day it finally makes it official debut and I helped designed the cover art for the single, a different kind of method than I'm normally used to doing yet keeping the simple aesthetic I love. 

Listen/Download James Gardin's "Gold" below!


Old School Smack/New School Smack

I do this thing where I sometimes browse my old DeviantArt page and be amazed at how far I come. I always wanted to take some of the stuff I did in high school and see just how much my style and technique as progressed but never got a chance to do it. But since I had some time on my hands I finally decided to redo some pieces.

Grantland: "How To Raise Your Zombie Baby"

This just dropped over on Grantland and let's all thank the show Z-Nation (and Walt's Dad for his sacrifice) for this article. I did the illustrations, Shea did the words. Go check it out.


RED: Warmth Vol. Two - OUT NOW!

Finally, the second half of WARMTH, the companion e-book series to the RED Series is out now! 36 pages full of illustrations dedicated to not only the beauty of women but the embracing of all things warmth - whether it's hoodies and sweaters to keep warm or sundresses and swimsuits to be out in the warm. So what better way to celebrate the last leg of summer than to cop this? 

BUY - RED Warmth Vol. Two ($8.99) 
CHAPTER ONE: Physical (Amazon) | Digital ($10)
WARMTH Vol. 1 - Digital ($8.99)



The Revolutionary Times - No. 168

It's hard for a guy to even safely get milks these days. Thanks a lot, racism!

Rest in peace to Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Ezell Ford, and the countless other lives we all know have been taken away from this world because of prejudice.