Rosario Dawson

Obligatory Rosario Dawson Appreciation Post. Because Rosario Dawson is just a wonderful person.


The Husel - Husel Music (Album Art)

Along with The Pre-Up cover I did for him, I was also on tabs to do the artwork for Musiq Soulchild's debut album as The Husel aptly called Husel Music. You can get the album now on iTunes.

This was the initial sketch up of the cover, which called for the character of The Husel to be standing on the corner of busy street at night with the Atlanta skyline in the background along with the first incarnation of the cover before it transformed into the final product.



The Husel - The Pre-Up EP

So recently I've linked up with Musiq Soulchild to provide the artwork for a few of his new side ventures and one of them involves his foray into hip-hop as The Husel. Recently he released his first EP as The Husel and I provided the art duties for it. It's a precursor to his album Husel Music, which I also did the art for as well. You can purchase the EP on iTunes right now!


The Husel

I've been holding this secret down, but since he released the first image of it last night I can spill the beans. I've been working with R&B artist Musiq Soulchild on his "The Husel" side project. It's a couple of things in the works so stay tuned.


Matt Murdock, Avocado At Law

It's safe to say that A) I'm loving the show and B) Matt Murdock is the latest inductee to the Durag Dynasty Hall Of Fame.


A "Revenge Of Black Jesus" Easter

Happy Easter. Or as I call it, Happy “the day that I convince myself that I’m gonna make that Black Jesus vs. Easter Bunny graphic novel idea one of these days” Day


Album Design: James Gardin & KuroiOto - Living Daylights

My brother in the collective BLAT! Pack James Gardin has been working on his album Living Daylights for years but this year is when it finally gets brought into the light. And I was tasked in designing the artwork for the album. It initially reflects the theme of the whole album that is wonderfully crafted on the sounds of KuroiOto. You can buy the album on iTunes right now and stream the album below! 


Warm-Up Sketch: Suplex City

I'm still buzzing from Wrestlemania last night so it's only right I sketched up the mayor of Suplex City, Brock Lesnar.


The Revolutionary Times - No. 192 x 193

Trying to unsuccessfully solve racism with obscure movie references since... last week.


RED: Chapter Two - Vanessa Veasley

Much love and props to the beautiful and "blerd"-tastic Vanessa Veasley for helping out with some of the art for the upcoming second book in the RED series "Love + Lust."

Yes, I'm still working on finishing everything and setting up a Kickstarter to help out with some of the cost of the publishing everything. I have a lot of things I want to do this time so be patient with me on this one. We'll get through this one together, I promise haha. In the meantime keep on the look out for more previews of the book to pop up here and there in the coming months, and don't forget to get the previous books in the series as well.


Dormtainment: Black Hairlines

I got the chance to do some work with the hilarious guys over at Dormtainment for the latest of their Black National Geographic series, this time detailing the importance of "black hairlines." Shout out to Tay for bringing me on board and being able to help out. Technically my art is being shown on Comedy Central's Youtube so that's also just as big to me! Check out the art work I did for the short below. 


We Draw

There's an awesome art community on the Vine app called "We Draw" that has artists posting art every week based on a picked topic. I usually try to participate when I can (or when I'm not overworked) but there are some really great artists I've been introduced to like Heather Mahler, Mark Pingriff, and a slew of others. If you have time just go through their timeline. It's a great experience. Here are some of the sketches I've done for We Draw over the months.