Detroit Cousin - Change

Illustration I did for an upcoming shirt from the clothing brand Detroit Cousin that’s dropping in June.


The People's Champ

To say The Rock was just my favorite wrestler would be an understatement lol. There was a point in young Sean’s life where this guy was damn near a role model. So happy birthday to the People’s Champ, my inspiration to being fit enough so that I too can have cheat meals with twenty stacks of pancakes.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 217



April Birthdays

My birthday was yesterday but there's a couple of other dope people who's birthdays were today and today as well, such as John Cena, Vashtie, and Vanessa Veasley. 

Done in Procreate


The Revolutionary Times - There Can Only Be One

Yesterday we lost a legend we thought we would never lose. Hell, Sean had a theory that Prince was a Highlander (“Was there any sign of lightening near Paisley Studios? No? Then he’s not gone, dammit!”).

But as we celebrate the legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson, the group has decided on one thing: That there can only be ONE Purple Rain. (“See? Highlander!”)

So if you don’t hear from Future Vandross for a while, no worries. He’ll be well taken cared of. We just gotta keep him out of sight for a couple of months and then he can go back to dirtying ya’ll Sprites.


The Purple One

It's a lot more than doves crying today, man. 


Panther God

In celebration of the new Black Panther series from Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze debuting today, I decided to give this water brush I just bought a try. Taken into Photoshop and spruced up.


Inward Bound

I got the chance to do artwork for my friend Anna Lisa's awesome comic "Inward Bound," which if you haven't checked out you should do yourself a favor and do so immediately. And also here's a SpeedComic I put together for it as well. 


The King Of Strong Style

Because it's Wrestlemania night. And because I'm still buzzed from Shinsuke Nakamura's debut at NXT Takeover: Dallas. 


Musiq Soulchild - "I Do"

Aside from working with him on "alter ego" projects (The Husel, Purple Wondaluv) and another top secret project, I got the chance to do illustrations for Musiq Soulchild's new single "I Do" from his upcoming album Life On Earth. The direction of the lyric video, directed by Musiq and animated by Slick Lo, was to show Musiq and his girl going through couples counseling to reflect the lyrics of the song. Also here are some of the comic pages I illustrated for Slick to animate. 

And as a bonus a look at one of the "logo badges" I also designed for Musiq, his company (Soul Star Music) and his alter egos.