Black Angus

Recently I was tasked by the good people at Green Bench Comedy to do the art for the new web series Black Angus, a tale about bum dude who gets superpowers through tainted Sloppy Joes. The illustration I was tasked to do range from Black Angus saving the day to him hanging out people like Drake or Miley Cyrus.


RED: Chapter Two - ON SALE NOW!

After about two years of work, the second book in the RED series, titled “Chapter Two (Love + Lust)”, is finally out! The book continues the tradition of its predecessor with its vibrant illustrations of beautiful women who helped inspired art including L. Shima and Vanessa Veasley and also by the amazing photography of Andres Latorre, Bree Gant, and Darius Baber all the while celebrating the ideas of love, lust, and the color RED.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported and helped with the RED series since I started it back in 2013. I couldn’t imagine it going this far and who knows where it’ll go if this book catches wind of some success. Now go get yourself a copy!

RED: CHAPTER TWO (LOVE + LUST): Physical (Amazon) - $25.99 | Digital - $10

Along with Chapter Two, the physical version of the mini-book companion "Warmth" is also finally on sale!

RED: WARMTH: Physical (Amazon) - $15.99 | Digital - Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 - $8.99


M.E.C.C.A CON - Sept. 19th!

If you’re anywhere near Detroit on Sept. 19th and you’re looking for a convention for comic creators of color then definitely stop by M.E.C.C.A Con this year at the Detroit Public Library. I’ll finally have a booth set up out there and will be slanging art prints, doing sketches, and might even have some copies of RED: Chapter Two on deck as well. Much props to the awesome Maia “CROWN” Williams for putting this event on and letting me be a part of it.


Ro Spit - "What You Want," "Right Here"

I got the chance to work with Michigan emcee Ro Spit on his latest album The IV Life. For the album he wanted artist to illustrate their own rendition for every song and I was tasked with handling two of them - "Right Here" and "What You Want." For these, inspirations came from a mixture of things like the movie Paid In Full and the classic Maxell "Blown Alway Guy" advertisement from the 1980's.

The IV Life is out now and you can also stream it on Spotify as well:


RED: Chapter Two (Promo #2)

A week from today, Chapter Two (Love + Lust) is finally dropping (along with the physical version of Warmth) on Amazon! But in the mean time you can still preorder both books and received a personal package from me that includes a "thank you" sketch and maybe something a little extra as well.

PRE-ORDER: Chapter Two (Love + Lust) - Physical ($25 + shipping) | Digital ($10)

The Revolutionary Times - No. 202

Nothing says “my hero” like army jackets and making meninists remember Mad Max: Fury Road.


Sean Price

Hip-hop lost an underground great today. Rest in peace to the gawd Sean Price.


Logo Design - Covencrüe

I was tasked to design a logo for the new brand of my friend Milan Holmes, a budding make-up artist and Beauty Director from Flint, MI. For the look of the logo, she wanted it to invoke a gothic feel to. I've also done a previous logo for her SilentFoxBomb Studios brand, so I also incorporated elements of a fox tail in the design as well.

It started off with a few type treatments and using the "fox-like" colors until we decided to with a simple black and white treatment.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 201


Complex - Marvin vs. Blake

Illustration and "guide" I was tasked to put together for a collaboration between Complex and Nike focusing on the new Jordan Super.Fly 4s.



The Revolutionary Times - No. 200

200 comics is a helluva milestone for Brandon and I. 200 times have we sat down and come up with some interesting idea to put down in tiny panels. 200 times have we tried, fell, and got back up again all in the name of a project we still believe in to this day. Or 200 times have I tried to slip in a Master P reference in a comic to  no avail.

Here's hoping for 200 more and even bigger platforms for the future.


Train Freeman - Boarding Pass III: Train 2 Freedom

After a years worth of work, Train Freeman’s Boarding Pass III is finally out! Presenting what Train calls his “audio album,” I helped with the artwork for the album and it even features my BLAT! bro James Gardin as well!

Download the album on Bandcamp now!


RED: Chapter Two + Warmth Drops On August 20th!

After a year or two of work, I’m finally releasing the second book in the RED series Chapter Two (Love + Lust) on August 20th. Not only that but I will also be releasing the physical version of the companion book Warmth as well.

On the 20th, the books will officially be released for sale on Amazon but you can pre-order personal shipping from me that will include the book and a personal “Thank You” sketch in every package. Prints from the book will also be put on sale at a later date as well. Thank you to everyone for the support on the RED series this past few years and hopefully we can do it again in the future.

Special shout out to awesome Falon for being her beautifulness to commercial and to my bro JP for helping shoot the commercial (on an iPad of all things). That’s his wolf mural in the background by the way. And of course to fellow Saginaw homie OJ The King for letting me use his song “Night Cap” for the commercial. You can cop it on iTunes here.

PRE-ORDER: Chapter Two (Love + Lust) - Physical ($25 + shipping) | Physical ($25 + International Shipping)

PRE-ORDER: RED Bundle - Chapter Two + Warmth - Physical ($40 + shipping) | Physical ($40 + International Shipping)

For all other things RED head over to the book's Tumblr page! 

UPDATE: You can also now purchase the books via Gumroad


LOST FILES - Magnate Criminal EP

Here's some artwork I was commissioned to design for a guy by the name of MC The Rapper back in 2012. The cover was inspired by Pam Grier and old 90's vibes. I'm not sure if he ever put the album out but since it's 2015 now I figured it's safe to finally put up on here.