Saginaw NAACP - Freedom Fund Gala

Flyer I recently designed for the annual Freedom Fund Gala that's run by the Saginaw, MI branch of the NAACP that will be happening later next month. 


Elliot's Demons

Of course inspired by Mr. Robot. I had this sitting in my Procreate files for a minute. I had it sketched out before the new season aired so I decided to finally try to get out of my depression funk and work on it.

Done in Procreate. Finished in Photoshop.

You can buy the print on Society6 as well as cop it as a phone case.

Event: BLAT! Pack Night Out

Coming later in August, there will be a two-night event presented by the Michigan collective the BLAT! Pack that celebrates both the rest of summer and the release of the concert documentary along with a concert the next night. So if you're in August around that time definitely come out to Robin Theatre and enjoy yourselves.


Logo Design - Jordyn Anese

Logo design I recently finished for Jordyn Anese and her rebranding of her previous That's My Jam 90 brand. 


Logo Design - Red Room Studios

 Recently I was asked to design the logo for a new recording studio in Detroit that's officially opening up. The wanted concept was something illustrative but still simple and clean. After a few sketches (which I've included below) I went with something with an isometric feel to it. 


Space Cowboy

"Nice tune. Real easy..." 

Cowboy Bebop tribute done for this week's tag on WeDraw on Vine. Done with Procreate.


Jahshua Smith - Zero Gravity

The brother Jahshua Smith finally premiered the first single off of his sophomore album The Fourth Wall. Produced by StewRAT and with assistance from crooner PhourTheLove, “Zero Gravity” sets the tone (and the stage) for the album. I’ve been given the task of acting as an art director for the album so this is one of many joints that you’ll see illustrated by me. And also here’s the SpeedComics video for it as well.


RED: Computer Love (New Mini Companion Book) + INFO/SUBMISSIONS

“Could it be your face I see on my computer screen…”

Originally I wanted to do the next installment of RED as a traditionally painted concept using watercolor techniques. But then I was introduced to the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. So THAT idea will have to be saved for a Chapter Three down the road. But since I’ve been using Procreate with the new gear I wanted to see how far I could push its abilities. So I thought putting together a new mini-book would be something dope to do almost entirely using Procreate. 

And that’s where COMPUTER LOVE comes in. Today our lives are so intwined with technology and love and lust is of course no exception (”Sigh, it goes down in the DMs”). So why not make art inspired by the technology we’ve embraced?
  • All body types are welcomed.
  • Of course you need to be 18+ 
  • Pose however you’re most comfortable in. Submissions don’t need to be fully nude, just as long as the form of the body is shown. 
  • ​Props and backgrounds can also be utilized (especially if it goes with the theme of the certain book). The theme for COMPUTER LOVE is technology, which could include phones, computers, webcams, etc.  Be as creative as you want.
  • Illustrations will be anonymous unless you say otherwise. This includes any features like tattoos, etc.
  • If the pictures are taken professionally, please include the name of the photographer (if it is not done by yourself).  
So if you’re interested in submitting you can do so through the Tumblr or through the RED submission email as well. 


Journal Comics: American Air-NOPE

This week I had the opportunity to fly back out to Atlanta to work with Musiq on this project that we're starting. Unfortunately on the way back my flight to Chicago for my connecting one back to Michigan got delayed and I had to do my best Tom Hanks impersonation in Chicago O'Hare all night. It was an enriching experience. I gained many friends. It was like a depressed version of summer camp with a 24-hour McDonalds.  



Soul Sisters

Commissioned I illustrated as a gift for someone's fiancee and her family. I was given pictures of everyone, from her friends, family, to locations to reference from to put together into one big piece. Here are a few progress sketches below as well.