Ever since I saw it on opening night, I’ve been itching to draw the main characters from the movie DOPE for a while now so last night I turned on the soundtrack and finally cooked up something. And here’s SpeedComic I cooked up for it as well. If you haven’t seen DOPE yet I suggest you go do that immediately.

SMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 36 - DOPE from Sean A. Mack on Vimeo.


Infographic: Most Notorious Hackers

Thanks to Shea, I hooked up the infographic for this article on Complex detailing the most notorious hackers in the country.

I also learned that "Hackers" isn't just an obscure Angelina Jolie movie that I loved watching.


Album Artwork: Purple Wondaluv

Musiq Soulchild just released his second album under his “I AM A GROUP” experiment, this time under the soulful Sade/Bob Marley influenced moniker Purple Wondaluv. His joint, The Eternal Peace EP, just dropped on iTunes today. And I did the artwork and design behind the album as well. Go cop it!


Sketch: Kevin Owens

After years of being a wrestling fan, I went to my first WWE show out here in Saginaw. It was definitely a one of a kind experience that I'm glad I finally got the chance to see for myself. Although he wasn't in the night's lineup, I decided to do a sketch of the current NXT champion Kevin Owens, who's quickly making an impact for himself right now in WWE.



Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families of the terrorist attack that happened in the Emanuel AME church in Charleston.


SMACK! SpeedComics Vol. 35 - RED: Chapter Two

It's officially RED season again for me. Here's a new SMACK! SpeedComics showing the behind the scenes of one of the illustrations that will be the next chapter in the RED Book series - Chapter Two: Love + Lust, coming out in August.

The official release date will be announced the first week of July along with pre-orders for the book and the physical version of Warmth as well. Stay tuned! Also if you’re a Facebook person go like the RED FB fan page I just set up as well!

 SONG: BJ The Chicago Kid - “One In A Million (Tribute)”

 Artwork © Sean Anthony Mack


The Revolutionary Times - Blinded Love

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of comics. We're just getting things in order for the next couple of strips to commemorate our 200th comic. There's gonna be action. There's gonna be drama. Someone might even die and magically come back. THEN we'll truly become a part of the comic world. But no spoilers, of course. In the meantime though, you can take a guess on which one of us is back to binging Daredevil to prepare for coming events.


King Loser


Sometimes we have to wear a mask to hide the fact that life ain't doing so great.


Logo Design: Red Light Special Podcast

I teamed up with Shea Serrano to design the logo for Rob Markman and Kristin Coral's new R&B centric podcast called Red Light Special that went live today featuring its first guest Mack Wilds. Check it out!


Rosario Dawson

Obligatory Rosario Dawson Appreciation Post. Because Rosario Dawson is just a wonderful person.


The Husel - Husel Music (Album Art)

Along with The Pre-Up cover I did for him, I was also on tabs to do the artwork for Musiq Soulchild's debut album as The Husel aptly called Husel Music. You can get the album now on iTunes.

This was the initial sketch up of the cover, which called for the character of The Husel to be standing on the corner of busy street at night with the Atlanta skyline in the background along with the first incarnation of the cover before it transformed into the final product.



The Husel - The Pre-Up EP

So recently I've linked up with Musiq Soulchild to provide the artwork for a few of his new side ventures and one of them involves his foray into hip-hop as The Husel. Recently he released his first EP as The Husel and I provided the art duties for it. It's a precursor to his album Husel Music, which I also did the art for as well. You can purchase the EP on iTunes right now!