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New Sh!t Newsday - No. 90

In this edition of "BITS" Sebastian take "hostile takeover" back to simpler times...

In other news we were featured on the front page!

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 89

Our furry revolutionary correspondants finally find their way into the elusive Animal Club, but things aren't exactly what they seem to be.

The Revolutionary Times: Best. Webcomic. Ever...

Or at least that's the category we're nominated in.

It was just announced to Brandon and I that The Revolutionary Times was nominated in the Best Comic Strip/Webcomic and Rising Star categories in the 2011 Glyph Comic Awards! *excited manly joyous sound*

 The awards are being held in Philly this year at the East Coast Black Age Of Comics Convention. They focus on comics that are made by, for, or about people of color while honoring those who have made the greatest contributions to comics in terms of both critical and commercial impact.

This is big for us. There will more updates when we learn them. Hopefully come May there will be even greater news!

(via Comic Book Resources)

JYoung x OneBeLo x Mae Day x J.A.E. - Panthers

I posted the artwork up before but here's the official single from the homie JYoung The General's upcoming EP Black History Year: Installment Two that features fellow BLAT! Pack member J.A.E. with assist from OneBeLo and Mae Day.



Valentines Day F**k Yeah!

You know, whenever Valentine's Day came around I was that guy who sulked around, silently wishing tiny midgets would dropkick every happy couple I saw that day. Nope, not THIS year though. What's the point in it when there's so much happiness to bring? I'm taking the initiative. So that's why (Macbook woes and all), I present to you four Smack! Valentines cards to give to your significant other. May they bring nothing but long romantic nights of sweet nothings and smangage on your love voyage!

Kopelli - Caught My Eye

I've been a bit delayed in posting this up due to further Macbook woes, but since it's Valentines Day (-___-) this would be perfect..What you see in front of your computer screen is the artwork done for Kopelli (1/4 of Cold Men Young) and his single "Caught My Eye" featuring Akira and produced by The Olympicks. Perfect to get your "pervy sage" with your loved ones on this day full of chocolates and smangage!

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 88

In today's BITS, the Revolutionary team introduces a new segment that involves the proudest black superhero in the game. No, not Black Lightning.

Buffay - Need It

More crazy artwork done for Ann Arbor musician Buffay. This time for his song "Need It" Same deal as before, click on the pic for the NSFW version.

Commission Catch Up


Piece done for an upcoming show in East Lansing in celebration of Black History Month and the release of Respiration, a long awaited documentary on Lansing Hip-Hop including BLAT! Pack members JYoung The General, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, among just to name a few.

Dilla Day


New Sh!t Newsday - No. 87

The Revolutionary animal representatives finally meet face to face with their ticket into the underground fighting rings. And also found a new person to help them save some money in car insurance.