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The Revolutionary Times - No. 139

In order to get them ready for the CIA, the gang puts Brandon and Sean through a boot camp that would make P90X look like Fun World.

Masspike Miles - Say Hello To Forever

One of the projects I've been working for the past few months has been artwork for Maybach Music Group's R&B artist Masspike Miles. And today marks the release of that project - his album Say Hello To Forever. I was fortunate enough to design the artwork and also illustrate a six page comic that was written by Masspike.
I'm not the only one responsible for the artwork though. Proph Bundy was responsible for the cover of the album and helped with putting the digital booklet together as well. The album itself includes features from Raekwon, Fred The Godson, Wiz Khalifa, and others. So make sure to do yourself a favor and buy  the Deluxe Version, which includes the comic I drew and two bonus songs, on iTunes!


Twit-volutionary Ideas 005: Finale

Here is the last of The Revolutionary Times' sketch series in celebration of the release of Red Tails. Make sure you go to your local movie theater and show some support for the film! And expect more "Twit-volutionary Ideas" in the future. 

The Revolutionary Times - No. 138

As the wise Danny Ocean once said, "You lose focus in this game for one second, and your friend gets stuck watching Nicki Minaj's butt shake for two months."

Okay, maybe we're paraphrasing there.
Today as the protest to stop the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). People everywhere took to their Facebooks, Twitters, and Tumblrs and censored themselves to act of spreading the word. I decided to do the same... my own twisted Sean way.

...I regret nothing.


Twit-volutionary Ideas 003: Take That

The revolutionaries continue to walk the ghost of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr down the path and plight of the movie Red Tails.

JYoung The General - #TheMicCheck Chapter One: "The Meeting"

In the first installment of BLAT! Pack's JYoung The General new #TheMicCheck series, he unleashed a remastered track from his Black History Year Vol. 1 tape just right for today's celebration of MLK Jr. Day. "The Meeting" is the lyrical representation of the minds of Martin Luther King, Jr and Malcolm X meeting together with JYoung and fellow BLAT! Pack emcee P.H.I.L.T.H.Y respectively taking the roles.


The Revolutionary Times - No. 137

The revolutionaries bask in the start of the new year, but get some game changing news.

New Year. New Jobs. Same Ol' Shi--

All will be answered on Thursday. Stay tuned, revolutionaries...

Art Dump

Oh poor blog. I know, I know. I haven't been too kind to you. Blame your cousin Tumblr for its love for topless women and inspirational Wiz Khalifa and Drake quotes. But I'm back and I'm gonna be better to you I promise. I promise *calmly strokes Macbook screen* In fact, let's start this off right. I think it's time we dump some delayed artwork and some sneak peeks at future projects. And...GO!


(What would've been the poster for the last Art Of Hip-Hop if weren't unceremoniously cancelled)
(The starting designs for a character challenge I was supposed to be done with. I'll do the rest soon though) 
SKETCHES See, I didn't forget how to love you, art blog. Who loves ya, baby? This guy right here does.

*high fives Macbook*

...*has to go to Best Buy for breaking screen*