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xXMotherf**ker, Are You ADHD?Xx

...and the answer is simply too dark for the user.
....or rhetorical
...or simply "yes."

If there's quite a bit of requests for a model sheet to make one for yourself, I'll post it up on here. Who knows, if that happens there might be more, Revolutionary Times included! 'Kay, thanks. Good day to you! I say, good day!

xXThe Drop Bomb CrazeXx

Oh yeah, I forgot to do this before. But just like the first tank tops I designed for IV...

A new craze emerges. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

NOW I'm Ghost....finalsfinalsfinalsfinalsfinals Interview x New IV ReleasesXx

Longtime homie and resident hip-hop journalist Ketchum recently hit me up for an interview discussing a good range of topics from the comics strips, to my inspiration to the the Art of Noise series. Awesome, right? Go over to his blog and check it out.

Speaking of awesome, head over to the Identical Variant store and pre-order the new merchandise that's soon to be appearing on people's back. The two new joints, "I'm Dope" (collabo with Randall) and "Fresh 'til 3000" (Asher Roth inspired), designed by yours truly will be up for sale soon each for $25.

With that, I start my week of zero sleep. Gotta love finals, CCS style.
I'm Ghost...face

xXThe Return of the SmackXx

No. 32 - "She Wants To Move"

No. 33 - "The Return of the King"

Two brand new "Smack Chronicles" strips in the bag. I know I haven't done many of these because of "R. Times" but I had to do at least one or two more once in a while, you know?

I'm Ghost...face

xXAnd So It Begins AgainXx

I said that in some way or in some form that The Smack Chronicles would be back one way or another. That one way is about to happen...

I'm Ghost...face

xXPROJECT MAYHEM is UNLEASHEDXx is FINALLY launched. After all these months of grueling patience with Fireworks and Dreamweaver and professors, my very own Project Mayhem is completed and out there for y'all take a glance for it. If you love it, you love it. If you hate it, go kick rocks you hate it. But you can't say a dude ain't put his ass (pause) heart and soul into it....

Oh, and on a sidenote...

I had just recently signed up for and uploaded some work on there. Come to find out from a fellow artist that my Kid Cudi piece was featured on the front page of the site. That's wassup! And since Pharrell is involved with the site (or at least that's what he said during the N.E.R.D. concert), Pharrell just inadvertately gave my work his stamp of approval. Win.

Now I go back to writing papers and finishing up works for finals. NO SLEEP! NONE!
...oh....NEW "SMACK CHRONICLES" (sometime) this week. Promise. I'm coming back with it strong! Or at leas…

xXMcDonalds x Water x Family GuyXx

Hey! New "Revolutionary Times" strips!
No. 13 - "Now What?"

No. 14 - "The Granny Myspace Conundrum"

*falls out and finally sleeps*


xXPut That On My MaybachXx

Another addition to the "Hear What Your Eyes Can See" "The Art of Noise" collection that has been literally ITCHING me to get made. So I basically spent the entire day on this joint. Awesome Saturday, right? Expect some new Revolutionary Times joints tomorrow (hopefully).

I'm Ghost...face

xXBig Sean - UKNOWBIGSEAN (Mixtape)Xx

Damn, it's been a grip waiting for this to even come out...

But it did to coincide with the FREE.99 concert he just did with Mike Posner and N.E.R.D. over at Wayne State. I missed his and Posner's set, but was just in time for N.E.R.D, which was dope as well aside from a few bumps in the road (crowd surfin' gone wrong, tall ass giant behemoth cats in my way and keeping me away from my lovely company, etc, etc). Expect the return of Smack Chronicles (in chibi brand format) to talk about that in future posts. But anyways, without further adue, I present to you from one Sean by another Sean....

Download the tape over @

P.S: Shouts out to them for the inadvertant advertising for the my contribution to Sean's first tape. BWA HA HA HA HA! Let the money start rollin' in.

xXProject Mayhem AwaitsXx

Sorry about the lack of updates here. Last week I had to deal with a passing in my family...

R.I.P. Willie Maud Davis, or always known to me and countless others as "Nick."
You were a great-aunt to me but an amazing and caring grandmother to Jarvis and Keenan. You will forever be missed and cherished, but I already know you'll be looking down when Jarvis graduates in a couple weeks and for when I do in December (along with Grandmama and Puff barking up a storm, hopefully not pooping on clouds). I will always remember the times we had and especially the guidance you gave me when you were here for Thanksgiving. Thank you and I love you.

But now I'm back! Back like Jamie Foxx on the Foxxhole Radio (boy, I love that show)! Back like Hova in 2003! Back in MJ in the 23! Back in a BIG way!

How BIG? (pause)

THIS BIG! (pause)

The first rule of Project Mayhem? You don't talk about Project Mayhem
....until April 23rd that is.

And on the day after (April 24th) I highly suggest y'…

xXThe Somerset CollectionXx

Nah, no art on my part in this post. But since I'm WIDE AWAKE thanks to an energy shot I needed to drive back from Michigan State ALLLLL the way back to Detroit late at night I decided I should hit y'all up on some art I highly advise you to take a look at...
Like the Detroit Zoo competition earlier, Somerset Mall (located in Troy, MI) held a competition to the Illustration department at CCS to design a special collectors shopping bag. Personally I wanted to get in on this project bad but I got mixed up too much with the zoo project, internship searching, and working on new Revolutionary Times AND Smack (1/2) Chronicles strips (the new chibi-ized version that's coming soon. Hence the "1/2"). So I left that up to the rest of my fellow art fiends to handle and yeah, they made it happen in a big way. Y'all should really check out these designs because they're beyond dope. Here are a few that already posted theirs up on their respective blogs...
Rachael Olek htt…

xXComplete OverhaulXx

Something looks different around here. I can't quite put my finger on it.
...New music player? Yeah, now only if could keep working.
...Comics? Nah, not yet. This weekend there will be some though.
...Did you redesign this place?

...Nah, not at all. You're definitely seeing things. Go consult your local therapist.

I'm Ghost...face

Oh and....