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xXSo Fresh So CleanXx

Who's the meanest?
Who's the best?
Who just got the first copy of his book and it's the sexiest thing in the WORLD?

Yes. Yes it is.

EPIC Ghost...faceWIN!

xXReflection EternalXx

They've arrived! The Revolutionary Times "Inspiration" postcards just hit the homie Brandon's mailbox this week and we're on our way to distributing them to you, the people. It's the least we can do for the people of this country who are going through some hard times and whatnot. Anything we CAN do to brighten up someone's day from the darkness.

Stay tuned for a BUNCHA R. Times strips in an all new crisp design. Coming real soon.

Heh, now I have TWO packages I can't wait to receive (pause).

I'm Ghost...face

xXBrothers and Sisters, I Am An Atomic BombXx

The first stages of Project Mayhem are in effect, sir. All systems are soon to be go...

*If anybody has ever read The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way then you'll understand the font and title influence*

With that I'm Ghost...face

xXKid Cudi - Day N Nite x Day N Nite (Crookers Remix)Xx

Now I've been a fan of Kid Cudi for a while now. "Day N' Nite" was of course that song that introduced me to him. The Remix video has been out for a while now but the OFFICIAL video came out just yesterday. Both of them speak to my soul though. The Remix to my comedic-hey-look-at-them-girls-dancin soul and the Official to my artistic-out-of-wack one. I don't know why people keep comparing him to Drake though. Maybe it's cuz their light skinned....or because they can both spit and harmonize. Who knows. (BTW, go cop that So Far Gone mixtape)

xXA Fat Boy DreamXx

I...I...I just want this become a reality. That's all I'm saying. Just one book. Just ONE! Come on, Art Gods! If you can't get me Lauren London or Nikki Jean then let THIS actually happen!

That's all I gotta say. Let's just see how far this Waiting Game...uh...waits. I'm Ghost...face

xXKiss The Chef!Xx

Well I DID say it would be finished soon...

EDIT: Had to hit y'all up with the version in all its Illustrator vectorized glory because JUST in case it DOES find its way on some attire.


xX2nd Childhood x Ghostface x BRXx

So technically I'm not SUPPOSED to be doing this due to a pact that I would stay off the internet in order to further progression in both art, life, and love (you know, all the Facebooks and the Myspaces), but I can't leave now, the blog game needs me. It's a business, man! Randall should understand that. But I will admit I have been a HELL OF A LOT more productive since I taken this internet break. So productive that, hey, it's a new Revolutionary Times strip!

(click on the pic for better viewing)

Told you we were still stirring up something in the pot, slowly but surely. Brandon and I are also about to distribute what we like to call, "inspirational postcards" out to you, the people in hopes to keep your head up during such stressful times. Learn more about it at the R. Times blog!

xMetal Lungiesx

And as promised, here's the second tribute portrait for the Dilla/Ghostface Xperiment. Who's gonna be the next one? It's really in the air right now but s…

xXThis Is For My N****s And My Nymphos...X

Stay tuned for the Ghostface piece...

xXThe Artistic IntregrityXx

So apparently I.V.'s newest recruit Terrence is living the code of Kevin Liles and really "making it happen." He had a chance meeting with DC emcee Wale ("Nike Boots," A Mixtape About Nothing, "Rising Up" off of The Roots' Rising Down, etc) while he was doing a show in Tennessee and promptly let the dude know all about I.V. Word is he even rocked a "I Come In Piece" shirt during his show (pics soon to come). Now some of y'all already know I've grown to become a big fan of this cat's music so this is mad crazy to me. Shouts out to Wale for the support and to Terrence for stepping the damn game up. I feel like I gotta get Jay to rock a shirt now to even compete!

And remember, YOU TOO can cop your own I.V. shirts @

xXPEPSUBER! x New PlaylistXx

(Click here just in case the video doesn't show up *coughcoughfacebookcough*)
Wow. Sir Ketchum was right. I AM this guy. Well, the BLACK version of THIS guy.

I also updated the playlist upon its epic return. Here's as follows...
Buff1 - Big ThangsNERD - Anti MatterCraig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear RMX
Outkast - SouthernplayalisticadillacmuzikKid Cudi - Day N NiteSlum Village x J Dilla - Reunion
Fonzworth Bentley - Everybody (f. Kanye West, Andre 3000, Sa-Ra)
The Cool Kids - Delivery ManRoyce Da 5'9" - Shake ThatCommon - Punch Drunk Love (f. Kanye West, Pharrell)
Wale - Nike Boots RMX (f. Lil' Wayne)
Ghostface - Cherchez LaGhost (f. U-God)
Common - The 6th Sense
BlackStar - ReDefinition
Charles Hamilton - The North Pole (f. Max B)
Little Brother - The Yo-Yo (Nicolay Remix)
B.o.B. - I'll Be In The SkyScarface - Guess Who's Back (f. Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel)
...and the most important song of any generation...
Bobby Brown - On Our Own (off of the Ghostbusters II soundtrack)
Yeah. Yeah.…