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Merry DieHar--uh, Christmas

Christmas, a time of giving and love and family and all that jazz. A time where Sean locks himself in his room and watches all of the Die Hard films until the days end. A time where Brandon forces Sean out of his room so they can give the gifts they helped liberated with Santa to the neighborhood kids. This is time we should all cherish!

So from The Revolutionary Times family to your own, we wish you all a Merry DieHar--uh, a Merry Christmas!

The Revolutionary times - NO. 136

The guys go try to spread some holiday cheer to their new neighbors (well they're not new. They've been there for a while) and found out the true meaning of Christmas...

...don't have hater babies.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 135

We're still trying to find out a way to get Marvel to let us write a Black Panther side story. For some strange reason they keep blocking our calls...

The Revolutionary Times - No. 134

Even Jolly Saint Nicky believes in the 1% when it comes to the holidays. Plus the gift giving business is "colder than an elf on a sleigh."

BLAT! Pack Diddies - Amature EP x Chell

I'm kind of late with putting this up but here's the album artwork I did for BLAT! Pack's The Amature and recently released EP Your Friendly Neighborhood Amature. I haven't done the blending of illustration and photography in...well, forever so this was a good experiment for me. The photography was done by Victor Manuel as I handled the illustration and layout design for the cover.

<p><a href="">Your Friendly Neighborhood Amature EP by The Amature</a></p>


Speaking of all things BLAT!, I also designed the flyer for songstressChell and her upcoming show at Old Miami in Detroit that also features fellow BLAT! Packer Yellokake and Starr The Poet.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 133

The Revolutionaries find out the hard way how it's rather tough getting a job nowadays. Not even Lionel Richie can get you hired...