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BlackAndSexyTV x THAT GUY: The Movie

Recently I got tapped by the steadily popular online network BlackAndSexyTV to design the movie poster for their upcoming movie version of the show THAT GUY that's coming out this Christmas. Having been a fan of the series since it started I definitely felt honored to be able to be a part of such a moment, man. The idea for the poster was to recreate that Blaxplotation/Shaft-essque vibe that felt right at home especially with the main character of the series Judah. You can start pre-ordering the movie tomorrow!

And as always, here's the SpeedComics showing the behind-the-scenes process of everything.

Turkey Day

It’s been a rough start of the week but still - Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for the family and friends I have by my side. Because they don’t know it but they’ve saved my life more than once this year.

Black Lives Matter

Yes. All lives matter. Before you even let something about that leave your tongue. But in recent months, it seems like the value of a black person's life isn't seen in such high regards. Sometimes people just need a reminder that their live is of great value as well. Unfortunately it's something that doesn't seem to be shown by the public eye.

The Revolutionary Times x Hollyweird

White-washing has been a problem in Hollywood. We can see it in films such as the upcoming Exodus where all the main characters are basically white actors playing Egyptians. So Brandon and I are starting a series of parody posters that "fixes" these kind of problems. The first edition is just in time for the release of latest Hunger Games movie.

You also buy this as a print on our Society6 page along with our comic "The Unarmed" as well.

Procreate x iPad

Yesterday I put up sketches from working in Sketchbook Pro on my iPad. Today someone suggested I check out the Procreateapp. It's a bit pricier than Sketchbook Pro but man, it's worth it.

Sketchbook Pro x iPad

I recently got back into working in the Sketchbook Pro app on my iPad. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Also check out the new SpeedComic down below that shows off the process of one of the sketches.



Here's are some "pencils vs. finals" pages from "KOBK", the graphic novel I illustrated with C.J. Johnson last year. I'm still pretty proud of all this. I'm shocked I was able to really pull this off for C.J.