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Hiatus X Africentric Magazine

No partying. We're working on "Propaganda." Promise.

In the mean time, I forgot to mention this before but we got international last month. Well kind of. See, starting in January we will be the featured comic in the Canadian magazine Africentric. The run is starting with some older strips but we're still excited to see what comes out of this. We’re also in the #2 that came out the 16th as well. Much props to the brother Minister Faust for the opportunity to expand our brand.

So if you’re in the area head over to the website to find out how you grab your own copy. The second issue is out now! And for the non-Canadian I’ll make sure to put up the scans when we get the issues.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 142

Getting back to business, the Revolutionaries get interrupted by the arrival of reporter Jamal Arnez's new baby boy. Note to self: Flowers may cause broken limbs.

Tour De Badness

Here is a promotional comic I did for Tour De Badness, a fundraising event presented by Bevin Biggers and The Royal Badness down in Houston, Texas.

In order to raise cause for issues such as homeless, cancer awareness, abuse, creative arts, and others, people are welcomed to bike ride from Houston to Austin (which is just in time for SXSW).

For more info on volunteering for the event head to

A Revolutionary Valentines

Happy Corporate Induced Love Giving Sorry. Anyways, can’t think of anything to get for your Valentines? All the roses at the local grocery sold out with a vengeance? Red Lobster banned you because of last year? Well don’t fear people! We at The Revolutionary Times got your back! So here are three special Valentines that would warm any loved ones heart.

We think.
 For the revolutionary girlfriend...  For the sweet and caffeine deprived girlfriend... And for the babysitter you can't stop thinking about (and who filed a baby restraining against you)
So there you go, peoples! Now go out there and BE SOMEBODY!

If you get slapped it’s totally not our fault though. Sorry.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 141

We take a break away from the Revolutionaries' CIA training to show you the dangers of Tim Tebow.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 140

Still in the training stages, the Revolutionaries face the next step in their training - Matt Damon.