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And it all started with me in Senior Studio steadily working on my final project fumbling around AOL radio...

For those who have utilized the AOL radio stations, go to the Hip-Hop/Rap section, click on the "All B.I.G." station and just listen and examine what's wrong with that picture. Don't worry, I'll wait...

...Figure it out yet? I'll wait some more...

...alright, I can't wait anymore. It's censored. Censored? CENSORED? El censoro? Nah, you can censor Biggie. Listening to a blanked out B.I.G. song is like putting your ear to pavement during traffic, just can't do it.

So with that moment, I decided to partake this week as The One Week Biggie Experiment. Similar to fellow artist and cool I.V. kid Randall's earlier Diplomats-based journey, I will be listening to solely music featuring the brass lyrics of Christopher Wallace to see how it effects my personality, my moves, and my art. The stipulations are as stated:
  • Only music featuring B.I.G. can be listened to. That include all of his albums - released when he lived (Ready to Die, Life After Death) and his posthumous albums (Born Again, and yes even Duets: The Final Chapter).
  • No songs that only SAMPLE Biggie. (that especially means you Smitty)
  • This DOES include other artists' songs that Big was featured on (example: Jay's "Brooklyn Finest" or 112's "Only You" remix. Hell, even the joint he did with Michael Jackson!).
  • Guerrilla Black? F**k outta here.
So with that knowledge, I have gathered and collected as much B.I.G. music that one can fit into his tiny broken down iPod (I really need one of those Touch joints) and have set sail for this interesting experience. And don't worry, I won't come out of it with "Suicidal Thoughts" or go out and "Party and Bullshit" but I will come back probably able to recite a whole lot of tracks off of Ready to Die...

...geez, and I already have enough with finals this week. I always gotta make sh*t difficult heh.

Until then, as always I'm Big Poppa Ghost...face

*In celebration of this experiment, I've also tuned the musical score to an all B.I.G. frequency with a bit of the new Jay song mixed in. Hey, it's for the Notorious soundtrack so it KINDA counts, right?


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