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Illustration: Hidden Colors 2

Since the movie is currently on for sale on DVD, I figure it's time I could unleash the illustration I did for Tariq Nasheed's documentary Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin. It was used during a segment focusing on the medical myths behind people of color. The illustration I was assigned to portray displayed the myth that slave owners, believing if they placed their feet on a black child that it would cure any form of rheumatism.

I went to the premiere of the film here in Detroit earlier in the month and it was damn near a sold out show. Very good information and history all throughout the movie so if you're someone who's especially interested in the history of people of African descent then you should cop it. The documentary is on sale right along with the first movie.

Flyer Design: "Speak Up! Speak Out!"

Earlier this fall I had the opportunity to work with Tiffanny Goodman in designing the poster/flyer for her play "Speak Up! Speak Out!" inspired by her own story. The play debuted tonight to a full house at the Temple Theater and turned out great. It was great seeing the city come out to support something that has a positive message behind it. 

"KOBK" - On Sale Now!

After almost a year of work "KOBK", the graphic novel project written by C.J. Johnson and illustrated by yours truly, is finally on sale. You can purchase the eBook via PayPalKOBK is a graphic novel, narrated by DASHAWN, a young man who balances his luxurious lifestyle with his friends, relationships and family. The story follows him as he gives life lessons to his nephew, while hanging with his crew and making time for the women in his life. The themes of what’s ethical in business and relationships, what defines luxury, romance, community and self preservation in New York City are all prevalent as the story is told. Below is a preview page of Dashawn driving with his nephew Cedric, along with some character sketches and a new Smack! SpeedComic chronicling some of the behind the scene process:

Album Design: Cold Men Young - YSBAF (You Should Be A Fan)

So one of my first freelance gigs when I started getting deep into was the debut album of Detroit based group Cold Men Young. To this day it’s still one of my favorite commissions and very very dope album as well. Now two years later, the brothers Kopelli, Blaksmith, Mic Write, and Mic Phelps have formed back together like Voltron to drop their anticipated second LP YSBAF and they enlisted me once again to handle the art duties for it. Inspired by an old FANIA All-Stars albums cover, the cover comprises many of the topics that the guys tackle on the album with a landscape blessed from Doc Illingsworth, Jay Norm, NAMELESS, Apollo Brown and The Olympicks with assistance from Pierre Anthony and Rufio Jones. The whole project came together quite nicely and you can cop it for yourself now!

You Should Be A Fan by Cold Men Young

Single Artwork: Jahshua Smith - "Censored"

For the past few months I've been working deep within the BLAT! Cave working on artwork for several projects out of the camp. Earlier this fall P.H.I.L.T.H.Y's A Little Light For You dropped and later this year The Kick from Red Pill and Hir-O will make its debut. Also on the list is anticipated second LP from the homie Jahshua Smith. The Final Season is being prepped for release and I've been working on the art and design for the project. That includes the single covers as well, which brings us to the reason for this post.

The first official single for the album finally drops today. "Censored," the social scope helmed track with features from Cold Men Young's Mic Write and Rafael and laced by StewRat, starts off the first sounds of the album.

-CENSORED- feat. Mic Write (of Cold Men Young) and Rafael (prod. by StewRAT) by Jahshua Smith, Mic Write, Rafael

Album Design: Yung Dre Tha H.O.P.E. - Closer To My Dreams 2

Album design down for Saginaw-to-ATL emcee Yung Dre Tha H.O.P.E. and his newest project Closer To My Dreams 2. For the visuals he wanted something simple yet to the point to show his steps to getting closer to the dreams of his accomplishments. You can download the tape here or listen to the whole thing down below.

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by


After all the hard work that's been a year in the making, November 28th will be the release date of comic "KOBK," written by C.J. Johnson and illustrated by myself. More on the story itself along with previews and a new SpeedComic will be shown in the later weeks up to the release date. Stay tuned...

For Nana

Early Thursday morning of last week was the day I lost the light in my world. Where everything good I felt was even in this world was taken away from me inside the walls of Covenant hospital. At 3:30 AM on October 4th, I lost my Nana. And I've been in pain ever since.

Nana was more than a woman who babysat me. She was more than someone who picked me up from school everyday. She was, she WAS family. She was the grandmother that was close to home. And became even more important when I lost my grandparents on both my parents' side during high school. She was always there for me. Ever since I was 8 months old to even now. Hell, if she could've followed me to college she might have. She was there the first day when I moved into the dorms at CCS. And I always loved her for it. I don't even know if she knew how much I loved her for it. I wish I could've told her that.

The last time I talked to her was the Tuesday before she passed. I was dropping off my godbrot…

KOBK Pushed Back to November

Yeah let's all stare at Apple angrily, shall we?

KOBK drops in November. We'll see have previews coming up in the later weeks so stayed tuned.

Ian Grey - The Reevolution

After months of work, R&B artist Ian Grey finally release his long-awaited "project" The Reevolution. and I was tasked into designing the artwork for the cover.  The cover (and he as well) went through some incarnations (which you can see below) before this final illustration was picked for the release. So do yourself a favor and download the tape now! I already told him that "Paranoid" is still one of my favorites off it.

The Reevolution by Ian Grey

The first incarnation of the cover, which had him in a desolate version of New York City ala "I Am Legend" when he was also going by the name Imagine.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 158

After their brush with the inner workings of the ladies of People Of God Ministries, the guys attract the attention of their target.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 157

Apparently even God likes his cars and his women foreign as well.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 156

The Revolutionaries are finally put deep down the Holy Rabbit hole as they try their best to stay in disguise.

Smack! x SoFokised Apparel

I was tasked at designing the mascot for local Flint clothing line SoFokised Apparel. I've drawn lion mascots before so of course I wanted this to be designed as different as possibly while still giving off the "cool" vibe that the client wanted.


So, last night I finally submitted a piece for this year's Dirty Show (aptly titled 13.5). That last time I submitted to them the subject matter was, uh, rather new experience for me. So this go around I...still was not prepared. The show is in the last week of September and that's when I think I'll finally reveal the full uncensored thing. So for now, you'll be get the full "scrambled porn" treatment all the way.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 155

Unfortunately, in this case, there really was never just one...

The Revolutionary Times - No. 154

The guys get the dish on their first official CIA mission with high action figure casualty rate. This comic was also brought to you by Subway.

KOBK (Preview)

Here's some preview of the pencils from the upcoming "KOBK" graphic novel, written by C.J. Johnson and illustrated by yours truly. It's set to now come out in the fall.

The Revolutionary Times - CIA Mission #001

Agent Diggs finally puts the Revolutionaries on their first CIA mission: Infiltrating an protest sign loving and notorious Christian fundamentalist group who may have their hands on weapons of mass ignorance.

The mission starts this week!

P.H.I.L.T.H.Y - A Little Light For You EP

Two years after his last Love Songs For Losers & Ballads For Ballers EP dropped, BLAT! Pack's P.H.I.L.T.H.Y comes back with a brand new EP to shine a little light for the people. Entirely produced by fellow BLAT! producer KuroiOto, this serves a precursor for P.H.I.L.T.H.Y's album The Living Daylights. I was honored to have the task of providing the artwork for the EP. BLAT!

DOWNLOAD: P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. x KuroiOto - A Little Light For You EP

Cold Men Young - "Fire" (Single)

After dropping "Time Bomb" some time back, the brothers of Cold Men Young commissioned me once again to design the cover for their newest single that's setting off the train to their sophomore album YSBAF (You Should Be A Fan).

<p><p><p><a href="">FIRE by Cold Men Young</a></p></p></p>
DOWNLOAD: Cold Men Young - "Fire" (Prod. By Jay Norm)

The Revolutionary Times - No. 153

To escape from the evil of Diggs, the guys take a break at the CIA water cooler. Unfortunately they also make a new friend...

The Revolutionary Times - No. 152

After Cabin Fever makes him go crazy, Sebastian finally gets paws laid on him.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 151

A man's virtue on peace and love can only take so many French Montana references until he finally cracks.

T.R.A.I.N. - Final Call

Here is the album artwork I designed for Detroit emcee T.R.A.I.N.'s Final Call, the pre-cursor to the third installment of his Boarding Pass series. The artwork pays homage to the poster for Forrest Gump along with references to Jaws and Back To The Future (the original inspiration for his BP series).

The tape is available today (which so happens to be his birthday as well) so make sure to cop it and support!
<p><a href="" data-mce-href="">Final Call by T.R.A.I.N</a></p>

C-Po - M.O.T.Y (Album Design)

Here is the artwork I designed for  musician C-Po's latest tape M.O.T.Y (Mixtape Of The Year). The tape is available now through! Also check out one of the unused art that was developed for the album as well in its different stages.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 150

Former Agent Diggs tries to reason with the head of the CIA. Unfortunately The Director only cares about two things: Progress and 1950s advertising strategies.

Jahshua Smith - The Nap

Here is the cover artwork for the newest single "The Nap" from BLAT! Pack emcee Jahshua Smith (formerly known as JYoung The General). Released in conjunction with the news of his newest tour dates with the Vans Warped Tour, "The Nap" tells the tale of women who sleep on men and their dreams. For the cover I was inspired by the work of Oily Moss and wanted to have that same vibe. The same vibe will be seen in the artwork for Jahshua's upcoming Final Season LP coming later this year.  

The Rebirth - Art Of Hip Hop '12

This Saturday marks the return of the Art Of Hip-Hop, the monthly hip-hop concert series brought to the city of Flint by Identical Variant Clothing Co. and As always the event will be held at the Greater Flint Arts Council, hosted by Morale Music's Johnny Knott with DJ C-Nice on the turntables, and will feature performances from Anthony Stoner, Bamstarr, Nug, Taztro, Q-High, and B!Z.   Also I'll be selling art prints for $10 each at the event. Along with the prints, the first few people who buy one will get this IV Mascot head with the purchase. So if you're in the area make sure to come out and support!


The first preview of the "KOBK (Kill Or Be Killed)," a graphic novel written by C.J. Johnson and illustrated by myself that is due to come out later this summer. The plot details and specifics are being kept secret for now but stay tuned for more details to come. Also become a follower on the Tumblr page for the comic as well.

The Revolutionary Times - No. 149

The Revolutionaries' first day as CIA interns could definitely use some helmets. faces are eaten off.

Smack! x ArtServe x Creative Impact Michigan Article

A couple weeks back I was given the great opportunity to talk about the progress of my artwork, The Revolutionary Times, and other subjects with Creative Impact Michigan, the ezine of ArtServe. ArtServe has focused on the creative and artistic side of Michigan for years and it was a honor that they'd even think of me. I'm always surprised and humbled when people even WANT to interview me, especially since I don't talk.

...and because I'm Batman.

Either way, check out the interview. Much appreciation to Mark Boyd and Simón Perazza for the chance to share my works!