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New Sh!t Newsday - No. 93

Our animal undercovers find out that their mission just bit more out of the banana than they originally had planned…

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 92

Yep, after a week off we’re back to BITS business. But Sean might watched a bit TOO much of The Lost Boys while he was stuck in the hospital…

IV x The Art Of Hip-Hop Mural

Last Saturday Identical Variant held its first in what would hopefully be a series of hip-hop showcase, The Art Of Hip-Hop. The show went dope. It featured artists suc as Morale Music's Domino, Swinn, Fellow of Eagle Ave., Nug, B!Z and others.

The actual FIRST incarnation of this show came in the form of "Hip-Hop: The Lost Art," a similar show that was held at Randall (one of the IV owners) and I's campus, College For Creative Studies. At that show, I did live art while the artist performed their sets so you actually GOT art and hip-hop in the same spectrum. . So it was my bright idea to do it again.

Except yesterday's event wasn't just college students. Apparently it was the whole city of Flint. When you say one can sweat bullets under pressure, I'll tell you that my cap was filled with military grade tank bullets. But overall, it worked out. People loved what I was doing and I ran out of business cards (hopefully that's a good thing).

Currently, …


The second piece of art I've done for rapper Neako (the first being the cover to his single "LOUDERPack"). This was actually done before the cover but Neako just released it on his blog earlier today. Expect to see more work between me and him in the future.

BONUS: Neako - Flesh (f. Wiz Khalifa)

Non-Stop Bangin' Like A Dilla Instrumental

Obviously I didn't let my hospital stop me from making up some finished artwork for my peoples. So, with an IV stuck in my arm and my Wacom by my side, I managed to cook up a little something during my stay. In order words, I Dilla'd the situation to the best of my abilities. Why "Dilla'd"? Because even while he was facing death's door, J Dilla still managed to craft amazing music in his hospital room.
This Saturday, IV is teaming up with to bring you the first in what hopes to be a series of hip-hop showcases. The line-up is still a mystery to the outside world but expect the venue to be banging full of great music and creativity. The location is at the Greater Flint Arts Council and all it takes is $5 to get in. And who knows, if I feel well enough I might try to pull off some live art again.
Red Pill X JYoung The General - AFT (Austin F**king Texas) (Prod. By Hir-O) In celebration of their impending destination to SXSW, BLAT! Pack members Red Pill

Smack vs. The Hospital

You want my advice? Never step foot in a hospital. Stay as healthy as possible, kids. Eat nothing but grapes and drink only the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

New Sh!t Newsday - No. 91

Sorry for the delay on comics, folks. Thankfully we’re planning on dipping Sean in the waters of Lake Minnetonka in hopes its healing powers will bring him back to 100%