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xXViva La ProjectsXx

First and foremost, the original playlist finally makes its triumphant return. With a few tweaks and the added REMIX of "Nike Boots" (meh, why not appease the Weezy fanatics?). But I'm in love with the Dilla/Ghostface one so it might make a return one day...

As I've said before I've been getting a lot of projects on my table and it's been a great oppurtunity to work on all of them. So here's two that I JUST finished up not too long ago. The first being a pair of character design done for fellow CCSer Joseph Altman for a story he's currently in the process of working on...

And the next project serving as the album cover for the street single "Black Nationalists" by Detroit-bred but Lansing based emcee JYoung the General featuring the equally dope P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. I've met both JYoung and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y over the summer orignally through the homie Ketchum (who always serves as his manager at the moment), and participated in the goblinesque antic…

xXEverything is going according to plan, sir...Xx

"...Project Mayhem is almost underway."


*PS: SonofaB!TCH it's cold as a mug outside AND it started snowing again. I hate you, Detroit. I'm moving to Miami.

xXU.B.G. (Unauthorized Biography of Ghostface)Xx

A couple days ago, Rachael asked me what was the meaning behind me always adding "Ghost...face" to the end of almost every one of my post. See how perfect this ties in with my second 1Week experimentthe new 2Week Experiment? See, that answer could've gone two ways: One bringing my strange interest in all of the Scream movies (hey, it's a guilty pleasure), and the other going toward the hip-hop realm. But since a killer basing his M.O. off of horror flicks isn't really life changing, that title simply belongs to veteran Wu-Tang member Dennis Cole...
...aka Tony Starks
...aka Ghost Deini
...aka Ironman
....aka Pretty Tony
....but better known as Ghostface Killah.

Ghost's fourth solo album The Pretty Tony Album was one of the first albums I bought in high school (along with Jay's The Blueprint and Kweli's Quality) when I first started really getting into hip-hop. Nah, you WOULD think I would have gotten Bulletproof Wallets before but naaah, I had to get out o…

xXSmack's To Do List x 1Week Experiment v. 2Xx

So I'm back in Detroit, which means I'm back to being sick for some strange reason. It's all very funny to me. Back in the wack ass hometown I was healthier than Adrian Monk in a germ-free clean room, but once I step foot back into my apartment it's Outbreak all over again. Ah well, gotta get up, get out and get something either way...

xXSmack's To Do ListXx
- Finish up the following projects: JYoung the General's "Black Nationalist" single cover; TrendSettaz flyer; Character designs for Joseph Altman; Burn Rubber piece
- Start work on the following projects: Finally Famous logo; Character designs for secret (yet very cool) movie proposal (not mine, somebody else's); Flyer for Talitha's snack business; Revolutionary Times "Alternate Lives" strip AND new character designs
- Get healthy as a mug
- Get back to being reaquainted with the Park Shelton's gym.
- Buy domain name for Image Making III class ( is coming back!)

xXStank In '08, Fresh For '09Xx

Yeah, I know I haven't updated this thing for a while. This winter break has been a weird yet busy one, from being snowed in more than once, to Flint, to chilling in the mall after hours like my name was Brodie Bruce (the movie Mallrats for those non-nerds). Plus I've been steadily getting stacked with some freelance work (I'll get to that on a later post) so I've been pretty busy in my makeshift studio back home trying NOT to be distracted by this beautiful Xbox 360. (I love it...I love it so so much)

...AHEM, sorry.

Anyways, lately I've seen people culminating with end of the year blogs with their best choices in certain categories so I thought, hell, why not have a go at it too. So I present to you (insert drumroll)...

xXSmack's 2008 AddictionsXx
(well NOT addictions.'s get on it with list)


- The Dark Knight
Is there even any question why this would be picked as my favorite movie of the year? You know before I thought …