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xXNever Can Say GoodbyeXx

xXSmack Chronicles No. 40 - "Thriller Begins"Xx

In the words of James, owner of DSE@Grand, "There are things you expect in this world. You expect the sun to rise and fall. And you expect Michael Jackson to be here." That's what I expected. Dude was a legend who brought us timeless music, despite all the media bullshit he had to deal with. To hear that he's no longer among us is just...weird. I remember how I was feeling when I heard he was in the hospital, watching CNN waiting to hear what was going on. And when they said he had passed, I didn't even know how to feel.

I didn't know this man personally but his music was one of the highlights of my childhood. Brandon (co-creator of "The Revolutionary Times") were just talking about how we used to jam to his album back in the day. "Thriller" and "Rock With You" will forever stay one of my all time favorite songs along with a slew of others. To say the man will be missed is t…

xXUnkommon Kolor - MJ Tribute TeesXx

Come on, we ALL knew there were gonna be a gazillion Michael R.I.P. shirts just haphazardly put together, but the folks over at Unkommon Kolor are proving us wrong with this dope ass tribute shirt that I will definitely be copping very soon.

We here at Unkommon Kolor salute those that are bold enough to blaze a new trail and create a lane for themselves. Its kinda the premise of our whole company. There has perhaps never been a star brighter or trailblazer more influential than Michael Jackson. While MJ's style was certainly his own, sequined bellhop jacket or not, you must admit MJ was a trendsetter. He had us mimicking his dance moves in the mirror wishing we had a "glitter glove". Michael Jackson not only revolutionized popular music, he reinvented the music video and what it truly meant to be an "artist". Michael's music touched us all and his legacy will forever live on. Wear your Unkommon Kolor King of Pop Tribute T proudly and know that if Mike had on…

xXShowin' Love: Lauryn x Brandi KayXx

While I wait for my "Smack Chronicles" edition of SpeedComics to load up (the Michael Jackson tribute that I will post as soon it's done), I thought I'd show some love to two lovely ladies who are starting to get their "internetz" presence on...

xXThe Real Sidney ShawXx

Lauryn Scott, or "Sidney Shaw" as she loves to be called (based off of Sanaa Lathan's character from Brown Sugar), is currently an intern at Sony music (AND now BET) who's been in Cali at the start of the summer and really starting to do big things. And to put all these big things poppin' on paper, she (finally) started her own blog. So head over there and check it out. She has a great first post detailing her time spent at this year's BET Awards show. Oh, and that banner design seems awfully familiar...


Brandi Keeler is one of the most talented and strong minded artists I've met while attending CCS and she has a body of work that displays the gift…


Here just a taste of what I'm doing for a current freelance job for an up and coming urban based website. You'll get the full previews (also the other designs) whenever I get the permissions.

I'm Ghost...face

xXRT - Respect My Gangsta x The Youth Need GuidanceXx

Two NEW "Revolutionary Times" strips, signed, sealed, and delivered!

No. 16 - "Respect My Gangsta"

No. 17 - "The Youth Need Guidance"

And with that, I'm Ghost...face

xXSpeed RacerXx

So I've always wanted to do my own speed painting video after seeing so many others do it (shouts out to Blue of Unkommon Kolor and Billy Nunez aka Biz20!). I finally buckled down, got a program to screen capture, and decided to do a speed comic. So far I've only done these two but don't be too surprised if you see more of these in the future.

Mixed together all in Windows Movie Maker (Adobe Premiere Pro will forever be Algebraic equations to me).

With that, I'm Ghost...face

xXGoogabs x Gundles of SketchesXx

What are they for? Time will tell, true believers...

xXIn The Crib like WHUTUPDOE!Xx

A while ago the homie Marcel Friday hit me up asking to help design his upcoming new blogsite that's gonna focus on everything that's everything going on in the urban community - from the music/entertainment to the social issues we deal with every day. This is banner is just one of the elements that I made for the site. It's still under construction, but once it's up and running you'll be seeing a link up here and in the "Crew" links.

And Ghost...face...again

xX2DopeShirts N' A CadillacXx

The new Identical Variant "Fresh til 3000" shirts that I designed are on sale RIGHT NOW! Not now. RIGHT NOW! Go and cop yours today because they're going FAST! You already know I copped mine!

ALSO, there are still some Womens "I'm Dope" tees still available so ladies, go ahead and get you some of this "dope"ness. (HA! Get it? See what I did there? Cuz the shirt's "I'm Dope" and...ah, nevermind)

Head over to the IV official site and the online store and get your very own before they're gone! And don't worry, JP, me, and others are already cooking up designs for new shirts and tanktops for the summer so keep a look out!

With that blatant advertising plug, I'm Ghost...face

xXIf You Don't Like That, We Got 1 Word For Ya...Xx


This is my design for the upcoming limited edition BLAT! Pack shirt for Lansing based emcee's JYoung and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, who happened to be managed by the homie. The shirts will be made soon so as soon as that happens you'll be getting that young "COP IT IMMEDIATELY!" blatant plug. And remember...

Once ya girls goes BLAT!, ya girl won't come back.

And I'm Ghost....faceBLAT!

xXTacos x NCIS x LemonadeXx

Sorry for the lack of updates, but ever since I got back I had to go through my usual summer art funk. But today I finally got to kick that out of the way and get some stuff done for once. First, here are some color mock-ups done for the character that I helped Joseph Altman design...

© Joseph Altman

© Joseph Altman

...and something just random, done for my friend Jaysha.

With that said, I'm Ghost...face