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xXFight The ShadowsXx

Characters © Joseph Altman

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 44Xx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 44 "Survival of the Fittest"

Sebastian was then announced as the spokesperson for Gerber's new "Hustler's Ambition" line of products.

xXIdentical Variant x WHUTUPDOEXx

If you frequent this blog, you know all about my work with IV and you know I designed for the banner for WHUTUPDOE. Well Marcel (WHUTUPDOE.COM) hit me and Randall up about making a collaboration between the two soon-to-be powerful forces to combine into one awesome incredible wall of awesome. And this shirt is what came out of the creation. A shirt that is an expression of everything the two entities is about - the freshness and creativeness of IV and the loves for "BARS!" and cats that go a "rappity rapping" from WHUTUPDOE. Designed by me, the shirt already available for sale as we speak...

But the MAIN reason for the shirts is to also celebrate the launch party for WHUTUPDOE that is happening in Detroit tomorrow at the famous Shelter (yeah, non Detroit people. The same one from 8 Mile) located in St. Andrews. The show is full of dope acts all about the "rappity rapping." Hell, the guy I got "rappity rapping" is gonna on the bill as well! (Buff1…

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 43 x Revolutionary Big BreakXx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 43 "The New Face"

A typical guys night out with The Revolutionary Times' animal correspondents...

Also on the R. Times tip, we got our first publishing! Thanks to two college papers, "The Voice" in Fayetteville, NC and "The Carolinian" in Greensboro, NC, we will be invading the minds of college student in no time! We also got our first interview in "The Carolinian" thanks to the lovely Ashley J.

You hear that? That's the sound of a grown man giggling about the future. *high fives self*

xXShowin' Love - Ode To The Struggling Art GradXx

My girl Jessica Ashburn (future awesome art director/designer/painter) recently put up words that every struggling post graduate art kid (including myself) have been experiencing in this tough economy.
"So many creative people have so much to offer, most especially in this economy. And I find it absolutely painful, crushing, annoying even? that so much talent is going to waste because an exceptional amount of employers are not willing to take chances on newcomers..."Click the pic for the rest of the post and make sure to head over to her site to check out her work!

xXSmack!down Day - No. 43Xx

I promised a new Smack Chronicles sooner or later. And there's no better time than to celebrate the least favorite holiday...
The Smack Chronicles - No. 43 "Die Another Valentine's Day"

I would like one Love Martini, shaken and not stirred.

xXNew Sh!t Newsday x FanageXx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 42 "Ain't Trick or Treatin' If Ya Got It"

Apparently the Stimulus Package is working too slow for Sebastian.

Also we decided to enter the world of the Facebook Fan Page. If you one of the many lovers of the Book of Face, head over to the page and declare your fandom! Also there's a special "mission" just for the fans!

xXDilla Day - The Wallpaper EditionXx

At the request of the homie Ketchums, I figure some people might want to have these in a nifty package as a desktop wallpaper. SO here you be with the hot ish!


Major shouts out to WHUTUPDOE,MichiganHIPHOP, and others for putting the pieces up...

xXDilla Day - The Celebration of James Yancey"Xx

In celebration of James "Jay Dee/J Dilla/Dilla Dawg" Yancey's birthday (Feb. 7th), I thought it'd be dope to do four 'spur-of-the-moment" pieces depicting four moments in Dilla's life on this earth.
- The Fantastic/Slum Village era
- Welcome 2 Detroit
- Ruff Draft
- Donuts


"Time: The Donut of the Heart" Donuts

"Won't Do" The Shining

Slum Village - "Players" Fantastic Vol. 2

"Do Ya Thang" f. B.R. Gunna (Black Milk/Young RJ/Fat Ray) Dirty District: Vol. 2

Common - "Thelonious" f. Slum Village Like Water for Chocolate

Janet Jackson - "Got Til It's Gone" (prod. by Dilla) The Velvet Rope

Q-Tip "Move" (prod. by Dilla) The Renaissance

xXSmack Peeks - Dead or AliveXx

xXShowin' Love - "L.A.S.E.R.S" by Mr. FotoshopXx

If you've seen the (RUMORED) album cover for Lupe Fiasco's upcoming third album L.A.S.E.R.S then you probably were thinking, "Meh, pretty bland." Well that's what Photoshop extraordinaire Jonathan "Mr. Fotoshop" Robinson thought so as well. So he put his skills to the test and came up with the amazing version of the cover. The man's talent has no bonds and I've been witness to some of his stuff for a while now. Don't let my words be the only thing that convinces you though. Check out his blog for further proof of this...

xXSmack|Cuts - CoolbeanzXx

So here's something new to the blog - Smack|Cuts

Smack|Cuts are unfortunately commissions that for some reason end up on the "cutting room" floor. A couple months ago I was approached by musician and sergeant for Nerd's Honor Rencen Coolbeanz to do artwork for his upcoming album Cyberpimp. The work would have become the booklet for his album along with poster, but unfortunately things didn't work out and he didn't end up using the art. So, with that said, I present to you the artwork that would've been presented for the album...

So even though it didn't work out, I'm definitely sure the music will be on point. So make sure to check out Rencen's album Cyberpimp coming out sometime this year!

xXNew Sh!t Newsday - No. 41 x 50 WaysXx

The Revolutionary Times - No. 41 "Catching Up"

The return trip home for the Revolutionaries ends up with air sickness and shocking news.

Also here's two new "50 Days" sketches. If you haven't checked out the blog for the rest of them!

xXSmack x dangerousNEGROXx

So a couple months back, I had the opportunity to work with the revolutionary clothing line dangerousNEGRO thanks to the homie Ketchum. They knew about my art because of JYoung's "Black Nationalists" cover (which they had also turned into a shirt) and soon enough I was asked by the main cat Tre Baker to make a design for a new shirt. Well people I'm proud to present to you that very shirt....

Ranging in sizes S to 2XL, you cop your very own by clicking the picture and it will take you straight to the DN site. Hopefully more work between me and DN will be in the future. Hey, maybe even a Revolutionary Times x dangerousNEGRO collabo? Huh? Huh? Wouldn't hurt to think about it!